Controlled Desperation

                                        Controlled disperation

Sђę wąş ųşęd̾ ţǫ ţįŋƴ ţђŗęąd̾ şђąƥįŋɠ, wǫŗŗƴ d̾ǫɭɭ making late into the night,
but the dolls did seem to forewarn of conditions, intertwined
shaping her happiness, which was sinking, confined.

She became conscious of conflict thinking –
tourists and trinkets and baby sleeping;
then concentrated on those that made her life feel right.

She closed her eyes and brought her hand to rest upon her heart,
trying to hold the moment there for safekeeping,
evoking her thought of love and labor to gratefully reunite.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

We all have challenges in life. And, amazingly these are conditions we created for ourselves as opportunities to advance our understanding and remember unconditional Love.

As related to this quote to consider for reflection:

“Why do some individuals come to the Earth to suffer and others to enjoy? If for some reason they could not get all they deserved for their good or evil deeds in one incarnation, in one life on Earth, then they must come back to this plane again in order to get it in another life. In other words, they come to this Earth as children go to school; it is indeed the School of Life, where all lessons must be learned and all mistakes corrected. Then only are we ready for some higher and greater work. This explanation is the only logical one which completely does away with that seeming injustice in the destiny of human beings. In any case, it certainly is more acceptable than the theory of eternal bliss and eternal punishment.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being


Photo: at the market in Antiqua, Guatemala 2015

4 thoughts on “Controlled Desperation

  1. Thank You Love for sharing your experience. It helps me to understand more through your experience and others too.

    And, I agree that reincarnation makes sense and I am grateful. Reincarnation gives us a chance to ascend over time through our own efforts and with the help of the Great Principle. Time is a human experience, yet the soul is timeless – so the new human brain and body forgets while the soul learns and grows in depth of understanding, creating conditions in our human life to remember the essence of who we are. Somehow, we as souls forgot our own essence of love, we mentally fell and forgot. Through reincarnations as humans we have the opportunity to create conditions to help us remember.

    And each soul creates unique experiences for improving their own unique character! Light and Love to You Sister, and thank You again, PortiaSLB

  2. I too so Love this inspiration! Things have happened in my life that have been really hard to handle. When I found Science of Being in my teens, this understanding of reincarnation helped make sense of it all. It helped me understand why bad things happen to good people! This is the only thing I have found that makes complete sense of it all.

    It also helps people to show their Love for another; to help people when they can and all is tied together to help everyone grow in their Character and find peace in what seems to be such a chaotic harsh world.

    Thank you Love for sharing your Great Character through Poems and Inspirations and Life Lessons. I get so much more out of everyone that you share, so much so that I can’t find the right words to express! But please know I am grateful always!!!!
    Always Love, MelissaLB

  3. I am happy to read the Controlled Desperation poem by Portia coupled wit Eugene Fersen’s insight because I understand both and because I totally agree with recognition that we are somehow placed on this magnificent planet for time to learn. I think that as we learn we also teach because we are after all a part of all that matters in the lives of all who are near us, The Course in Miracles aptly says to “remember when we meet anyone, it is a holy encounter…” Our circumstances are vastly diverse, and we all feel emotions. I love the poem by Portia because I can honestly relate to that moment when one mindfully stops to be graced with peace in the midst of chaos.
    Blessings…and thank you for sharing…

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