Sheer Natural Beauty

orchid sheer

The beauty of these small pink orchids fascinate me and stir my imagination.

They’re about 2-3 inches across, and most of their petals are very sheer, while the center is bright yellow with tiny fuzzy looking growth. They have an aura of gentle eloquence and refinement. Yet, in their gentleness they also have a very strong presence. Unique and beautiful.

A friend had these orchids in a pot at her house in Thailand on the deck. She said that any orchids she tries to keep outside get eaten by the squirrels! Yes, squirrels any where in the world can be aggravating when they eat our stuff! I suppose that’s an analogy that it’s not our stuff – but Mother Nature’s! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB


6 thoughts on “Sheer Natural Beauty

  1. The orchids would take a bow, could they read your description of them :-)…I’m not sure they are the same, but in Hawaii they are strung into leis…They are a signature of tropical beauties…

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