The Heart Tells

Red sunset

Layer upon layer of madness confronts me as I lay in life demands,
With corruption and hopelessness trammeling me without a voice to command.
Frightful dreams and memories tie me to illusions of contraband,
While fog and extreme pain blinds me as I struggle to consciously understand.

I quiet the thump, spark of light remand,
The heart of mind reminds me to hold still, withstand
Release fear, and embrace Love; heart expand.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

We help ourselves achieve some peace and happiness by being mindful in the moment. Hoping for happiness is happiness which is not yet achieved, yet we can have faith that the Great Principle is helping us through all Eternal Laws to evolve into our natural harmonious condition.

Consider this quote for reflection:

“Being a Law and an eternal one, it is not only Hope that the Law of Evolution brings to us, but also the assurance that no matter what may happen, SUCCESS and TRIUMPH are ours eventually.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being.

Your thoughts are welcomed.  Remember your Higher Self never hesitates!

Photo 2016 taken while in flight

3 thoughts on “The Heart Tells

  1. Beautiful!!!! Thank You for helping me rise above the Fray! Your inspiration helps me know mine own!
    Always Love, MRLB

  2. Your poignant comment and message should be inscribed on the walls aside every entrance to all of life’s paths…so beautifully and clearly said…Thank you with all my heart…It just does bring a good amount of hope…even in the present. God bless you always my Friend…whoever you …wherever…you be…Portia…thank you.

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