Firey Sunset 2
Though we are far apart
I see the Light in You;
we are close in heart,
we are close in love.

And though we may not speak
I hear your euphoric voice;
the heart that rings True Love,
bringing joy and peace, equipoise.

Though we may not touch
I feel your affectionate embrace;
fear and pride, put aside insomuch
heart to mind, mind to heart does interface.

Though we may not commune physically
I smell the sweet fragrance of your essence
I taste your truth and beauty metaphysically
I sense your rapturous luminescence.

You facilitate individuality and personality intercourse.
Softy joined together the heart of mind thereof;
You are power and force
You are Unconditional Love.

In the hope You find Unconditional Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

…every affection, every fervent emotion, every loving thought, word, look or deed—all these loves, be it the love which makes worlds vibrate, or the little unconscious love of two chemicals, put in the presence of one another and combining because they are mutually attracted—loves small and great, conscious or unconscious, sublime or low, taken together into One Great Whole, make THE ONE INFINITE UNIVERSAL LOVE FOR WHICH NOTHING IS TOO GREAT.

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being.



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