Love and Hate, + more of ‘the thinker’

To Love 2

The beauty of a rose tells us that love is natural. It is beautiful to us because we have within us that same beauty – the beauty of Love – and we are touched by it’s soft and tender expressions. It’s color, its shape, its texture, and its fragrance  says love.

Love makes us stronger, but the subconscious ego wants to deny that and turn it upside down.

In the hope You find love close at hand, Portia SLB

Enjoy the Moment

More information has been added the ‘the thinker’ page as requested!  And, I appreciate that request! The monkey chatter is slowly fading away!

Consider checking that expanded page out: “the thinker”

The Thinker Image by Daniel Stockman via Wikipedia

About Science of Being

Science of Being is the science of your being and reveals the means and methods to manifest success in the physical world and contact the source of All Power. It is a harmonious blending of Wisdom and science that support and explain each other. And addresses the Big Questions like ‘Is there a God?’ and ‘How can I contact God?’ It is also practical in very realistic ways by helping you answer: ‘Why do I experience problems? How can I achieve happiness in my life now?’ ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is my purpose?’
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