What’s in your name?

names on back of living leaf

Personal human names are interesting. When we’re born someone else gives us our name. With that name comes the frequency that is carried with it through association. It is a ‘me’ identity rather than an individual ‘I’ identity – the essence of our soul. It’s a clumsy means of identity, yet it is important for us in our human life.

Our names carry some weight in our life because of the thoughts, emotions, memories, traits associated with that name. And, on a deeper level there is a frequency and meaning associated with our name – a potential for us.

We’ve probably had many, many different names over many different lifetimes. And, even in this lifetime you may have been known by different names – nickname as a baby, a child, a sweetheart, partner, even behind your back that you don’t consciously know about! Yet, it is our legal name that holds the most potential for our karma in this lifetime. 

Even if it is a family name passed down it still has some like frequency to match the soul to be incarnated. And, it gets more interesting when we change our name, not only through marriage as for a female, but also when we consciously choose a name for ourselves, and how our perspective can change over the years as we grow and mature mentally. 

For example, the names on the photo above, that were written on the back of a paper plant in the jungle. The English name Carol, short for Caroline (means ‘song’) is a feminine form of Charles (Latin form Carolus) which means manly, strong. The name Curtis originally meant ‘courteous’ in Old French. The name Sundi means ‘goodness’ or ‘obedient.’ 

My name is Portia – a name my mother picked for me. She said she was reading Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. There was also a radio show called, Portia Faces Life. In Latin Portia means an offering. Plus, the numerology of this combination of letters has a #7 frequency, which has a potential for directing attention to higher law. The meaning of the name and the frequency fits my personality and potential as a soul.  

Consider your name, especially the name you most frequency are called or your legal first name, and look up the meanings if you don’t know them already to get an indication of potential and connotations. It may give you some insight. Even if you or others do not consciously know the meaning or frequency of your name, it still has a subtle influence.

REMEMBER that of course, as souls we have free will and we change our frequency and our reality through our choices!  

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Photo: in the jungles of Panama

“Everything in Life is important.”  

Eugene Fersen, author of Science of Being.

3 thoughts on “What’s in your name?

  1. This is so interesting to me,,,I Have always had a facination with people, animal’s and names of everything else. I recognized as a young kid that certain names I didn’t like at all, especially names of people who I’d had something wrong happen,,,,I found I never liked people who had this or that name from then on,,,,now that I’m older I’ve learned to give people a chance instead of disliking them right off the bat! Lol,,,,I’ve always liked my own given name, I’ve been told my Dad wanted to name me “April Dawn” which I did not like at all when I was old enough to grasp this,,,,I knew a mean girl in school named this! I think everyone experiences this in there life!
    I understand deeper now the vibration, energy and power that backs up a name,,,,
    It’s very interesting what we are given at birth as our name and what we understand Spiritualy
    what our name is or we choose it to be! There is power in the Word,,,”In the Begining was The Word and The Word was God”,,,,
    Love this and all Inspiration You share PortiaLB
    Always Love, MelissaLB

  2. Greetings dear! Our highest calling is to serve – that is to help ourselves to achieve freedom from the ego. And, there are so many ways to go about it! We each need to make our own efforts to release subconscious traits of negativity – no one else can do it for us!

    From another explanation of your name is ‘victory for the people’ – so victory for yourself also! You have that potential for yourself. And, Emily as a desire is ‘to excel!’ Those are quick reference lookups!

    And, with the help of the Great Principle we will achieve and we are achieving our freedom in this very moment!

    Light and Love to You dear, PortiaSLB

  3. Deep sigh…I could ramble on about this but will to bow out as it carries some irrelevant sadness…maybe irrelevant now…but suffice it to say…my favorite and suiting story is that Nicoleta is a derivative of St. Nicholas, and he was a generous king…made saint…
    I have been a giver. That has been my calling card. At my age, looking back, I see how it has always been a great desire of mine to give people what they wanted and/or needed. In that respect, I am happy enough with my first name. If I could choose a name for myself, I think I would choose…Emily…:-)

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