The Hidden value of humor in your spiritual practice and life

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LOL! We can do funny stuff. As we age we accumulate negative energy in the subconscious through conditioning and the choices we make. We race for another day and dwell on the past. It can make our heart feel heavy, anxious and stressed. A sense of humor can be overlooked in spiritual practice, but it has real value and power. 

The value of humor 

If you laughed at the video above you probably feel more energized, happy and relaxed. Spontaneous laughter can relieve pinned up stress and negative energy from our heart and subconscious ego.

Smiling and laughter is an instinctual form of emotional communication. Babies radiate positive energy, love and acceptance when they smile or laugh. 

With a sense of humor we can keep a balanced view of life. Everything is important and nothing is important. We enjoy a sense of wonder, where everything is interesting, never boring, and even humorous. 

 A sense of humor helps protect you

When we stumble we are tempted to be embarrassed, but with a sense of humor we can throw off negative energy like carelessness and see another side of it. Comedians can make us laugh at awful things we do. Have you ever giggled at a funereal or wake?

We instinctively laugh as a defense mechanism to mentally negate the possibility of emotional damage. It’s a protection against fear growing in our imagination and thinking because we are blocking negative suggestions and energy from entering our subconscious which could take root and grow – to come back and haunt us. A sense of humor can save us a lot of emotional troubles! 

Laugh therapy

Because of increased stress at work, some corporations hire laugh therapists to help their employees release tension, relax and function better. The therapists aren’t comedians, rather they induce laughter through emotional contagion.

The energy of spontaneous laughter jumps and spreads through the Law of Attraction! You’ve probably experienced being in a room of people and someone starts to laugh, then it spreads and you laugh too without even knowing the original trigger. Contagious laughter fosters unity in groups. And, we may spontaneously laugh to trigger laughter in others!

Harmful laughter?

I do this nervous laugh when I don’t know what to say, so I stall. I initially thought I was doing it to lighten the situation up. But, it’s sort of an unconscious ‘ughhhh…’ It can be misinterpreted by others and I have gotten into trouble because of it. I’ve been practicing being conscious and considerate when I am tempted to laugh nervously, since it is based in doubt and it can hurt others.

There’s also the fake laugh and ridicule laugh. A ridicule laugh is dangerous because it can kill an idea, even something we like. People that argue or debate use ridicule laughter to gain the upper hand, to humiliate, to kill something in us.

Let’s not forget the diabolical, cruel laugh; we are communicating that something is wrong, very, very wrong.

Freeing our heart

A sense of humor is a great gift that we can develop through the practice of wonder. Being mindful we recognize that everything is in a constant state of change and this moment won’t come again. We’re not ‘stiffs,’ frozen in the drama of self-righteousness. We’re free to see all sides of the situation.

A sense of humor enriches our life. It gives us a creative, positive disposition and we become more relaxed. In a relaxed state we live a more natural, loving life. 

Of course, the entire situation in the video above could be a setup and probably was just to get a laugh. If we laugh about it we feel better, it energizes us and our heart soars!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Did you find the video funny? Your comments, funny experiences and insights are welcomed!

Consider this quote to reflect upon:

“The material body is the instrument, the channel, through which the Soul contacts the outer world and manifests itself and is perceptible on this material plane.” 

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being


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