Becoming fearless in a scary world


Humanity as a general rule does not like to look at the evil in the world, our wrong, the terrible things we do. We want to talk about Love. We don’t want to talk about our negativity; it’s not a popular thing to talk about, write about, discuss. We’d rather ignore it for as long as possible until it causes us so much pain that we have to do something about it. It scares us. Yet, that is exactly what we have to look at.

We talk about Love so that we might be conscious of it and align with Love in our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. We talk about negativity so that we might be conscious of it, release it and align with unconditional Love. Doing both we learn to be fearless.

The Truth about evil

Is there evil in the world? … Yes. Why?… Because it is the collective and accumulated subconscious negative energy from all humanity. And, it is very contagious.

 We do evil things. We are not evil, we are temporarily insane. We’ve lost reasoning, logic, common sense, consciousness. We’ve fallen into a dark, dark hole. Into the subconscious ego of negative energy, that generates more negative thoughts and emotions of hate and fear.

It scares us

Deep inside we know that we are responsible for our own condition, our own creations of negative, evil. And that is very scary to us because we have to take responsibility for it and eventually do something about it.  

There is no little devil on our shoulder or satan making us do horrible things and giving us a reason to say, “The devil made me do it.” Nor, is there a vengeful, selective god.  The Great Causeless Cause is ubiquitous rather than selective. It is negative traits in our subconscious ego, which we created, that tempts us to do negative, harmful things. 


It’s almost unbelievable how little we think of ourselves – and even fear about ourselves! The more I observe, it becomes evident that we unconsciously fear that we are incredibly powerful, incredibly creative, beautiful, loving. We fear it because it is unknown to us, that we wouldn’t know what to do with all that power and love. We’ve forgotten how beautiful and loving we are.

We doubt that we can love unconditionally. 

The Light on your spiritual journey 

Be brave. If we want to experience happiness, peace, become fearless and fulfill our soul purpose then we have to actually do something to harmonize ourselves. The more we try to understand the negative, the terrible things we as humans do the better. We face negativity so that we might release it.  

When you begin to feel scared consider staying there in uncomfortable. It takes practice for most of us to stay there and before we can release it. Uncertainly is the promise, the adventure, of life. And contrary to conventional belief it is also the promise of Love.

 There is the Light of Wisdom and Love upon Your path showing You the way! Love is the great harmonizer. We have the help of the Eternal backing us. And, we have the help of our fellow ‘man,’ and other Beings of Light radiating unconditional Love to us. 

Through Courage, Wisdom, Sincerity and most of all Love we become fearless. And a spiritual warrior. It’s very contagious! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

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What are your thoughts and insights that you would like to share if you are so inspired? Remember your Higher Self and soul never hesitates.

Consider this quote to reflect upon:


Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 101.