Where is Our Happiness?

bee and butterfly

It is only in the present moment that we experience anything!

And, experiencing the moment is our life – in it we create our reality.

If we spend this moment thinking about what to do next, hurry up and finish this or what happened yesterday we are squandering our life. If we spend it trapped in subconscious traits of worry, anger, loneliness, and fear we are squandering now. We are creating a reality to sleepwalk in. 

Our happiness is in this moment. Even if we remember happy moments in the past or possible ones in the future we are squandering now. Our obsession with time is a tool of the subconscious ego that feeds itself.

Connecting with Nature and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature helps us remember our own inner beauty and helps us connect with Now. Any beauty, does when we recognize it and emotionally connect through love (beauty is a quality of love). 

Thus, the mind being dominated by love helps us consciously reconnect with our Superconsciousness, our intuition and inner wisdom, which opens us to a vast expanding universal consciousness of which is Love. 

In the hope You find beauty close at hand, Portia SLB

“It is Mind which, when misused debases Life, and it is the problem of mind to regenerate Life, through the proper use of Knowledge.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 247.

4 thoughts on “Where is Our Happiness?

  1. Ah, yes Nicoleta! Interesting how you expressed that – “excitement of expectation” and “ignites the moment.”

    Our emotions feed our thoughts and our thoughts feed our emotions. Both ignites our behaviors. Which is why we can help ourselves by being conscious of both our thoughts and emotions, releasing those harmful ones.

    Happiness is fleeting in our human life because we are not conscious of Being in the moment. And, we can be in the moment even when we are with people or in conditions that are challenging. The reality that we experience is what we have created and agreed to – the path we have created to help us realize our True Self.

    Mentally we have turned away from Love. We do not know Love, yet we can feel It. And, that feeling of love, especially human love, is fleeting in our human condition, just like happiness because they are of the same essence. Yet, through human love we love the Eternal. And, through human happiness we get a glimpse of pure, joy and inner peace. That is in general conditions, because when we intend to free ourselves of the ego and work on it, we also work on aligning with the Great Principle. We are enthusiastic, conscious, sincere, and being in the moment frees us to feel that spark of love that you wrote about!

    Thank You. Hope you make more comments!

    Light and Love, Portia SLB

  2. This is an interesting perspective on happiness. It is true that our mind determines much of how we experience life. Even though the discussion is presented simply and understandably, I know too well how tripped up we are by reflection and considerations, always busy looking back and forward.
    To be totally in the now, we are in the anew of being. That means feeling an excitement of expectation felt by that which fuels our energy. Doing what we love, and /or being in the company of those whose thoughts and feelings are in step with our inner peace, ignites the moment.
    I admire those who have created that possibility.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Soooo Beautiful! I’ve been working on the present moment and what my consciousness is aware of, looking up or looking down, and I see that my happiness is completely up to me! It’s very freeing, even taking note of the monkey chatter and the waste of time is part of the lesson!
    It does not hurt me or bring me down when I’m aware of it, it brings my emotions down if I’m not aware!
    Thank You!

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