Mindful Pull

mountain speaks 3 refined

In your silence
You stand tall against pain and suffer,
against prejudice, human dross.

In your solidity
You push upward, loyal to your foundation and nature
with a generous upward bound.

You are revealed
Through your strength and humble beauty,
Through your mindful pull.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

What are your first thoughts and impression of the photo and poem? You reveal yourself.

4 thoughts on “Mindful Pull

  1. Thank You dear! Your inspiration helps me to know my own inner strength and fearlessness – as I am sure it does others.

    It helps me to get some insight as to how others may interpret the opportunity to know ourselves, especially, since it is different from my own. When I am writing I just Be in the moment and write. If it is not right then I know it is not complete, then when it is right it feels right, complete, even though I do not intellectually know the reason why. I let my Higher Self guide me – and I am grateful.

    Light and Love to You dear, PortiaSLB

  2. That’s lovely dear! It is true that the image and poem can have many different meanings according to the attitude and heart of the receiver. Yours is a beautiful heart in the search for Truth to not only help yourself, but for others also! Light and Love to You dear Nicoleta, Portia

  3. Love this is so beautiful! Today I was given a worksheet to do if I wanted to, and these questions just got me going to answer them about knowing myself,,,,I wrote what I know about my self quickly, I am Strong! I am not afraid! I am Grateful for unseen loving help in my life! Life is worth everything and we climb up to always know more! I accepted this along time ago as a young girl, I am Strong and not afraid!
    Love Always, MelissaLB

  4. I see a palace of dreams come true where anyone can go to retreat as long as they are filled with love…The poem is the ribbon laced into a bow that ties freely the moments of truth that emerge as flickering lights akin to other lights.
    This great and timely duo :-)…brought me happy tears. I’ll try to print it…It will be a great place to revisit…:-) Thank you for sharing Science of Being…God bless you and keep a happy heart every day…It is after all…guarded by our soul…:-)

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