Becoming fearless in a scary world


Humanity as a general rule does not like to look at the evil in the world, our wrong, the terrible things we do. We want to talk about Love. We don’t want to talk about our negativity; it’s not a popular thing to talk about, write about, discuss. We’d rather ignore it for as long as possible until it causes us so much pain that we have to do something about it. It scares us. Yet, that is exactly what we have to look at.

We talk about Love so that we might be conscious of it and align with Love in our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. We talk about negativity so that we might be conscious of it, release it and align with unconditional Love. Doing both we learn to be fearless.

The Truth about evil

Is there evil in the world? … Yes. Why?… Because it is the collective and accumulated subconscious negative energy from all humanity. And, it is very contagious.

 We do evil things. We are not evil, we are temporarily insane. We’ve lost reasoning, logic, common sense, consciousness. We’ve fallen into a dark, dark hole. Into the subconscious ego of negative energy, that generates more negative thoughts and emotions of hate and fear.

It scares us

Deep inside we know that we are responsible for our own condition, our own creations of negative, evil. And that is very scary to us because we have to take responsibility for it and eventually do something about it.  

There is no little devil on our shoulder or satan making us do horrible things and giving us a reason to say, “The devil made me do it.” Nor, is there a vengeful, selective god.  The Great Causeless Cause is ubiquitous rather than selective. It is negative traits in our subconscious ego, which we created, that tempts us to do negative, harmful things. 


It’s almost unbelievable how little we think of ourselves – and even fear about ourselves! The more I observe, it becomes evident that we unconsciously fear that we are incredibly powerful, incredibly creative, beautiful, loving. We fear it because it is unknown to us, that we wouldn’t know what to do with all that power and love. We’ve forgotten how beautiful and loving we are.

We doubt that we can love unconditionally. 

The Light on your spiritual journey 

Be brave. If we want to experience happiness, peace, become fearless and fulfill our soul purpose then we have to actually do something to harmonize ourselves. The more we try to understand the negative, the terrible things we as humans do the better. We face negativity so that we might release it.  

When you begin to feel scared consider staying there in uncomfortable. It takes practice for most of us to stay there and before we can release it. Uncertainly is the promise, the adventure, of life. And contrary to conventional belief it is also the promise of Love.

 There is the Light of Wisdom and Love upon Your path showing You the way! Love is the great harmonizer. We have the help of the Eternal backing us. And, we have the help of our fellow ‘man,’ and other Beings of Light radiating unconditional Love to us. 

Through Courage, Wisdom, Sincerity and most of all Love we become fearless. And a spiritual warrior. It’s very contagious! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

For methods of releasing negativity in the moment and embracing Love consider the series: Releasing False Beliefs about Yourself and Don’t take it personally – are You being manipulated?

Also consider the series on facing fear: Fear of Terrorists

What are your thoughts and insights that you would like to share if you are so inspired? Remember your Higher Self and soul never hesitates.

Consider this quote to reflect upon:


Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 101.




9 thoughts on “Becoming fearless in a scary world

  1. Thank you PortiaSLB! From Mayan and i-ching to astrology and numerology are all pointing at this as a powerful time for spirit growth. May we all radiate our Light and Love to all. Thank you again, Debra

  2. Thank You dear for sharing your thoughts and inspiration! And, thank you for reminding me about the solar eclipse – much going on with that since also new moon in Pisces and a ‘supermoon’ meaning close to earth. As I understand it it’s going to shadow in Asia. Interesting. Sending You and all humanity Light and Love, PortiaSLB

  3. Wonderful! I reread what you wrote more than twice! So much wisdom in a few lines.

    I think we can fear both rejection and success. We fear our own powers because we have seen the evil we can do with power, and suffer from it. And, it also depends on the soul, what they’ve experienced in their life, their personal environment and social environment.

    OH! With the help of the Great Principle I will be posting another example of emotional contagion soon – Feb 14. Love – the emotion and quality of love comes in many frequencies that we can relate to: caring, goodwill, consideration, happiness, constructive creativity, forgiveness (release), gratitude. And, all of these rub off on people because all of us are in essence Love. Love attracts Love – the Law of Attraction. Attraction is also love.

    Anyway, if someone is around people that are considerate of others,then that people will also eventually become considerate. It takes about 21 days – 3 weeks – to change a habit according to social studies. And, I’ve found that true. That is a example long term change or type of contagion. But, we can change our attitude in a second around others. Their attitude effects us greatly. Mobs can end up killing folks because of panic.

    It’s true that relationships is one of our great opportunities to know ourselves, because they are like us. What we see in others that disgusts us is something in us that has a reason to be disgusted. Through relationships we can learn patience, discrimination, release of negativity and unconditional Love.

    Our heart is always full of Love and continually renewed by the Eternal, it’s in our thinking that we forget that. I love our conversations!
    Love and Light to You dear! Portia

  4. I just reread all twice…and there are so many points to address, I may not do it justice. The willfulness to be caring and loving graciously bestows joy to those in the circle. However, the willfulness to love may well feel empty unless the fullness of love is truly anchored in the soul. She we seek to love and be loved, disappointments occur. To love and be loved as souls united in complete freedom to be one’s own self, is a wholesome agreement. When two souls are united in thought, the knot is solid, the ground more firm, and the two can soar in applauding one another’s dreams, and aspirations.
    I’m not sure anyone is afraid of succeeding though Marianne Williamson also said that. I think the fear of failure, the lack of confidence, keep us from soaring with our dreams and aspirations. To be respected and appreciated by a loved one, is in fact the greatest inspiration to persevere. In this way I can surely recognize how love is contagious. It from love that the spirit expands.
    Fear of rejection is a battle of the mind, and sometime minds. When a partner views the talents of the other as a competitive sport, the flags go down, the flowers wilt, and spirit loses momentum.
    I have loved unconditionally and when my pitcher is empty, I contact God. I also thank Him daily for all that is good in my life. Because I know He knows my heart, I am at peace.
    God bless you my Friend.

  5. Thank You! I was hoping someone would comment on vampires too! Yes, there are a lot of vampires out there and they may not even know that they drain energy from others! But, if we feel tired after being around them, then it’s a big clue as to it happening. We’re fascinated by the walking dead because we can relate!
    Your inspiration uplifts me too! Love, Portia

  6. Wonderful! This helps me to know myself and how nothing is lost, everything matters, every thought vibration makes a difference, no matter where we’re at, what we’re doing! We are connected!

    The Zombie thing and this fascination into vampires seems very upfront with people. It is quite an analogy! So Unreal!

    Thank you Dear Friend!!!! I am always uplifted from your inspiration!

  7. Yes Love. The energy of our thoughts, and most of all our emotions, are contagious. And, we as humans are very receptive to them if we are not centered in Love. Love is our true protection.

    When we are young we are very sensitive to all of this and even imagine there is a little devil on our should telling us to do something evil. As we mature, we become self-conscious, independent thinkers. Light and Love to You dear, Portia

  8. This is an excellent post. It is everything I think about. I wish I could reread it and also follow through with the recommended articles, but have company…and chores…including errands. Thank you…I would like to return to this…I learned something here today…the contagious aspect. Wow.
    God bless you…always.

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