Sheer Natural Beauty Fascination

orchid sheer

orchid sheer closeup


“Buddha taught His fellow beings to love as their younger brothers all those entities belonging to the different kingdoms of Nature, to respect their lives. Thus He prepared His followers to love better their own fellow men, the highest manifestation in Nature.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 100.


We can go through our day and even through our life without appreciating the grass beneath our feet, the trees that defy gravity to grow upright, or the clouds above our heads full of life giving water particles. Yet, they are an integrate part of our life, and they add beauty to our life. Nature inspires us if we are willing to be aware and conscious of it.

The beauty of these small pink orchids fascinate me and stir my imagination. They’re like little fairies with wings that sparkle from natural luminescence. 

They’re about 2-3 inches across, and most of their petals are very sheer, while the center is bright yellow with tiny fuzzy looking growth. They have an aura of gentle eloquence and refinement. Yet, in their gentleness they also have a very strong presence. Unique and beautiful.

A friend had these orchids in a pot at her house in Thailand on the deck. She said that any orchids she tries to keep outside get eaten by the squirrels! Yes, squirrels any where in the world can be aggravating when they eat our stuff! I suppose that’s an analogy that it’s not our stuff – but Mother Nature’s! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB



4 thoughts on “Sheer Natural Beauty Fascination

  1. Yes, love and attention makes a difference to orchids, to house plants and to us!. When we love, true affection is a manifestation of Love! Thank you for sharing your experience and insights Dear heart!

  2. Thank you for this lovely insight into this beautiful flower! Very uplifting and intricate for sure!
    I had my first Orchid given to me as a gift after my husband went into The Beyond,,,I Loved the symbol of it, and I was told how to care for it and what light it needed and for 5 yrs that Orchid
    Bloomed and died back and would bloom again,,,,finally it stopped! I missed its beauty in my home
    And bought several more and did exactly as was told to do with my first one,,,but never since
    Have I been able to keep one alive! I think the new ones didn’t mean as much to me as the first?
    Any way thanks for sharing this, they are magnificent beauty’s!

  3. Oh! Thank You Nicoleta for your insights – lovely! Yes,in Thailand they are grown in baskets (no dirt) and hang in trees feed by the Life of the Universe and rainfall! People love them.

  4. I thought I commented on this one before…but since i love these invitations to comment on God’s gifts to our world, I can tell you that orchids are amazing…They live attached yet detached from the ground…They grow with the air’s fresh breadth…and in Hawaii…the locals gather them in strings of leis that are gifted on birthdays, anniversaries, and even funerals as a celebration of life…
    Orchids are lovely…and come like humans…in different colors and shapes and sizes…and even scents :-)… Unlike us imperfect Beings, orchids do not fight for space, but should anyone visit an orchid farm, be ready to see the array of a splendorous parade 🙂

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