Listening as instrument for egolessness: Listening, Part 4

tropical beauty refined

We’ve grown to the point of consciousness enough to know that so much of the time we are dominated by the ego – by the negative traits of the ego that causes us to suffer. Now we have this deep desire to grow and consciously create our happiness with good causes. Yet, we feel we still need help to understand why we continue to experience troubles and fall once again into negative emotions.

Why listen to wisdom teachings

Reading wisdom books, listening to the teachers, listening to a master has the purpose to remind us of what we already know. We’ve just forgotten. We are reminded to listen and be more conscious of our Higher Self and our own inner guidance. 

We have become so out of touch that we feel that we must seek spiritual ‘authorities’ to help us. The truth is we don’t need wisdom teachings to connect with our True Self because it is something we already are. No authority or clergy is needed in-between you and your Higher Self. Unfortunately, we are conditioned to believe that is true.  

The teachings, teachers, or clergy are not to be believed, blindly followed or even assumed as true. In fact beliefs can instead energize the ego to keep us enslaved and frozen in a fixed idea. Rather we are to work to experience Truth for ourselves; to know the Truth.

I am grateful for wisdom teachings and teachers because they can and do lead the way, yet we are the only one that can remember and reconnect with our Inner Self. And, the more we do so repeatedly the more we become conscious of I am. 

We may not understand the teachings the first time we’ve heard or read it. Yet, there may be a time in listening that it awakens us to our Higher Self and we do understand. I’ve had some of my wisdom books, Science of Being, for over 35 years and I always am inspired when I read passages from it again. That is why there is power in reading and listening!

We get caught up and lost in our human life. Truth is Law, ubiquitous and eternal. And, Truth in spiritual teachings will strike a chord, which may feel like a deep desire to return home. Or it may be like a bell going off in our head or heart, and it rings true to us. Listen. It is your Higher Self and soul. Ringing Truth to awaken us. This has happened to me and it may have to You also. 

Truth opens us to unconditional Love. And, as we do we are also able to release negative thoughts and emotions. And, we begin to create a positive reality with positive energy. 

Wisdom Tools

Wisdom teachings remind us to be conscious, mindful, respectful, grateful and loving.

Listening to our Higher Self and wisdom teachings, reflection, mindfulness, Silence and meditation. These are your, our, Wisdom Tools! Then we must Act harmoniously within Universal Laws. And, be lead by unconditional Love. We are letting the ego die. Creating a egoless life. A spiritually driven life. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

tropical beauty refined listening

photo: taken in Thailand

“The Great Law is never absent and never idle on this Earth or elsewhere. It is continually seeking new channels for Its expression, new mouths to carry Its Message to suffering Humankind. It speaks through the lips of Leaders of men, through scientific discoveries, through better laws, artistic achievement, the living word and the printed page.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 406.



6 thoughts on “Listening as instrument for egolessness: Listening, Part 4

  1. A similar thing happened to me – I sat in church, sang in the choir all the while still feeling out of place in the messages. Even with other studies something was missing. Not until studying Science of Being did it feel right to me. I’m a scientist at heart! And, the wisdom rings true and more, and more is revealed to me. That is I recognize more of the wisdom as true; I understand I experience it!
    Thank You Love for sharing your experience. With Light and Love to You and all humanity, PortisSLB

  2. I am so grateful for your inspiration! It helps me remember what is True in our lives. I know this to be true within mine own self! Grateful I am to be able to understand and to have found Science of Being this life time. I searched in my youngest life for something true about God and what my relationship to him was, but nothing fit until I found Science of Being and I knew immediately it was right and it’s where I had to be. You are so right about always finding something new to help us know and remember our purpose here and Now on pages I have read a hundred times! It’s a joy not a let down, I crave it like its nourishment and in reality it is spiritual growth to know more about our real selves!
    I Thank You Friend, Sister and Love,
    Always Love, MelissaLB

  3. So True dear. I am so grateful for the Great Teachers and the Wisdom teachings because so many of us don’t even know that we are out of touch with our Inner Core and the Source! And, they can help us be aware that the ego keeps us lost in our human world without feeding our soul. Light and Love to You, PortiaSLB

  4. We cannot begin to imagine all the different settings all over the world where each of one stands, and yet, here, we are in a circle of searchers of the point deep within each one of us. We are united in this point. We seek our unique center and realize perhaps for the first time that we are after all, a whole being apart and a part of the love of harmony and unity of spirit. That Holy center is the point. Thank you, Portia.

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