Your great asset and great burden; the pendulum swings

It is so interesting how we as humans perceive things, and how we as infinite souls do too.

From my experience I am co-creator, as each of us are, of our own reality. Our mind, this thing we want to possess, is a great asset and a great burden, especially since it is the major factor in creating our reality.

Mental Perceptions

Our perception of good or evil, yes or no, up or down,  life or death, still or moving, are human mental perceptions. And, mentally we go back and forth. As soon as we say yes, we think maybe we should have said no.

Love we little understand; fear much, much more so because we live there so much of the time (another human perception). When we declare someone an enemy, they can become a friend over time. It’s a mental perception of the Law of Polarity and Law of Rhythm working on us, helping us establish balance and harmony within ourselves.

Why is there evil?

Disharmony, or evil, the devil within we may call it, exists because of the Law of Harmony. Spirit, Love, Harmony is essential in all things and when we hit against harmony we create disharmony. We co-created that little devil that sits on our shoulder and we sometimes follow. Yet, it is not eternal. It will evolve into something different as we learn. It’s human created with the power of Universal Energy which we perverted. Only the energy is eternal. The frequency evolves.

The finer aspects of mind

The pendulum can be a symbol of the way the consciousness and human mind works. Back and forth, back and forth; a human mental perception. Yet, everything is vibration and what seems opposites, dual, are merely different frequencies of energy. There is a blending of sorts.

If the pendulum swings all the way around there is a circle: Symbol of zero, the sphere, completeness, perfection, of the unknown, of All. It is rotates at different frequencies. For example, the faster it rotates it disappears to the human eye, like the frequency of ultra violet light. And faster still, like electrons and quarks.

So if the pendulum swinging back and forth can represent the human mind, the consciousness swinging back and forth in duality, thinking one is needed to get to the other, they balance each other, then what would a complete circle of the pendulum represent?

It is no longer a pendulum swinging, rather circling, rotating energy. Representing rotary energy or vibration. It symbolically can represent the finer aspects of mind. There is no swinging from right to wrong, good to evil mentally because there is continuous mentally activity without self-righteous judgment.

There is only change in spirit. Only life, rather than life and death, evil and good. All is Spirit! Everything is vibration. Always moving, changing.

And since evolution is also a Universal Law, mind gradually changes, refining to finer frequencies. For which I am grateful! We learn and evolve, don’t you think so?

The finer frequency of the Law of Polarity

So through Mind we return to the Source – ever finer and finer frequencies. The Law of Polarity or duality when viewed from a higher mental realm is no longer a law of opposition rather continual change in evolution and refinement. It becomes the Law of Unity. Harmony. And the same is true of the Law of Rhythm. 

With Light and Love, PortiaSLB

“UNITY IS THE LAW OF THE ABSOLUTE. Yet religious, philosophical and sometimes scientific teachings are based on the law of Duality. As long as the law of Duality, or Polarity, will be accepted as an immutable law, it will keep this World enslaved. Peace and Harmony will remain but a beautiful dream, because that law means a continual warfare between the two principles, the positive and the negative –and there is the question, which one of them will win?”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being.

Photo 2017 PSLB


What Not to Do, Part 2

It Seems Justified!

As children we were expressly taught by our guardians what not to do for our own good. However, as adults most of us have fallen into some very detrimental behaviors that we learned unconsciously through observation and conditioning. Having unconsciously fallen into these patterns, we have to work at breaking their control over us by first becoming conscious of them.

First, be conscious!
First, be conscious!
(, David Castillo Dominici)

We’ve Seen Others Do It….
And now we do it too!

1 – Like in the last post – we see people try to change someone else – that is definitely a what not to do because it can’t be done anyway.

Each of us are a powerhouse underneath this part of us we call personality, mind and body. We have to agree to change within our self first. The better route for everyone is to work on our own improvement and assist others that seek it.

2, 3, 4 – We definitely should not spend our time and effort thinking about what is beyond our immediate control, such as wasting time with regret over past mistakes or missed opportunities, or even worrying about the unknown future.

Let it go, otherwise you can get stuck in regret, guilt, and worry until it gets so bad it can make you mentally and physically sick. Instead, practice gratitude in the present and enjoy it as much as you can.

5+ – We repeatedly engage in negative things such as expressing impatience, being in a hurry, procrastinating and lazing around. Some more harmful ones are: lying, falling in a depression, losing our temper, negatively criticizing our self and others, and, fear of making a mistake.

These are all very habitual and self-centered, subconscious behaviors. When you are in it at the time they seem justified because of egotistic self-righteousness. Self-righteousness is one of the worst what not to do’s we experience!

image, Stuart Miles

Definitely What To Do!

We experience pain because the harmful energy of mindlessness we generate comes back and hits us like a ton of bricks. That is the power of Universal Mind and Love physically manifesting, but perverted by fearful thinking and powered by fearful emotions.

It takes courage to face the truth of egotistic behavior, yet you have all the power you need to rise above it. Consider being mindful, consciously aware of your thinking and motivation in order to release those harmful traits and emotions.

With a feeling of love rather than fear motivating you, you can live harmoniously in the Law of Cause and Effect with wondrous consequences!

In Light and With Love, Portia SLB


We will conclude this series with more What Not to Do in our next post, including ways to whole heartedly embrace what to do! Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“To be Spiritual means to do the right thing, without thinking of being Spiritual. As our understanding grows, our sense of right grows also.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 1.

Simple Methods to Be Happier, Part 3

As humans we collectively experience unease and perpetuate unhappiness, even endangering ourselves, but there are some very realistic ways to turn this trend around. More than ever, there is an awakening in the world of our ability and opportunity to improve our condition, our happiness and our success by changing our concept of this very moment in terms of spiritual awareness. It’s not about religion or beliefs. It’s about changing our mind and changing our behaviors in the present moment to help us make those improvements. Being human we still let the ego dominate our thinking and experience complications and emotional issues. Change starts with one person reconnecting with their inner happiness and Real Self, which helps all the rest of us do the same. 

Here are 3 more ways to boost your happiness now.


Courtesy, samattiw

1. Release false beliefs about yourself. Negative ego traits, like anger, jealousy, resentment, and hatred, hurt. They not only hurt you, they hurt others. They are not part of the Real You, and the sooner you release them the happier you will be. Align with your Soul Powers, like enthusiasm, conscious awareness, sincerity and love. Read more in this website about Releasing False Beliefs about Yourself.  

2. Balance your life. When we take care of our self it helps everyone else too, especially our family. As an individual – You are body, mind, emotions and spirit, and you will be healthier and happier when you balance those in your activities.

*BODY: Exercise your body through sports, walking or something you enjoy, because it does great things like helping reduce stress. Get  enough sleep and eat balanced meals. Do what is appropriate for your health. You’ll feel better. 

**MIND: Ignorance is the main reason we are in the condition we are in now! That, along with pride and impatience. Strive to know Yourself; the Lightbearers’ Motto is: ‘Know thyself and thou shalt know All.’ All the Great Teachers of humanity have said the same thing. You are working on that right now! 

***EMOTIONS: Learn to appreciate beauty in the arts, nature and people – that is using the mind and heart! Release false beliefs about yourself and instead focus on your inner divine qualities like compassion, caring and goodwill. 

****SPIRIT: Most importantly, give attention each day to your spiritual nature and bring it to the surface of your thinking and activities. Consider daily meditation for 20 minutes because it can enhance your mindful awareness and help you relate to your True Self. 


Courtesy, Gualberto107

3. Foster your conscious connection with the Great Principle. Start your day out optimistically by cultivating gratitude, and also end your day optimistically by strengthening your conscious connection with the Great Principle. Make a declaration of Truth and leave behind all the false beliefs and troubles you may have encountered during the day. For at least 3 weeks, just before falling asleep, mentally realize and feel your connection to the Great Principle and manifest it physically by softly saying something similar to:

 “I am Spirit and Matter, proceeding from and unceasingly connected to the Eternal, manifesting all the same Powers of Energy, Intelligence, Truth and Love.  Thank you.”

We hope you enjoyed this series because each of the 9 methods can truly boost your happiness. They’ve worked for me, and they can work for you too!

With Light and Love, Portia SLB

Next week we will be discussing What Not to Do! with the help of the Great Law. Until then, consider enacting some of the methods for a happier life and reflecting on this quote:

“… whenever we realize that we are a part of that One Life, we have then all the benefit of all the Forces and the Eternity of the One Life. But whenever we feel separate from that Life, then we lose our strength, and are at the mercy of circumstances, of fate; just as a little drop of water which is thrown out of the ocean and lies there alone on the sand … ” 

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 30.

Simple Methods to Be Happier, Part 2

Any negativity we experience, like emotional outbursts or physical problems, is of our own creation. We created that negativity with the power of Universal Love and Mind, but perverted it – turned it upside down in our thinking and feelings (emotions) – thus we perceive it as negativity. When we let this perversion dominate our thinking, feelings and actions, it gets in the way of our happiness. Therefore we have to work at being happy.

Here are 3 more simple ways to be happier:

 moss moment

Image:, Sweet Crisis

1. Live in the present moment

When we live in the present moment we are raising our consciousness to a higher mental level because we are releasing our grip on constant human thinking, or what some call monkey chatter. What most of us consider normal thinking is predominately lingering in the subconscious where we habitually think about the future or past, and it cycles round and round.

Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head? Or incessantly think about an incident in the past and do instant replays trying to figure it out? Or a problem you’re trying to work out? Or make plans for the future in the next few minutes, in a day or longer, then go over (and over) them? That’s the habitual monkey chatter that keeps you so busy there’s no room for appreciation of the moment and your happiness.

You may ask, just how do I live in the present moment?

Participate in the present and give it your full attention; mentally pause and watch the material world you are in at the moment. Focuse your attention on your body and the surrounding area. Become aware of your breathing and sensation perceptions of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. You are intently observing, being silent inside.

You can practice this in your normal daily routines like when you stir your coffee, or even this very moment. Expand your awareness. You will come to notice there is no monkey chatter! And, little by little, you will come to know that you are part of something greater than yourself as you get a glimpse of The Unlimited!

Also watch the thinker within yourself.

Observe yourself thinking from a calmer and more understanding place, a higher mental consciousness. It’s like you are outside of yourself and watching your thinking process. It is especially helpful because you will come to watch your discrimination process before you manifest a thought by speaking or acting. And, more importantly, you become conscious of your motivation.

As previously discussed in the last post, when we choose to be motivated by love rather than fear, we are happier. And with the help of the Great Principle, we come closer to Universal Mind and know it is only motivated by Universal Love! 

Consider this printable download to help you be more conscious of: Appreciating the Moment.

ID-100225679, Foto 76

2. Listen to your Higher Self.

We are in contact with our superconscious, or Higher Self, through intuition and inspiration. It is our inner guiding spirit and connection to Cosmic Mind which is one with Divine Love! Therefore, listen to that calm, peaceful voice of intuition especially when we are aware and in the moment, because it will guide us to do the right thing. The more we listen, do the right thing and are grateful, the more intuition we receive!

If we do the wrong thing then our conscience hurts. Yet, we can consciously exercise our power of what Lightbearers call FourSquare discrimination – which is balanced in enthusiasm, wisdom, truth and love.

When we do the right thing, the balanced, harmonious choice, we are creating conditions for our own happiness.

 3. Be compassionate.

Compassion is not only being empathetic for others and conditions, it also encompasses doing something to help improve the situation with a purpose motivated by Love. It is that feeling of compassion that brings our soul to the surface of our consciousness, because love takes us out of the self-centeredness we all experience.

When we do something to help others and they become happier, it also makes us and others happier. It spreads. Therefore, consider giving of yourself, your time and effort, to help others and make the world a better place by volunteering or doing something kind for someone else.

Help a friend, be a friend, tutor a child, make deliveries for Meals on Wheels, make donations to those in need, there are as many ways as you can think of.

Being conscious of being in the moment helps us relate to Universal Love in our heart and that Love motivates us to be kind and considerate – happiness all around!

With Light and Love, Portia SLB

Next week will be the final part of this series and we will list 3 more ways to boost your happiness, with the help of the Great Law. Until then, consider enacting some methods for a happier life and reflecting on this quote:

“We are so centered in our selves that we forget to be normal. We bury our own happiness. We should work out within ourselves, the qualities which will take us out of our present limitations. The moment the qualities are developed, in that moment the person will be lifted into something better.”

Eugene Fersen,  Advanced Teachings in Science of Being Volume II,  p. 132.

Simple Methods to Be Happier, Part 1

No one is happy all the time. We chase happiness because, while we may have it for a time, it is fleeting. We set an ideal, reach it and when our happiness fades we set a new ideal. Or, we may have been in a state of contentment and then something happened at work or home and we become unsettled due to negative circumstances or ego traits, which can trigger a tailspin.

However, the majority of our happiness is determined by our choices – that is, our choices of thoughts and behaviors.

There are some simple ways you can develop more awareness of your innate inner happiness.


 1. Choose Love

 We may say all we want is to be happy, yet what we truly want is Love. We want to be conscious of being loving and being loved; of knowing Love.

It’s the feeling of Love that changes things for us. When you choose to think, feel and express love in all that you do, like being consciously friendly, caring and considerate, the more you become conscious of Universal Love and your innate happiness.

The feeling of genuine love is the soul manifesting Universal Love as substance. However, when you choose to pervert love and generate fear-based emotions, it is still substance, but physically manifests in your life negatively as illness and problems. The subconscious perverts and reverses the power of Love, therefore you see and experience everything upside down. You feel separate and apart from everyone and everything, especially the Great Principle and Universal Love.

As you come to feel and express love more in your relationships and life you become more aware of Universal Love, and this will lead to the conclusion there is only one choice and that is for Love and happiness.


Click above photo to learn more about Love

2. Cultivate gratitude

Start your day out optimistically by consciously stating 3 different things every morning that you are grateful for. Try this for 21 days at least! That’s the amount of days it takes for most of us to establish new brain patterns or habits with repeated daily practice.

You are creating substance, chemistry in the brain, to construct these new patterns with the power of Universal Love and Universal Mind. Therefore, if you consciously practice it every day for 21 days you will have created an optimistic attitude, or at least the start of one!

Gratitude (and optimism) has a vibration of love that attracts more reasons to be grateful and happy because it activates the Law of Attraction! It can also help you be more conscious of your Inner Love and more receptive to Universal Love. When you realize that you are part of Universal Love and emotionally feel it then you are physically, mentally and emotionally creating change in yourself and also helping others.

3. Practice Relaxation and Silence

 If you spend 5 to 10 minutes daily releasing the tenseness of the body and the constant monkey chatter in your thinking you can change the frequency of your brain energy.

The busy, busy vibrations of the human world can cause the brain to overload and your thinking can get habitually lost in circumstances or egotistic energies of negativity and fear. Those few minutes of Relaxation and Silence are a relief and you begin to feel free and peaceful. You are freeing yourself from the ego and it’s traits based in fear.

That feeling of freedom and peace are qualities of Love, and they can open you to new vistas in your attitude and behaviors that materialize in your life as happiness and love. Very simple to do and very effective!

We will continue with more ways to help you be happier next time, with the help of the Great All.

With Light and Love, Portia SLB


Until then consider enacting some of these ideas for more happiness and reflecting upon the following quote:

“Love has a dissolving power on everything negative and a power to bring together, hold together and cement together everything positive.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume 1, p. 145.