You created this moment

water lilly blue You have created

Each of us are in a personal transformation process of discovering and revealing our Real Self and soul. We are in a creative process – we create our reality  which is a reflection of our original spiritual power of creativity. But we repress  or deny that power of creativity or use it to cause us to be distracted or to misdirect it in negative creations and self-images that cause us to suffer.

We believe we are not smart enough, rich enough, thin enough, fit enough, witty enough, beautiful enough, educated enough. We feel lonely, depressed, worried, left out. Thinking and believing false assumptions until they become our self-concept and identity. We can feel justified for jealousy, hatred, and even take offense against others. These are our creations that cause us to suffer. 

We will reap the effects of our thought, emotions and actions – and it will manifest in our life.

Create your happiness

We create a more harmonious, happy life with positive energy – positive thoughts, emotions, and of course, behaviors and actions. It all starts with our attitude!

Here are some simple ways to create a happier life for yourself, which will touch others also: 

  1. Approach everything as being an opportunity to grow and learn the lesson of love, even during the most trying of times. 

  2. Be conscious and mindful of the watcher of the thinker! Detach from negative thoughts and emotions. 

  3. Be grateful for your opportunity of life and to have come this far.

  4. Listen to your intuition and follow through on the guidance.

  5. Express goodwill, kindness, caring and love from the tenderness of your heart to everyone, including yourself. 

  6. Contact Universal Life Energy to energize and harmonize yourself.

  7. Mentally and emotionally connect to the Eternal with Declarations of Truth just before falling asleep. I am statements like: I am One with the Absolute, All Power, All Wisdom, All Truth, All Love and All Beings.  

  8. Daily practice spiritual exercises, such as, Relaxation and Silence, meditation. 

  9. Create something everyday – like when you were happy and in the moment creating as a child – art, cooking, writing, imaginative beauty – the ways are unlimited! Listen to your Higher Self.

  10. Smile!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Photo taken in Thailand

“Everything in Life is important.”            Eugene Fersen 

5 thoughts on “You created this moment

  1. Love it ! Thank you for sharing such a valuable positive self development which is would able lead to the success of Happiness.

  2. Remember as long as we continue to long for something, then that is where we stay – in perpetual longing. When we repeatedly return to tears we can become stuck there. We can wonder why we limit ourselves, yet we make progress when we create positive opportunities for ourselves.

    Everyday we should recognize something more and more positive about ourselves. Everyday take a step in creating our happiness (garden of flowers). We start with little things and be grateful.

    And, every time we failed, or spent time in doubt and tears, yet if we have learned something – we can be grateful. Our strength is revealed when we get up and continue on our journey.

    To dare and do takes strength of character – and that strength is within each of us. Light and Love to You, PortiaSLB

  3. thank you for tapping into my palette…and pointing out the colors on my canvas…how I’ve chosen to express my soul’s reflection… When I reflect, I wonder why I chose to limit my desires, deny my own voice, and then I feel my friends return, the tears. It’s been that way, but…it’s been out of my heart’s direction…I have given my all to my family and friends…and sincerely long for a rebirth in me, not to dismiss anyone, but to blush into my own garden of flowers.
    Blessings Portia.

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