Sheer Natural Beauty Fascination

orchid sheer

orchid sheer closeup


“Buddha taught His fellow beings to love as their younger brothers all those entities belonging to the different kingdoms of Nature, to respect their lives. Thus He prepared His followers to love better their own fellow men, the highest manifestation in Nature.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 100.


We can go through our day and even through our life without appreciating the grass beneath our feet, the trees that defy gravity to grow upright, or the clouds above our heads full of life giving water particles. Yet, they are an integrate part of our life, and they add beauty to our life. Nature inspires us if we are willing to be aware and conscious of it.

The beauty of these small pink orchids fascinate me and stir my imagination. They’re like little fairies with wings that sparkle from natural luminescence. 

They’re about 2-3 inches across, and most of their petals are very sheer, while the center is bright yellow with tiny fuzzy looking growth. They have an aura of gentle eloquence and refinement. Yet, in their gentleness they also have a very strong presence. Unique and beautiful.

A friend had these orchids in a pot at her house in Thailand on the deck. She said that any orchids she tries to keep outside get eaten by the squirrels! Yes, squirrels any where in the world can be aggravating when they eat our stuff! I suppose that’s an analogy that it’s not our stuff – but Mother Nature’s! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB



Green Art and what it does for You

Maybry Mills, VA refined

Green Art

Memories lost but residue still ripples life’s pond

Mind’s walls separate, while Love’s bridges tie together

Natural forces take us home to calm and peace, to the present untethered.

Even photos of nature can connect us with the calming frequencies in nature through our imagination and mental vibrations. We are made of the same stuff, but plants and animals live more in harmony with the Great Principle and the Laws of Nature. Everything in nature can inspire us! The energy in nature and Mother Earth energizes, renews us and helps raise our conscious frequency and awareness. 

What we can perceive

Many things speak to me through analogy in this setting. The natural plant growth, trees, rounded stones, ripples in the water and the endless, open sky. The ingenious human use of water, the split rail fence and stacked stone walls, and the reflection of the mill in the pond.  

It’s interesting that when we look at the reflection of the mill in the pond it appears upside-down to us. With water being a symbol of mind, it is an analogy that we can mentally perceive things in a polar condition, dual or upside-down. Yet, we can also perceive both the illusion and the cause, and know the difference.  We can see beyond the substance and feel the spirit and be inspired. 

The benefits

This setting calms me and I can rest in the serenity. Green plants in nature normally have a very healing energy with soothing vibrations, a quality of open living, abundance, growth and love. From the analogy of their presence, they are very connected to the Life of the Universe, Universal Life Energy, and rooted in the present moment of living their soul purpose. 

Interestingly, the heart chakra is associated with the frequency of the color green. With an open and tender heart we are abundant in love, giving and receiving love and life energy. In  a natural condition it is the center of our life; we feel through it. But, the heart chakra can become overburdened with subconscious negativity and become damaged. Being in nature can help cleanse, heal and inspire us because we are emotionally reconnecting with our natural heart state. 

We have house plants because they are alive and inspire us in more ways that providing oxygen. We line city streets with trees and make gardens on terraces. We cultivate an attitude of conservation of our forests, wildlife and oceans. Green is vital for our life!

The gift of art and what it does for You

I took this photo on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, USA. It’s called Mabry Mills and You are welcomed to use it for your own creativity and art. Creativity is a quality of Love.

Art is a creative expression, communication and statement. Art also gets us to think, ask questions, wonder. It can inspire us to be conscious of feeling something which manifests in our behavior. So, art can inspire us to create too! Great art inspires us to lookup within to our Higher Self and Love. 

One of my spiritual teachers gave a wonderful lesson on –I am the artist.’ Think about it! Creativity is a natural expression of our soul. It’s a self-help type of thing if we are conscious! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Are You the artist? Are You inspired in some way by this scene? Comments and insights welcomed. Remember your Higher Self and Soul never hesitates!

Consider this quote to reflect upon:

“…through THE REALIZATION OF THE ABSOLUTE HERE NEAR US, CLOSE AT HAND, WE IDENTIFY OURSELVES WITH ALL ITS POWERS. There is nothing closer to us than the Great Principle, because out of Its Own Self has It created us and IN IT WE LIVE, MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 39. 

Green Art

Maybry Mills, VA refined

Green Art

Memories lost but residue still ripples life’s pond

Mind’s walls separate, while Love’s bridges tie together

Natural forces take us home to calm and peace, to the present untethered.


This scene is so beautiful I thought I would share it with You. I took this photo in Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s now a historic site called Mabry Mills, but they used to grind corn on a stone mill inside powered by a stream turning the water wheel.

This setting is a popular subject for artists and You are welcomed to use it for creative art too.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB


Where is Our Happiness?

bee and butterfly

It is only in the present moment that we experience anything!

And, experiencing the moment is our life – in it we create our reality.

If we spend this moment thinking about what to do next, hurry up and finish this or what happened yesterday we are squandering our life. If we spend it trapped in subconscious traits of worry, anger, loneliness, and fear we are squandering now. We are creating a reality to sleepwalk in. 

Our happiness is in this moment. Even if we remember happy moments in the past or possible ones in the future we are squandering now. Our obsession with time is a tool of the subconscious ego that feeds itself.

Connecting with Nature and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature helps us remember our own inner beauty and helps us connect with Now. Any beauty, does when we recognize it and emotionally connect through love (beauty is a quality of love). 

Thus, the mind being dominated by love helps us consciously reconnect with our Superconsciousness, our intuition and inner wisdom, which opens us to a vast expanding universal consciousness of which is Love. 

In the hope You find beauty close at hand, Portia SLB

“It is Mind which, when misused debases Life, and it is the problem of mind to regenerate Life, through the proper use of Knowledge.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 247.

In the Jungle


Jungle Trail2

In the Jungle

The shadows are dark – the air is damp and hot;
The forest thick with tall palm and kapok tree.
Where moss grows on most trunks
And spiral vines hang free.

Where the dabbled leaves in sunlight sing
A patient and wondrous rhythmic song;
With harvests of silence in-between
Ringing truth that in this moment I do belong.

Intrigued I enter a man-made trail
Walking gently on Mother earth awake and aware
So many wondrous sites, sounds and smells,
I smile, enjoy the beauty, and silently declare

I love this adventure!  Granting temporary freedom from ego indenture.
Then there! – broad, beak toucans fly and catch my eye!
They call two young fledglings who are drinking
From a hollow of tree branch nearby.

Spider monkeys jump and howler monkeys yell
Loud warnings of territorial realms
Sounds meant to frighten and repel
Their cry deepens then overwhelms

I look higher and spot a three-toed sloth that rests
In the highest treetop, peaceful, still
Living the moment in the leaves as nature requests
Ignoring the monkeys’ shrill.

I pause and listen again to the jungle’s song;
Grateful knowing that even after I leave this place
I’ll remember Mother Nature’s generous spirit, varied and strong
Offering wonderful adventures for all to embrace;

And no matter where I am
A patient and wondrous rhythmic song
With harvests of silence in-between
Rings truth that in this moment I do belong.

Spiral Vine          Panama Jungle Trail

Jungle river

The jungles of Panama – beautiful!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB