Nature Lovers’ Awe!

Photo: Arabian Desert PSLB 2019

Greetings Nature lovers!

I’ve found that the beauty of the Arabian Desert can surprise you! Having never been in such a sea of living and moving dunes of sand rich with life before it can be very much be an unexpected surprise!

Nature often surprises us and inspires us into a state of awe. And that is a priceless gift.

Our hearts and mind become vibrationally coherent with Beauty as we recognize, appreciate and relate. Our Inner Beauty is drawn to the surface of our conscious recognition and we Love.

And conscious gratitude lifts us higher and closer to spiritual coherence with Source!

And this can happen anywhere in my experience. You can be in awe when you’re looking at the star filled night sky or in someone’s eyes. There may be surprises right around the corner! 

In the hope you experience awe in Nature and Life no matter where You are, PortiaSLB

“There is always a little gain on the side of the Positive, due to the continual operation of that eternal Helpmate of ours. We call it HOPE, as it always carries us beyond our own human selves, remains with us, sustains and uplifts us, when everything else seems to have deserted us. It is like the last string of that great Lyre called human Life, which, when the rest are broken, still strikes into our hearts new courage to continue the struggle to win our fight. Being a Law and an eternal one, it is not only Hope that the Law of Evolution brings to us, but also the assurance that no matter what may happen, SUCCESS and TRIUMP are ours eventually.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 169.

This simple mind trick can make you do the opposite of what was intended!

discriminate, hyena reality

When you hear, “Don’t look!”  It’s like when Perseus was warned about Medusa’s snakes for hair that could turn a man to stone. It’s almost impossible not to look! Or when you hear someone say, “Don’t be afraid.” It’s like your heart drops and you’ve heard, “Be afraid, be very afraid!” It’s a subconscious mind trick.

The subconscious ego will take us emotionally and mentally on rides to places to support its own programming. It’s self-righteous and dislikes being bossed around because of fear. And it’s programmed to keep us mentally busy, chatty and inattentive in our thinking so we are constantly being entertained. We follow its trails of thoughts.

The subconscious is entertained by the primary word of the thought rather than the word not or n’t. The word not or n’t seems to disappear from our attention and we follow a familiar trail of thoughts from the primary word.

And we are all good with that until we start to consciously wake up.

When we start to wake up we realize it’s  a challenge to become conscious and in the present moment. All of our past history, stories, beliefs and habits are like alluring trails that lead us to the familiar.

Yet there is a simple awakening practice. And this works when talking to yourself or when speaking with others.

Consciously choose the appropriate words as directives to the subconscious.

If the goal is to remember, rather than saying, “don’t forget,” say, “remember.”

When speaking to yourself, mentally swallow remember in order to program the subconscious to remember. This is using the Law of Gender, because you plant an idea in the subconscious to grow and return to the consciousness. 

I’ve used this method so many times when I feel it is critical to remember something, like where I parked the car in a parking garage.

Be conscious of the words you choose. And remember the way the subconscious works. Consider saying, “Look away,” rather than, “Don’t look!” And, “Be brave,” or “Be courageous,” rather than, “Don’t be afraid.” 

Your Superconscious speaks to you through intuition and leads your power of discrimination when you allow it. So listen to your intuition. You know what to do and what not to do and are conscious and in the moment. 

Inevitably there are times it seems appropriate to use not. Like, “This does not mean…” Just follow that thought with what it does mean.

In the hope you find enlightenment close at hand, PortiaSLB

Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“The subconsciousness always imposes on consciousness. It always wants us to do something. The Superconsciousness always wants to be asked. When we ask we should always believe that we will receive. The Eternal must answer when asked.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume I, p. 313.

Simple practices to bring your Soul to the surface of your life

Photo: PSLB 2019 Estonia

Greetings Lightbearers!

As promised from the sister website, included here are some simple ways to become conscious of your soul and bring that awareness to the surface of your life. I use these practices daily and have found them to ground me in conscious awareness throughout the day and into night.

1.First thing upon awakening in the mornings become conscious of Being. Conscious of body, mind and attitude.

Your attitude and emotions are great powers of the soul, with the greatest of these being love and compassion because they encompass the very essence of all of yourself.

Your emotions are the catalysts that spark the Law of Attraction into action. If your thoughts and emotions are of low frequencies or high frequencies, that is what you attract. 

Most important is to be conscious of Being part of something greater than yourself; being part and one with the Source!

2. If you are agreeable with the weather, consider performing the Star Exercise outside. Being in nature with the sunshine, air and earth all contribute to our well-being. Standing and walking barefoot on Mother Earth grounds us; charges our body with electrons which helps heal and renew our cells, while reducing stress. Morning sunshine also charges our bodies with vital vitamin D and awakens our bodies to activity. About 10 minutes in the morning sun is so beneficial.

3.  I usually combine deep breathing and stretching within the quiet of the morning to release any subconscious hidden or lagging stress, including muscle stress and emotional stress. Deep breathing oxygenates your brain and body cells to help you function in a clearer state. It also brings in and charges the body and mind with Universal Life Energy  which helps you better preceive the highest part of yourself and connection with the Source.

4. A few minutes doing several floor stretches for the back in particular is helpful. I’ve found yoga stretches opens the lower chakras so the flow of energy from the kundalini (Life Center) can rise up freely. The root chakra is the Seat of the Soul and dormant soul energies can be freed to flow up to connect with the consciousness and superconsciousness. For more consider this link: It’s not only about sex, the Law of Gender, Part 7.

5. Relaxation and Silence is the base for meditation and all practices because if you are tense, physically or mentally, then the mind and body shut down. Which essentially means you are functioning from low frequencies, and most likely from the egotistic subconscious. The subconscious ego does not relinquish control easily because we have conditioned it to be that way, however, with persistent practice you can release and enter relaxation and Silence anywhere, anytime.

6. Enter into Meditation for 5 minutes to one hour. A simple meditation is to focus on the breath. Yet also consider this meditation to bring your Soul to the forefront of your consciousness:  Soul Meditation.

7. Slowly come out of meditation with an attitude of Gratitude.

8. Continue your day with an awareness of being in the moment fully. Everything is new, without assumption, habitual thoughts, or worries about the future.

You matter in this Universe; your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. Everything counts, meaning your choices matter in life and in your day. 

So choose to have compassion for yourself and help yourself relax and enjoy life! And when you do opportunities for your success and happiness open before You! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Will power strikes a far harsher note than the harmonious one with which you are trying to get into communion. To use it is to contract yourself physically and mentally, closing the very door you desire to open. Universal Life Energy sounds the only note that corresponds with Universal Life Energy, represented in your own Soul, and It cannot be bullied or driven.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 274.

What You’re telling me

Photo by Pixabay on

You can read a person like a book when you pay attention. And even if you aren’t paying attention you read them on some level. Every now and again you can find momentous Love in their hearts. That Love which is perfectly aligned with their Spiritual Being.

And you can learn from them what you need to learn. That Love that comes into view can move your own heart and you can see a reflection of yourself in their eyes. It can stir you to go on an inner journey, awakening your deep desire to know your own Self.

Love is the catalyst. Love starts your journey pulling and energetically awakening spiritual awareness. With both Love and awareness you move from here to there, making progress on your path when the time is right.

The twists and turns, the challenges, the people in your life are your responsibilities, your opportunities for a glimpse of the sacred within. They are accelerants for knowing your Real Self.


When I look at you, you tell many things:

Happy things, disgusting things

Funny things, sad things

Baby things, grownup things,

New things, private things,

And the Best thing!

With Light and Love, PortiaSLB

“The more we reflect Love, the more we are in tune with It.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings In Science of Being, Volume I, page 13.

Luciferian consciousness projection

Photo: Key West sunset, PSLB

“We must learn to be optimistic, to see the negative yet say that in spite of the wrong, we can try to do right. It is the logical process of Unfoldment.”

Eugene Fersen

If you’ve been responding to the calling of your spiritual path, but seem to have slowed or stumbled in your ascending journey, remember that your unfoldment progresses according to Universal Law. 

Those of us that recognize our spiritual responsibility for our own awakening and return to Harmony help all of humanity. Though our journeys are unique, we are projection of Luciferian consciousness

Why Luciferian consciousness?

Most civilizations have some concept of God which has changed throughout the ages, but blind religious beliefs has made us subservient. The Christian clergy made of Lucifer a devil which is a mental perversion.

Lucifer represents Knowledge aflame with Love. The Lightbearer that inspires us to awaken from the dream of pride, impatience and self-righteousness. To integrate Mind with Love. 

The human mind holds unconditional Love captive in the subconsciousness and believes that mind is all powerful, while love and gentleness are signs of weakness.  Until we all rise above self-righteousness, pride and impatience and consciously manifest unconditonal Love in our thoughts, emotions, and most of all our behaviors, we continue to create disharmony and suffer.  We have to work like Lucifer to return to an awakened state of consciousness. 

Why not Christ Consciousness?

Christ Consciousness is the higher realm of consciousness always awake and lead by Love. That is wise without doubt of being an aspect of  the Causeless Cause, the Absolute Itself, yet always looking forward to the adventure of continual unfoldment.

There’s a Cause

We would not have believed in God throughout the ages if there is not a cause. Interestingly, as we mentally evolve and understand the causes behind affects, our concepts of God have changed. Knowledge has changed our mental concepts of not only God, but about ourselves and our world. 

But knowledge without love is cold. Science alone does not free us from domination of the human subconscious ego and suffering.  And it is evident that human religious beliefs, prejudices and habits do not either. Mind needs love to lead it.

Be a Lightbearer

We should endeavor to live as all great spiritual teachers and be wise. Wisdom is the lesson of all humanity’s spiritual teachers. Work in every moment to be conscious; to be optimistic, broad-minded, sincere and true. And sincerity and truth naturally attracts Love. Truth is a door to consciously express Love. 

We should realize by now that we cannot compromise with Truth. That is not only mentally logical, but spiritually wise.  Truth cannot be compromised; through Law we will naturally become more conscious of Love and express Love. 

Wisdom is rooted in Law and comes to fruition through Love. Sincerity, truth and Law naturally attracts Love. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

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Too much drama in your life? The human mind will not help, but this will.

Photo: Virginia butterfly  PSLB

When I was a little child I experienced a lot of chaos and a lot of heart ache that I carried with me for many, many years into adulthood. I came to feel that drama and heartache was a living standard. It wasn’t until later in my life that I became aware of the importance I placed on stories I told myself and that I identified with. 

The stories we tell ourselves that are the hardest to let go are those with the most drama. Which we use to create more stories about ourselves and that we identify with.

The more importance you place on drama and the story of it, the more the subconscious ego imprisons you in a fixed self-identity. The less you’re able to freely experience unbound possibilities in the universe and your own innate Light.

So how can we step outside of the human ego’s drama story telling? 

We should allow ourselves to grow into the moment. Observe in a detached, yet involved state without all the thinking the ego circles in. That still, small voice you find in Silence will help you observe the way your personal mind works without harsh judgments.

 You can attain a clarity of mind in silence that can guide you in your choice of actions. While at the same time you are able to observe the subconscious ego’s desire to circle in what it is familiar with. With conditioned habits and behaviors.

The more you pause and become silent the freer you will be able to move into the moment. The more you become aware of things you hadn’t been conscious of before. 

Amazing things can happen that some would overlook or miss completely. Butterflies can fly by even when you’re at sea! Dolphins jump and the waves reflect your heart’s deepest longings.

The more you become silent and observe, the more drama leaves you. Not the memory of an event, rather the emotional drama the ego tells stories about. You can gain some perspective and understanding the lesson that life presented.  

In a state of detached state you are free to observe life constantly changing, yet remains steadfast. And backed up by a realm Unchangeable. Unknown. 

Contacting Universal Life Energy is a backup Force which can help you attain emotional and mental clarity. This is especially helpful just before sleep when the ego tends to review the day and create stories about it.

Instead of creating stories, mentally realize, “I feel Universal Life Energy flowing through me now.” You are aligning with the Light that you are and the Great Unknown.

 Your Heart slowly awakens from it’s imprisoned walls and becomes free to openly experience unbound love and compassion, gratitude, caring and sincerity.

The bravest thing you can do is to focus on your own Inner Love. When your focus mind in that sacred chamber of your Heart you become a spiritual warrior and express unconditional Love in your life. 

And this creates more opportunities for your happiness and unfoldment. 

If you’ve already experienced this, have you also experienced synchronicities to enjoy and expand your gratitude? 

In the hope that when chaos does come into your life that you will remember to come to a state of silent observation and free yourself of the ego’s crippling drama and stories. And that you step out of the ego into the realm of Being and unlimited possibilities, PortiaSLB 

“Great signs are given to Humanity today as in the days of old, yet with eyes open they do not see, and with ears open they do not hear, because their hearts are closed through the pride of their minds.” 

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 304.

Becoming fearless in a scary world


Humanity as a general rule does not like to look at the evil in the world, our wrong, the terrible things we do. We want to talk about Love. We don’t want to talk about our negativity; it’s not a popular thing to talk about, write about, discuss. We’d rather ignore it for as long as possible until it causes us so much pain that we have to do something about it. It scares us. Yet, that is exactly what we have to look at.

We talk about Love so that we might be conscious of it and align with Love in our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. We talk about negativity so that we might be conscious of it, release it and align with unconditional Love. Doing both we learn to be fearless.

The Truth about evil

Is there evil in the world? … Yes. Why?… Because it is the collective and accumulated subconscious negative energy from all humanity. And, it is very contagious.

 We do evil things. We are not evil, we are temporarily insane. We’ve lost reasoning, logic, common sense, consciousness. We’ve fallen into a dark, dark hole. Into the subconscious ego of negative energy, that generates more negative thoughts and emotions of hate and fear.

It scares us

Deep inside we know that we are responsible for our own condition, our own creations of negative, evil. And that is very scary to us because we have to take responsibility for it and eventually do something about it.  

There is no little devil on our shoulder or satan making us do horrible things and giving us a reason to say, “The devil made me do it.” Nor, is there a vengeful, selective god.  The Great Causeless Cause is ubiquitous rather than selective. It is negative traits in our subconscious ego, which we created, that tempts us to do negative, harmful things. 


It’s almost unbelievable how little we think of ourselves – and even fear about ourselves! The more I observe, it becomes evident that we unconsciously fear that we are incredibly powerful, incredibly creative, beautiful, loving. We fear it because it is unknown to us, that we wouldn’t know what to do with all that power and love. We’ve forgotten how beautiful and loving we are.

We doubt that we can love unconditionally. 

The Light on your spiritual journey 

Be brave. If we want to experience happiness, peace, become fearless and fulfill our soul purpose then we have to actually do something to harmonize ourselves. The more we try to understand the negative, the terrible things we as humans do the better. We face negativity so that we might release it.  

When you begin to feel scared consider staying there in uncomfortable. It takes practice for most of us to stay there and before we can release it. Uncertainly is the promise, the adventure, of life. And contrary to conventional belief it is also the promise of Love.

 There is the Light of Wisdom and Love upon Your path showing You the way! Love is the great harmonizer. We have the help of the Eternal backing us. And, we have the help of our fellow ‘man,’ and other Beings of Light radiating unconditional Love to us. 

Through Courage, Wisdom, Sincerity and most of all Love we become fearless. And a spiritual warrior. It’s very contagious! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

For methods of releasing negativity in the moment and embracing Love consider the series: Releasing False Beliefs about Yourself and Don’t take it personally – are You being manipulated?

Also consider the series on facing fear: Fear of Terrorists

What are your thoughts and insights that you would like to share if you are so inspired? Remember your Higher Self and soul never hesitates.

Consider this quote to reflect upon:


Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 101.




You are the only one …

No one can

We reveal the beauty of our soul when we are sincere and open ourselves to the tenderness of our heart and love. When we see the good and beauty in others and think well of them, even when we see the negative too. When give of ourselves in service for our partners, our children, our parents, our friends and others. When we do acts of kindness. When we create works of encouragement and caring through our words, our actions and our constructions. When are truly grateful. When we are at peace. When we are present and are just being. 

We reveal the beauty of our soul unconsciously in every part of us, every minute cell of us. Yet, we normally are not conscious of that beauty, of love. We fear it, thinking it a weakness rather than strength. Yet…

The more you become conscious of your intent to be sincere, tender and loving, and practice that intent, the more you reveal your True Strength and Power. And, in that beauty comes your happiness and freedom.

No one else can do it for You.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Your human intelligence is that within you which must learn the lesson of love. You are saturated with Love, made up and sustained by It; Love is the Foundation on which you are based. But you must realize this, perceive it to be so, and by thought and action build up a superstructure of Love and Harmony on the very Foundation of Love which Nature gave you at birth.” 

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 394.

Reflective Canvases for 2015

Thank You 

It has been an enlightening year for me and I hope it has for You too. 

 I am grateful for all of the help and inspirations I have received from many sources, including You, and for the support of the One Source.

With the help of the Great Law we will continue on our spiritual journey, in pursuit of revealing a bit more Light of our Soul everyday. 

I appreciate all the comments that You have made this year and hope You make more in the upcoming posts! It helps us all. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand this very moment and every moment,
Portia SLB    and    The Lightbearer Center

Reflective Canvases for 2015

newborn 1, patrisyu

Life is license for transformation!

Soul and Mind, Clare Bloomfield

Being self-conscious of unconditional Love and compassion is allowing an Enlightened Mind.

Newborns are very sincere. They are expressing their Soul.
Newborns are very sincere. They are expressing their Soul.,  David Castillo Dominici
“Truth never destroys anything. It is fundamentally a creative Power.
Today is Truth. Tomorrow is a belief in something. ”

aura of love, David Castillo Dominici

We spend most of our life unconscious of the best part of our self …


“We have that longing and yearning within us to go back to the Father, to the Absolute, and whenever we find a channel through which we can achieve that return to Him, a channel opened by Love, we are only too glad to use it, because it is the inmost desire of our heart, it is the love of our Soul.” 

Ascend egotistic status quo

release all thought

obtuse  space  time


                                                   effervescent illumination

allow Inward Soul                                     

                                   to be in control


Nature's Sunflowers

We live in constructed civilization, yet we are still surrounded by nature’s bounty …

A Dream

A Dream

Stone on my heart, heavy

A State of Mind

Even a novice photographer can capture the scenic beauty and power of Alaska on an iPad. And, there is more to it than meets the eye!

Alaska Reflection

Glacier Melt

The different states of water can be used to symbolize the different states of mind.

Foggy Alaska

We are capable of being Wise and Loving beyond measure, yet …

Cherry blossom cloud

In the Japanese tradition and art the cherry tree is symbolic of …

always been

Heart and Mind   reaches   for  ALL   that   Is

savage dog

Arrows Fly→→→

humanity and suffering

So Good at Heart, but Why Do We Suffer?

Recognizing the Driving Force and Root of Suffering

Negating Seeds of Suffering

Empowering Ourselves

Simple Mindful Methods to Alleviate What Pains Us

Freedom from Subconscious Enslavement

Drifting Desires

New desires drift in, some repeating.

Buttercup Gold

The kid inside
welcomes the bright
golden gift of love
and pure joy.

Reflections on Thai River

The calmer and more serene we are mentally and emotionally the better we are able to realize …

Enjoy the Moment

Gentle rose
Your beauty frees . . .

Shiny Bee

White flowers, bees wings, buzz does day glorify.


You are beautiful, kind smile, wise eyes that see the depth of here,

seashells with butt

All experiences, even ‘bad and ugly’ experiences have value.

Purple and White are Our Colors not our Heart

As beautiful as the pansies are the question remains, ‘What’s love got to do with it?


Dark, dark hole

It’s a dark, dark hole;
The center of our life
At one time


Joy's Flower

The important fact is…


dew grass refined

Harsh control of childhood-will,

Result – …



 Discrimination is considered a bad thing. But, is that true?


Karmic Effect becomes a cause for another cycle → Thought → …

Pink flower with dew refined 2

Source deep inside, drowns the heart, surfaces to windows of discerning


no evil 2

The ego likes to think we cannot see Light without darkness.


cafe 4

drinking sweet chai tea and waiting for You
I think of the lyrics and what they mean


Enjoy the Moment

Living a Conscious Heart

radiant heart 6

Consider consciously participating in the liberation of yourself with this powerful exercise.


clouds and horizon refined

Brave heart, inspiration, life’s quest for the soul does entreat.


helps the rest of us

St Petersburg, Russia mosaic

And in our heart we regret them and hope that harmony returns.


cat tail on lake refined

Nature’s sweet music not for ears, heralds Spirits of Light that interweave

silent cry 2

Silent cry, …

Between souls

what 6

We’ve all been there. Some people just have a knack for pissing us off!


do we purposefully create conflict in our life?

I am One

The origin from which we come

The Hots

It doesn’t really want to know why it’s that way.

Sunrise Bridge

Our behaviors dominated by feelings of love not only transforms us, but because of  …


Jungle Trail2

Their cry deepens then overwhelms

Power to create


Terrorists use religious and self-righteous claims as a means to unconsciously …

Don't blame me!

the butterfly wings beats definitely cause a real effect. The same is true of …

Fractal Nature of our World

beautiful lake with fence

“The seasons of our life are different units of life, and each …


If you are unconscious of emotional contagion …

emotions jump

Have you ever gotten drawn in to an emotional argument because you were the nearest one around? 

A walk in the park, Helsinki

We can live our life sleep walking not knowing how powerful a force we are in the world.

To Love 2


bee and butterfly

Where is our happiness?


rain3 animated

It’s a pattern with most of us. We see someone’s faults…


December Rose in repose

busy bees smooth

Okay, you may not like this entry, or at least the ego may not. It can sting.


Until the New Year’s entry consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Sincerity, which is a form of Truth, is a rare thing on Earth. It is Truth passing through the Door of Love.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 145.



This May Sting!

busy bees smooth

Okay, you may not like this entry, or at least the ego may not. It can sting.

Most of us are dissatisfied with who we are or the way we are. We don’t trust ourselves, and even think we’re a terrible person at times. We’re also impatient in our dissatisfaction, but we’ve got our pride. We cannot change into something different, transcend this unwanted personality  until we get a good look at it. 

The personality is primarily created by the subconscious ego. We allow ourselves to be dominated by the ego which is self-serving, fearful and dualistic. We create a troubled reality because of it.

To regain control over our lives, our personality and create a more positive reality, we must be mindful and conscious in the moment – in a state of consciousness that we take responsibility for. But, the ego doesn’t want us to be conscious, mindful, or listen to our intuition and discriminate – it’s self-centered like that! We battle our conscience. It’s a vicious cycle. 

How Did We Get Here?

The subconscious is our storage box of memories, thoughts, desires, and habitual emotional traits like fear, doubt, worry, loneliness, shame, and resentment. We’ve been conditioned to follow its dictates. It is a major factor in shaping our personality, or parts thereof, that we are dissatisfied with. We identify ourselves with subconscious traits and emotionally empower them as behaviors! “I’m mad, I’m lonely, I’m ashamed.” 

The ego lacks discrimination and supports ignorance. After centuries of history repeating itself we should be able to see the truth in that. We don’t know ourselves. But, we must know ourselves in order to free ourselves of those parts that cause us pain and suffering.

Our personality, our reality, is something we created and agreed to. Fortunately, even from the darkness of the subconscious ego, it is our destiny to evolve and harmonize ourselves and become fully empowered. 

Conscious Intent in Action!

It is our deepest desire and hope to align our personality with our soul. As we courageously make a conscious intent and live the qualities of love like consideration, kindness and caring we bit by bit gain control of our life, transforming our personality. As we consciously release negative egotistic traits we integrate personality and soul, becoming beings of Light here on earth. We transform our reality. 

We may still experience pain, because we all suffer, but our inner happiness, peace and joy are not dependent on it. 

The ego dislikes such information, but I hope you got a smile out of it!  

In Light and with Love, Portia SLB

 “… Lucifer typifies the human mind with all its errors and limitation. This name has been ground in the mire and dirt for centuries but only through the regeneration of mind can improvement come.”

Account of Lecture by Eugene Fersen, The Teacher, Volume 1, page 106.

Comments are welcomed! And, remember Your Higher Self never hesitates!