A World of Helping Hands


Freedom from Subconscious Enslavement

What’s Really Happening with Pain and Suffering, Part 6

humanity and suffering

Suffering Comes in many Forms

All of us suffer, but most of us do not even know that we suffer on a daily basis! Of course, we are aware of experiencing pain and suffering from illnesses and injuries. And, we are usually aware of  emotional suffering that flattens us with symptoms of loneliness or depression. 

However, we tend to be unconscious of experiencing  some of the more common mental and emotional sufferings like boredom, mental exhaustion, impatience, pride, greed and jealousy. They can grow  unnoticed and unchecked in the subconscious, then resurface, morphed into harsher forms of suffering. Even causing physical illness!  

Emotions like anger, hatred, worry, jealousy and greed can become habitual without us knowing it and dominate our personality, enslaving us! We can feel like a victim of injustice and tend to blame others or the situation, striking out in frustration, anger or  even violence. Riots start this way. 

The subconscious is a horrible burden that causes us to suffer.

What Can We Do?

Our destiny as humans is to align our personality with our Individuality and Soul. To release negative emotions and traits that enslave us and cause us to suffer. To be strong, free and happy.

To heal ourselves there must be Love. Yet, it starts by being conscious or mindful of love in the present moment. 

It stands to reason that when we consciously manifest love from our heart we are exercising True Power and fulfilling our destiny as a Soul. 

We build to Harmony and alleviate suffering moment by moment, day by day. From a conscious state we can release the emotional pain of traumatic experiences, fear, subconscious temptations and enslaving habits as discussed in this series by several methods. And, they work!

Our heart is the Seat of Love and Center of Attraction. The more we express love the more we are conscious of receiving it. The more we feel connected to everyone else in an aura of goodwill, caring and compassion. The more we feel connected to the Great Principle. 

We will as humans continue to be faced with challenges, yet with awareness of Love within us we can face those challenges bravely and without suffering from desires. 

And this is the amazing part about manifesting love from our heart, it not only helps alleviate our own suffering, but also helps all humanity. They pass it on and so it circles!

In that intent, a new exercise as been added in which we activate our spiritual heart to help ourselves and the world:

Radiant Heart Exercise

radiant heart 6

In the Hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

With the help of the Great Law a corresponding practice will also be added in the near future: Conscious Heart Practice! 

We become a world of helping hands and hearts!

Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“We are to work, not only for our own improvement, but for the whole of Humanity. If we help one, it benefits all.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume 1, page 364.



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