A Mindful Contact

nTree Tunnel relaxation

There are two simple exercises that are essential before meditation. And, they have important benefits when preformed independent of meditation.

Relaxation and Silence only takes a few minutes a day  to get a glimpse into your own mind and it’s nature. You can become conscious of vaster areas of mind, quiet the mental, monkey chatter and refresh your body.  

We are usually caught up in the daydream of the ego during our day at work or home. Yet, in  these exercise you can release the daily worries and stress. You become conscious of the mental chatter, the urges and desires of the subconscious, the reasoning and logic of the consciousness and the calm, peaceful guidance of the Superconsciousness. You quiet the mind and release the ego.  

Some have described the Silence as experiencing “nothing” or “zero.” And, you may not recognize it until after coming out of it. Your consciousness becomes open, clear and fresh. Before you is the vastness of possibilities without expectations and you become mindful, in the moment. 

A big bonus is that in this open physical and mental state you may become conscious of the influx of Universal Life Energy, the first manifestation of the Absolute! It is an influx that is always occurring, yet when we are conscious of it then the more more good it can do for us.

We unconsciously use Universal Life Energy to create our reality – and in a subconscious, negative emotional state then that creation will attract more negative energy. Yet, when we are conscious of Life Energy then we can contact it to help us attract more positive energy in our endeavors and quest to create a stronger, healthier, happier life. 

For more information how to preform these simple exercises: Relaxation and Silence

“The two exercises to be acquired by you first are Relaxation and Silence, without which no other exercise can be properly performed. Only when the body and mind are completely relaxed can you get what is called a real rest, for only then are you in the most ideally receptive condition. All the gates of your body and mind are then opened to the inflow of the supreme Universal Power called Life Energy.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being 27 Lessons, page 15



2 thoughts on “A Mindful Contact

  1. I read the post carefully and twice…Thank you though even thank you is short of my gratitude…I know I needed this reminder…

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