Fear of Terrorists, Part 1

Some may say that terrorism is so prevalent today because of conflicts between people, their rights, their freedom, and their land which started long ago. It’s said that the conflict between religious beliefs and the struggle for dominance are causing extremism, and it is but it also goes deeper than that.

Terrorists and fear of terrorism exist because we believe we have lost something vital.

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We feel disconnected and separate from each other, and more importantly separate from God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Brahma, or a thousand other names humanity uses for the Great Causeless Cause. Though we may not be conscious of it – we believe that we have lost the support of the Eternal.

That is the fall of mind; our thinking that doubts its natural state of Peace, Purpose and Eternal Love. The mind that created subconscious fear, hatred and beliefs that are founded on doubt and assumptions. We have mentally fallen asleep to our True Self, our connection to and faith in the Eternal.

Our mental fall is why religious beliefs came into existence and through beliefs, extremism.

Fearful ego traits and terrorism were created by us, humanity, because we feel we are not part of and one with Universal Mind and Universal Love. We separate, divide, and feel finite rather than infinite.

We fight each other because we are inwardly fighting for our own freedom from fear, ignorance, pride and impatience. We seek Love, but do not know how to reach it through the pain and conflict we created in trying to empower ourselves.

Terrorists live in a subconscious mental hell because they are blinded by unreasonable beliefs, dominated by accumulated evil and enslaved by fear.

They use religion as a means to incite hatred and to cover-up their own fear! It is a mental unbalance, an insanity. They are trying to empower their self as they unconsciously seek love while they forget love.

Being stunned into unconsciousness by fear and a buildup of hatred, there is little room in the ego for conscious reasoning and logic, much less awareness for their True Mind, which is naturally loving.

Through beliefs their suffering is associated with the ideas of the self-righteousness. And, when one lives in the past or dwells on the desires of the future there is no mental recognition of the present and it can not be appreciated. 

We should not tolerate terrorism, rather we should rise above it. Live in the moment appreciating life. 

Though we may experience fear at times, we also have within us the spark of Universal Love. Let us be mindful of It, act and radiate love the best we can to help all of us rather than feed fear. 

The feeling of love changes things for us – you know what it feels like and how it changes your outlook when you experience any form of human love. 

You can start first by being grateful for any love in your life, then be caring, considerate, loving, and spread goodwill to those around you. It will help free yourself of fear and others also!

Sending You Light and Love with the Hope that You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


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With the help of the Great Law we will discuss why terrorism spreads, the analogy that is relative to each of us, and the importance of Faith in the next 2 posts.    

Until then consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Fear is one of the most destructive characteristics of subconsciousness.

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, page 189.





Simple Methods to Be Happier, Part 2

Any negativity we experience, like emotional outbursts or physical problems, is of our own creation. We created that negativity with the power of Universal Love and Mind, but perverted it – turned it upside down in our thinking and feelings (emotions) – thus we perceive it as negativity. When we let this perversion dominate our thinking, feelings and actions, it gets in the way of our happiness. Therefore we have to work at being happy.

Here are 3 more simple ways to be happier:

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1. Live in the present moment

When we live in the present moment we are raising our consciousness to a higher mental level because we are releasing our grip on constant human thinking, or what some call monkey chatter. What most of us consider normal thinking is predominately lingering in the subconscious where we habitually think about the future or past, and it cycles round and round.

Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head? Or incessantly think about an incident in the past and do instant replays trying to figure it out? Or a problem you’re trying to work out? Or make plans for the future in the next few minutes, in a day or longer, then go over (and over) them? That’s the habitual monkey chatter that keeps you so busy there’s no room for appreciation of the moment and your happiness.

You may ask, just how do I live in the present moment?

Participate in the present and give it your full attention; mentally pause and watch the material world you are in at the moment. Focuse your attention on your body and the surrounding area. Become aware of your breathing and sensation perceptions of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. You are intently observing, being silent inside.

You can practice this in your normal daily routines like when you stir your coffee, or even this very moment. Expand your awareness. You will come to notice there is no monkey chatter! And, little by little, you will come to know that you are part of something greater than yourself as you get a glimpse of The Unlimited!

Also watch the thinker within yourself.

Observe yourself thinking from a calmer and more understanding place, a higher mental consciousness. It’s like you are outside of yourself and watching your thinking process. It is especially helpful because you will come to watch your discrimination process before you manifest a thought by speaking or acting. And, more importantly, you become conscious of your motivation.

As previously discussed in the last post, when we choose to be motivated by love rather than fear, we are happier. And with the help of the Great Principle, we come closer to Universal Mind and know it is only motivated by Universal Love! 

Consider this printable download to help you be more conscious of: Appreciating the Moment.


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2. Listen to your Higher Self.

We are in contact with our superconscious, or Higher Self, through intuition and inspiration. It is our inner guiding spirit and connection to Cosmic Mind which is one with Divine Love! Therefore, listen to that calm, peaceful voice of intuition especially when we are aware and in the moment, because it will guide us to do the right thing. The more we listen, do the right thing and are grateful, the more intuition we receive!

If we do the wrong thing then our conscience hurts. Yet, we can consciously exercise our power of what Lightbearers call FourSquare discrimination – which is balanced in enthusiasm, wisdom, truth and love.

When we do the right thing, the balanced, harmonious choice, we are creating conditions for our own happiness.

 3. Be compassionate.

Compassion is not only being empathetic for others and conditions, it also encompasses doing something to help improve the situation with a purpose motivated by Love. It is that feeling of compassion that brings our soul to the surface of our consciousness, because love takes us out of the self-centeredness we all experience.

When we do something to help others and they become happier, it also makes us and others happier. It spreads. Therefore, consider giving of yourself, your time and effort, to help others and make the world a better place by volunteering or doing something kind for someone else.

Help a friend, be a friend, tutor a child, make deliveries for Meals on Wheels, make donations to those in need, there are as many ways as you can think of.

Being conscious of being in the moment helps us relate to Universal Love in our heart and that Love motivates us to be kind and considerate – happiness all around!

With Light and Love, Portia SLB

Next week will be the final part of this series and we will list 3 more ways to boost your happiness, with the help of the Great Law. Until then, consider enacting some methods for a happier life and reflecting on this quote:

“We are so centered in our selves that we forget to be normal. We bury our own happiness. We should work out within ourselves, the qualities which will take us out of our present limitations. The moment the qualities are developed, in that moment the person will be lifted into something better.”

Eugene Fersen,  Advanced Teachings in Science of Being Volume II,  p. 132.

Releasing False Beliefs about Yourself, Part 4


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If you feel aggravated while interacting with someone then a low-frequency ego trait was most likely activated. Yet, that uneasiness can be your great asset! 

Your emotions can lead you to realize the Wisdom and authentic Power of your Soul. When you become conscious of being tempted by a negative emotion or behavior it inferably is your Superconsciousness gently letting you know something is not in harmony with your soul! 

First things first!
When I feel some uneasiness during an interaction with someone, I use the FourSquare, as discussed in Part 3, to help me pinpoint the reason and name the trait or thought that was not in harmony with the qualities of my soul.

Once I consciously realize that I was tempted to engage in a harmful trait that is based in fear, I then will myself to relax mentally. This is important so I can focus on going further in my attitude adjustment! I then mentally step away from that adverse criticism and let it go. I let it pass me by. I turn it away; I throw it away; I blow it away! It is such a liberating and empowering feeling!

The next step is life changing – I mentally look up within to connect with a Higher Power – Universal Life Energy to help further harmonize and inspire me. I realize and make a declaration of Truth to align with love instead of fear with a statement like:

Header_with_Exercises_new“I am One with Universal Love and Universal Life Energy. I am conscious of being loving and being loved Now. I feel IT.”

This brings my awareness and gratitude into the moment before speaking or acting. I manifest that attitude adjustment in some physical manner. It may be something very simple, like a smile to a stranger or sincere listening and to what the other person is saying. It will be a choice that is motivated by love rather than fear.

You’ll know a change has taken place within yourself and so will the other person if they acknowledge it or not.

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Temptations of the Ego
We experience detrimental emotions and traits because of choices we made in the past and choices we make now. Through the law of karma, the Law of Cause and Effect, we unconsciously create harmful conditions that become habitual by frequently engaging in thoughts of worry, impatience, anger, procrastination, or carelessness! 

The subconscious ego aims to dominate us with these temptations, and thus we come to believe the illusionary personality traits we engage in and claim them as our own. You may come to think that is who you are, including that you are a terrible person at times, not good enough, not lovable or loving. You are not your thoughts! 

Your Soul Mind Connection
You may be tempted by fear-based emotions, yet that feeling of something not being right is your Higher Self awakening you consciously to the illusion of the insecure ego. Your Higher Self or Superconscious is your connection to Universal Mind. You are tapping into Divine Mind when you listen to your intuition. Be grateful!

You have the Eternal supporting You and helping You unconditionally! Take the opportunity to release subconscious traits in the moment and choose to align with Love instead. In this way you will  bring out the qualities of your Soul in your life and empower yourself to attract more conditions for your happiness, and indeed the world!

You will come to know that You are a beautiful Soul and so very good at heart.

With Light and Love, Portia SLB

You can download a guide and article with more specifics to help you here: Enslaved and From Fear to Freedom Guide.

Consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Without our knowing it, Superconsiousness plays a more important role in our lives than subconsciousness because it is always watching us and reminding us when we make a mistake.”

                     Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings of Science of Being, Volume 1, p.72.


Releasing False Beliefs about Yourself, Part 3


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Once you are aware of being tempted to react to someone with prejudice, the next step is to name that harmful trait because you are in the process of recognizing it in order to release it, and choose Love instead.

I start my self-analysis with questions like: Am I being motivated by fear or Love?

If I am not so sure of the answer, then I refine my questions to help me discover if I am in sync with the four major characteristics of my soul. If one of those four qualities – energy, intelligence, truth and love, are not fully present then I know that I am not balanced and am motivated by fear, ignorance, or impatience.

The four major characteristics of our soul are the same qualities of the Eternal, what a Lightbearer calls the FourSquare:



  • Is this emotion I’m feeling enthusiastic, energetic, and high-frequency (calm and peaceful)?
  • Am I doing the right thing at the right time with a harmonious purpose?


  • Is my reasoning in this emotion logical, rational, wise and based in fact, or is it based on an assumption?
  • Am I conscious, reasoning and open to the inspiration of my superconscious, or am I listening to urges and desires of the subconscious? (Do I feel  calm, rational and considerate or rushed, anxious, and worried?)


  • Am I in harmony with the Universal Laws? Is my reasoning truthful, honest and sincere?
  • Am I feeling hurt by the truth?
  • Am I aligning with my inner strength and wisdom, or submitting to wrong?


  • Am I approaching the issue impersonally or is it all about self-righteousness? 
  • Am I taking responsibility for my actions and feelings or am I placing blame on someone else?
  • Am I mentally stepping away from anger, resentment and negative thoughts and choosing to align with unconditional love for myself and the other person(s)? 

If one quality or corner of the FourSquare is missing or corrupted then I know my reaction is out of balance and can cause me further temptations and problems! Thus, I do something about it – I change my mind!

With Light and Love, Portia SLB

Next time we’ll work on changing our mind and choose to align with love, with the help of the Eternal.

Until then consider this quote to reflect upon:

“If we would follow more our Higher Self, we would by and by not only make no mistakes, but we would unfold our FourSquare. The FourSquare comes from our Higher Self.  We have always had it, but we must realize it.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, p. 26