A Dream

A Dream

 A Dream

Stone on my heart, heavy

with black underneath

No notice of twilight, deep

Cold and deserved frozen complete


Hands of time, still

with experience incomplete

Sweetness unravel memories, tear

  Ice and immure darkness begin to retreat


Question forms on my lips, why 

within light still burns
Smell a whisper of roses, sweet
Faint movement and beat


Do I dream, now?

Do I begin to feel?

Am I awakening? Hope.

 Is that gentle love that I feel?

With Light and Love, Portia SLB

“In the darkest hours of your life, when the stress of circumstance is at its crisis you have a Light to guide you and a Strength to help you support the burden. Universal Life Energy, that wonderful Power vouchsafed to Mankind, is always ready at hand to answer your call, an Ever Present Help in time of trouble, an Ally never loath to come at your summons and lend Its invincible Strength to fight and win all life’s battles.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 406.

A State of Mind

 A State of Mind

We should try to develop the love of Beauty, which is at the foundation of our being.”  Eugene Fersen

It’s amazing how the beauty and power of Alaska can be captured on an iPad! Yet, it is also amazing that there is so much beauty in this world to enjoy. It out weights the dross. And, everything, everything – says something about our earthly condition. It speaks to us in deep and profound ways and all we have to do is be conscious and aware of it.

The Law of Analogy is such a powerful law to help us understand ourselves and of great benefit for those on a conscious spiritual journey. The law Itself is beautiful.

Glacier MeltThe different states of water can be used to symbolize the different states of mind. The liquid state is like the lively, discriminating consciousness, while the frozen state is like the fixed ideas, beliefs and habitual behavioral patterns of subconsciousness.

The subconscious freezes and imprisons the beauty and Love of Mind, dominating our emotions and behaviors with traits like irritability, worry, guilt or greed if we let it. 

Being frozen is hell for us, because the Great Law says Life is constant vibration, change and gradual evolution.

Just like the way the sun can melt a 10,000 year old glacier in Glacier National Park so can unconditional Love of Universal Life Energy melt and change the frozen misconceptions of the subconscious. 

We may think we don’t like change, but everything else about us says that we do. That’s an analogy that can help us be courageous in challenging situations!

With Light and Love, Portia SLB

Photo: PSLB

Do We Purposefully Create Conflict in Our Life?


Television dramas and reality shows soar in popularity, especially when there is obvious conflict. We want the characters to bravely face problems and overcome them. We want happy endings and great achievements. But, why are we so attracted to conflict in stories and competitions? And, do we purposefully create conflict in our life?

The Entertainment

Sure, we like to be entertained with games and stories in the media and conflict makes good drama. We are kept in suspense and are emotionally invested with anticipation in the hope of them overcoming the challenges they face.  We like the adventure and are attracted to it because of our own drama.

Our Power of Creation

We create conflict and drama in our life because we are generally unconscious of falling prey to the subconscious ego, which in turn creates disharmony.

A simple example of this is when I was young and walking along and stumbled, hurting my toe and pride. I asked myself why did I physically experience pain when I wasn’t hurting anyone, just minding my own business. I was young and inexperienced, but I had a spiritual teacher to help me understand myself. It became quite clear that I had been careless. Mindlessly day dreaming rather than being in the moment and caring about how and where I stepped. 

Every fearful emotion we experience like being careless, like being afraid of being alone, of being ridiculed, or of missing out, manifests as a negative behavior. Carelessness can result in a stumble or other mistake. Impatience can result in anger, and anger can lead to brutality. Jealousy can manifest as lying and even as violence. Guilt can result in regret, despair and depression.

The Lessons of Life

At the time, that stumble didn’t seem very important, but it was a valuable experience. I learned to care about what I am doing in the moment, to be grateful and that even deeper understandings can unfold. Conflict can be very painful, yet we can learn some very valuable life lessons.

Like the aphorism, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink,” I am grateful for that experience, for my spiritual Friend and my Inner Teacher. Without being conscious we can miss life opportunities to help ourselves and the importance of love in every behavior that is rooted in the mind and our emotions which manifests in our behaviors. If those emotions are negative we create conflict in our life.

Life Opportunities

Bit by bit, step by step, we become freer, stronger and happier through the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect.

When you look someone in the eyes and genuinely smile, it spreads. Being kind and considerate is contagious. Finding solutions to problems with actions, rather than just complaining, is putting out positive energy and benefits everyone. And, that positive energy eventually returns to us increased.

If we do experience conflict or face adversities in our life it can spur us to remember all those life lessons we learned and motivate us to behave with love leading us. That’s a very rewarding life adventure!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Until next time consider this quote to reflection upon:

“The whole of Creation is based on adventure.”  Eugene Fersen 

I appreciate You and invite you to share your thoughts too!

Dark, Dark Hole


Dark, dark hole

It’s a dark, dark hole;
The center of our life
At one time
Long dead and decayed,
Remnant of what was,
Yet, decay can be a hotbed for growth.
Harmful weeds,
Poison vines that climb
And come back out
Into consciousness.
No power of discrimination,
And we fall back into conditioned illusion.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


Fear of Terrorists, Part 2

The raging storm of terror that is generated by hatred, fear and self-righteousness is also unconsciously fed by associated fear-based traits like worry, prejudice, impatience, pride and ignorance. An impersonal analysis of the situation can help us calm the turbulent tempest in our thinking, free us to be in the moment, and with the help of the Eternal begin to enact inner peace.


FreeDigitalPhotos.net, Stuart Miles

Unconscious of fear

Terrorists also use religious and self-righteous claims as a means to unconsciously cover up their own fear and to abet hatred. Their egos feel threatened and powerless, so in trying to empower their egos they fall further into hatred with a responsive belief that they are doing the right thing. With so much negative energy circling they become a slave to it.

Plus, wanting their cause to grow, they use that negative energy to attract others. And it works. More people are joining terrorist organizations out of fear. Fear attracts more negative energy and fear.

The fear boomerang

It does not stop there because that fearful energy boomerangs back to the originators, burgeoning, attracting what they fear (retaliatory attacks and subjugation). It terrorizes them to the point of desperation and thus they attack again. 

We don’t know what terrorists as individuals have been through to get this way, yet terrorism is an attention-getter that is really a cry for love. It is the ego that doesn’t know how to cope with the stress of change and is afraid.


Acts of mindless killing or beheading by the terrorists are going beyond a spit in the face with disrespect. It is a very personal message to instill fear and to demonstrate their resolve to wreak havoc in their struggle for what they perceive as justice, trying to empower themselves. In their self-centeredness, fear and guilt they lose their empathy for others.

Cutting off the most ready means of identification is an allegory for losing one’s self. It is symbolic of the perpetrators losing their own head and sanity, cutting off all reasoning and consciousness; the fall of mind.

Black is symbolic of the unknown and the shrouded assassin in black is symbolic of the unknown fear of the terrorists.

Rise above doubt

Fear of terrorists cycles, boomerangs round and round, growing world-wide, attacking anyone that unconsciously feeds it with worry, prejudice, antagonism or other fear-based traits. All this because of doubt.

As discussed in the last post, we experience fear because we doubt our connection to and the support of the Eternal. Let us be brave and remember that we have the support of the Eternal, and enact unconditional Love instead of fear within ourselves. This can help us all to face the situation with courage, while not tolerating hatred, prejudice and egotistic self-righteousness.  

May You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

In the final post of this series we will dig deeper for understanding, discuss the importance of faith and with the help of the Great Law, step closer to inner peace. Until then consider this quote to reflect upon:

“We should not say we are alone. We are not. We should rise above it and say, ‘I have within me the Sword of Truth, my helmet is the Inspiration from above.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume 2, page 124.

Consider sharing your insights, questions and comments! 

Fear of Terrorists, Part 1

Some may say that terrorism is so prevalent today because of conflicts between people, their rights, their freedom, and their land which started long ago. It’s said that the conflict between religious beliefs and the struggle for dominance are causing extremism, and it is but it also goes deeper than that.

Terrorists and fear of terrorism exist because we believe we have lost something vital.

FreeDigitalPhotos.net, digitalart

We feel disconnected and separate from each other, and more importantly separate from God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Brahma, or a thousand other names humanity uses for the Great Causeless Cause. Though we may not be conscious of it – we believe that we have lost the support of the Eternal.

That is the fall of mind; our thinking that doubts its natural state of Peace, Purpose and Eternal Love. The mind that created subconscious fear, hatred and beliefs that are founded on doubt and assumptions. We have mentally fallen asleep to our True Self, our connection to and faith in the Eternal.

Our mental fall is why religious beliefs came into existence and through beliefs, extremism.

Fearful ego traits and terrorism were created by us, humanity, because we feel we are not part of and one with Universal Mind and Universal Love. We separate, divide, and feel finite rather than infinite.

We fight each other because we are inwardly fighting for our own freedom from fear, ignorance, pride and impatience. We seek Love, but do not know how to reach it through the pain and conflict we created in trying to empower ourselves.

Terrorists live in a subconscious mental hell because they are blinded by unreasonable beliefs, dominated by accumulated evil and enslaved by fear.

They use religion as a means to incite hatred and to cover-up their own fear! It is a mental unbalance, an insanity. They are trying to empower their self as they unconsciously seek love while they forget love.

Being stunned into unconsciousness by fear and a buildup of hatred, there is little room in the ego for conscious reasoning and logic, much less awareness for their True Mind, which is naturally loving.

Through beliefs their suffering is associated with the ideas of the self-righteousness. And, when one lives in the past or dwells on the desires of the future there is no mental recognition of the present and it can not be appreciated. 

We should not tolerate terrorism, rather we should rise above it. Live in the moment appreciating life. 

Though we may experience fear at times, we also have within us the spark of Universal Love. Let us be mindful of It, act and radiate love the best we can to help all of us rather than feed fear. 

The feeling of love changes things for us – you know what it feels like and how it changes your outlook when you experience any form of human love. 

You can start first by being grateful for any love in your life, then be caring, considerate, loving, and spread goodwill to those around you. It will help free yourself of fear and others also!

Sending You Light and Love with the Hope that You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


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With the help of the Great Law we will discuss why terrorism spreads, the analogy that is relative to each of us, and the importance of Faith in the next 2 posts.    

Until then consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Fear is one of the most destructive characteristics of subconsciousness.

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, page 189.