What They’re Not Telling, Part 1


Life Soul Statements

When newborns come into this world you can see a certain look in their eyes. Newborns always look wise to me, like they know something they’re not telling. Although they are not talking, they make a lot of big, deep Soul statements. They are great teachers for us if we choose to understand and read their analogy. 

newborn soul quality of life
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Creative Life 

Newborns bring out the best in most of us because their very presence draws out love from within us. They create an opportunity for us to know unconditional love. And, that is a great gift because knowing that we are capable of unconditional love is something we can express as compassion to help heal our self and the world.

Yet their most obvious (though often overlooked) gifts are the simplest demonstrations of creative Life that are soul statements. Those soul statements remind us of our own soul gifts:

  • A newborn’s very presence is a great gift of Divine Creative Life. Creativity is a quality of the Eternal and our Soul and newborns are a living example of our own gift of creativity. 

When I was young I was very creative and it made me happy to create drawings and wonderful dirt roadways for my matchbox cars. As we age we tend to forget the joys of creativity which has effected the quantity and quality of our happiness and overall condition.

Consider infusing some type of constructive creativity in your life, even if it is making dirt roads for your kids matchbox cars to increase your happiness! 

  • A newborn may not be able to tell us what life is all about, but we can see it in their analogy. A newborn’s purpose is simply to live. They are making the most of their life in the moment, doing the right thing in the moment.

They are Powerful force in the Universe and as harmonious Souls help strengthen the goodwill and movement for cooperation in this world! Even if their life is very short, and it sometime happens, it has purpose. One purpose may be to help us remember how precious life is, to be grateful and make the best time of it.

Consider infusing gratitude in your consciousness and being aware of this very moment to center yourself in your soul! 

  • Newborns scream enthusiasm, especially at their first breath. That thirst for life is a powerful emotion that empowers newborns to continue to live and progress. It comes from their heart and soul. Positive enthusiasm is an emotional boost which draws positive energy into their reality to better their condition. It’s true for us too. Enthusiasm lifts our spirits and that energy enriches our life. It draws more positive conditions into our reality through the Law of Attraction!

Consider infusing constructive enthusiasm in your realization to boost your positive energy!

That’s what life is all about in those first few moments and all the moments after: to simply live in the moment, to take life seriously, and to take responsibility for life facing it with enthusiasm. 

Yet, there’s more to life than seen in those first few moments of a newborn and for us too because life is license for transformation!

For more insights about the Soul’s creative quality of: LIFE

In the hope you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Next week we will look at the Mind qualities expressed by newborns, Soul to Soul! Until then, consider this quote to reflect upon:


Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 21.


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