You created this moment

water lilly blue You have created

Each of us are in a personal transformation process of discovering and revealing our Real Self and soul. We are in a creative process – we create our reality  which is a reflection of our original spiritual power of creativity. But we repress  or deny that power of creativity or use it to cause us to be distracted or to misdirect it in negative creations and self-images that cause us to suffer.

We believe we are not smart enough, rich enough, thin enough, fit enough, witty enough, beautiful enough, educated enough. We feel lonely, depressed, worried, left out. Thinking and believing false assumptions until they become our self-concept and identity. We can feel justified for jealousy, hatred, and even take offense against others. These are our creations that cause us to suffer. 

We will reap the effects of our thought, emotions and actions – and it will manifest in our life.

Create your happiness

We create a more harmonious, happy life with positive energy – positive thoughts, emotions, and of course, behaviors and actions. It all starts with our attitude!

Here are some simple ways to create a happier life for yourself, which will touch others also: 

  1. Approach everything as being an opportunity to grow and learn the lesson of love, even during the most trying of times. 

  2. Be conscious and mindful of the watcher of the thinker! Detach from negative thoughts and emotions. 

  3. Be grateful for your opportunity of life and to have come this far.

  4. Listen to your intuition and follow through on the guidance.

  5. Express goodwill, kindness, caring and love from the tenderness of your heart to everyone, including yourself. 

  6. Contact Universal Life Energy to energize and harmonize yourself.

  7. Mentally and emotionally connect to the Eternal with Declarations of Truth just before falling asleep. I am statements like: I am One with the Absolute, All Power, All Wisdom, All Truth, All Love and All Beings.  

  8. Daily practice spiritual exercises, such as, Relaxation and Silence, meditation. 

  9. Create something everyday – like when you were happy and in the moment creating as a child – art, cooking, writing, imaginative beauty – the ways are unlimited! Listen to your Higher Self.

  10. Smile!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Photo taken in Thailand

“Everything in Life is important.”            Eugene Fersen 

Green Art and what it does for You

Maybry Mills, VA refined

Green Art

Memories lost but residue still ripples life’s pond

Mind’s walls separate, while Love’s bridges tie together

Natural forces take us home to calm and peace, to the present untethered.

Even photos of nature can connect us with the calming frequencies in nature through our imagination and mental vibrations. We are made of the same stuff, but plants and animals live more in harmony with the Great Principle and the Laws of Nature. Everything in nature can inspire us! The energy in nature and Mother Earth energizes, renews us and helps raise our conscious frequency and awareness. 

What we can perceive

Many things speak to me through analogy in this setting. The natural plant growth, trees, rounded stones, ripples in the water and the endless, open sky. The ingenious human use of water, the split rail fence and stacked stone walls, and the reflection of the mill in the pond.  

It’s interesting that when we look at the reflection of the mill in the pond it appears upside-down to us. With water being a symbol of mind, it is an analogy that we can mentally perceive things in a polar condition, dual or upside-down. Yet, we can also perceive both the illusion and the cause, and know the difference.  We can see beyond the substance and feel the spirit and be inspired. 

The benefits

This setting calms me and I can rest in the serenity. Green plants in nature normally have a very healing energy with soothing vibrations, a quality of open living, abundance, growth and love. From the analogy of their presence, they are very connected to the Life of the Universe, Universal Life Energy, and rooted in the present moment of living their soul purpose. 

Interestingly, the heart chakra is associated with the frequency of the color green. With an open and tender heart we are abundant in love, giving and receiving love and life energy. In  a natural condition it is the center of our life; we feel through it. But, the heart chakra can become overburdened with subconscious negativity and become damaged. Being in nature can help cleanse, heal and inspire us because we are emotionally reconnecting with our natural heart state. 

We have house plants because they are alive and inspire us in more ways that providing oxygen. We line city streets with trees and make gardens on terraces. We cultivate an attitude of conservation of our forests, wildlife and oceans. Green is vital for our life!

The gift of art and what it does for You

I took this photo on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, USA. It’s called Mabry Mills and You are welcomed to use it for your own creativity and art. Creativity is a quality of Love.

Art is a creative expression, communication and statement. Art also gets us to think, ask questions, wonder. It can inspire us to be conscious of feeling something which manifests in our behavior. So, art can inspire us to create too! Great art inspires us to lookup within to our Higher Self and Love. 

One of my spiritual teachers gave a wonderful lesson on –I am the artist.’ Think about it! Creativity is a natural expression of our soul. It’s a self-help type of thing if we are conscious! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Are You the artist? Are You inspired in some way by this scene? Comments and insights welcomed. Remember your Higher Self and Soul never hesitates!

Consider this quote to reflect upon:

“…through THE REALIZATION OF THE ABSOLUTE HERE NEAR US, CLOSE AT HAND, WE IDENTIFY OURSELVES WITH ALL ITS POWERS. There is nothing closer to us than the Great Principle, because out of Its Own Self has It created us and IN IT WE LIVE, MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 39. 

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year to You and Your Family!


This year 2016 and every year, I hope for You Strength, Wisdom, and Love
that brings Peace, Joy and Fulfillment! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The Tone and Colors for the Coming Year

The ever-present now is the timeless conscious nature of I Am, but as humans we have also conditioned ourselves to be swayed by human dictates, including the human calendar.

According to the Gregorian calendar this is the year 2016, and it has a particular vibrational frequency which can give an indication of the character and potential of this year’s cyclical pattern.

2+0+1+6 = 9

Nine represents the end of a nine year cycle and a turning point. Next year will be a #1 year and the start of a new cycle according to numerology. This year signifies some fulfillment or attainment of the cyclic pattern we’ve been in.  It’s a year of reckoning for all that has passed.

The number 9 also represents Man on the evolutionary vibrational spiral. All Matter is the Manifestation of God, the Unmanifest, with Man being a Divine Soul in the Logos. So with this year being represented by #9 it will be focused on human group and world concepts. 


It may be a difficult turning point for us if we are unwilling to face our responsibility for the harshness and suffering in the world. Groups and governments have been trying to exert more power over the people, but the people have resisted, resulting in widespread emotional unrest. And, this will most likely continue this year.

But, some of the harshness can start to dissolve if we are willing to face our accumulated repository of intolerance. We’ve been stuck here for a very long time. We dream of tolerance and compassion in the world, but cling to self-righteousness and fear. So we must learn to detach, forgive and promote the brotherhood of mankind. We do have the opportunity to free our altruistic nature, to raise our consciousness and inspire the world to heal. 

This year’s #9 energy can help us recognize the Unity of Life
and Universal Brotherhood of Man.

With the winds of change in the air, it can mean more uncertainty. There may be a variety of events this year, with inexplicable and exciting opportunities in our life stream. This indicates we will have to be more innovative and improvise in uncertain times.

With all the unrest and a troubled global economy the drive for more meaning in our life will gather speed. We will generally devote more time to humanitarian causes and spirituality. 

Number nine, being a number of fulfillment, attracts success and money. But there are always yin and yang influences, and things can change very quickly.

Overall, towards the end of this year we can find some relief from all the emotional ups and downs, if we consciously endeavor for equanimity and finish up odds and ends. Gratitude for what we do have and allowing ourselves to enjoy life can help us turn things around. 

We have choices to make that can regenerate ourselves into
a refined, higher consciousness! 

It is time to plan ahead, to learn lessons and gain wisdom through our conscious experiences during our earthly sojourn.  And, if we willingly end this 9 year cycle with some understanding and tolerance for each other and Mother Earth, we can enter the next 9 year cycle with confidence in our ability for positive creativity.

May you find Light, Love and Peace this year and all the years to come!

 From PortiaSLB

and The Lightbearer Center

Here is something to inspire You to continue on your Spiritual Journey and quest for your soul! It does me!

GREAT SPIRIT  music video by Nahko

So Powerful!   Enjoy!

Nahko Bear Takes Singing From Your Core To A Whole New Level ~

The Power to Create – A Key to Happiness


Power to create

Russia can be considered a country of contrasts, or a least it is to me! There is the beauty of the people, their rich culture, past history accomplishments in art and its reconstruction after the terrible wars. Then there is the darkness, the suppression, the control and lost of freedom that they have suffered.

Yet, the greatest thing I have learned from the beautiful people there, and from people everywhere, is that creativity is a means to reconstruct happiness! Remember when you where a child and spent hours creating stories, crayon pictures, paintings, dirt roads for our matchbox cars, Lego buildings and even worlds! We were happy in our creativity!

In creativity  there is no contrast, rather blending of past and present, present and future, destruction and construction, even darkness and light. Because darkness though it may appear to be complete,  we see the Light when we turn towards it.

We turn towards Light and Love. The act of  being creative is beautiful because the mind of the creator is beautiful. And beauty is a quality of Love.

Mind and Love creates beautiful thoughts, ideas, emotions, behaviors and physical manifestations! And, through the Law of Attraction we create our reality – we create our happiness!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


What They’re Not Telling, Part 1


Life Soul Statements

When newborns come into this world you can see a certain look in their eyes. Newborns always look wise to me, like they know something they’re not telling. Although they are not talking, they make a lot of big, deep Soul statements. They are great teachers for us if we choose to understand and read their analogy. 

newborn soul quality of life, patrisyu

Creative Life 

Newborns bring out the best in most of us because their very presence draws out love from within us. They create an opportunity for us to know unconditional love. And, that is a great gift because knowing that we are capable of unconditional love is something we can express as compassion to help heal our self and the world.

Yet their most obvious (though often overlooked) gifts are the simplest demonstrations of creative Life that are soul statements. Those soul statements remind us of our own soul gifts:

  • A newborn’s very presence is a great gift of Divine Creative Life. Creativity is a quality of the Eternal and our Soul and newborns are a living example of our own gift of creativity. 

When I was young I was very creative and it made me happy to create drawings and wonderful dirt roadways for my matchbox cars. As we age we tend to forget the joys of creativity which has effected the quantity and quality of our happiness and overall condition.

Consider infusing some type of constructive creativity in your life, even if it is making dirt roads for your kids matchbox cars to increase your happiness! 

  • A newborn may not be able to tell us what life is all about, but we can see it in their analogy. A newborn’s purpose is simply to live. They are making the most of their life in the moment, doing the right thing in the moment.

They are Powerful force in the Universe and as harmonious Souls help strengthen the goodwill and movement for cooperation in this world! Even if their life is very short, and it sometime happens, it has purpose. One purpose may be to help us remember how precious life is, to be grateful and make the best time of it.

Consider infusing gratitude in your consciousness and being aware of this very moment to center yourself in your soul! 

  • Newborns scream enthusiasm, especially at their first breath. That thirst for life is a powerful emotion that empowers newborns to continue to live and progress. It comes from their heart and soul. Positive enthusiasm is an emotional boost which draws positive energy into their reality to better their condition. It’s true for us too. Enthusiasm lifts our spirits and that energy enriches our life. It draws more positive conditions into our reality through the Law of Attraction!

Consider infusing constructive enthusiasm in your realization to boost your positive energy!

That’s what life is all about in those first few moments and all the moments after: to simply live in the moment, to take life seriously, and to take responsibility for life facing it with enthusiasm. 

Yet, there’s more to life than seen in those first few moments of a newborn and for us too because life is license for transformation!

For more insights about the Soul’s creative quality of: LIFE

In the hope you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Next week we will look at the Mind qualities expressed by newborns, Soul to Soul! Until then, consider this quote to reflect upon:


Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 21.