The Power to Create – A Key to Happiness


Power to create

Russia can be considered a country of contrasts, or a least it is to me! There is the beauty of the people, their rich culture, past history accomplishments in art and its reconstruction after the terrible wars. Then there is the darkness, the suppression, the control and lost of freedom that they have suffered.

Yet, the greatest thing I have learned from the beautiful people there, and from people everywhere, is that creativity is a means to reconstruct happiness! Remember when you where a child and spent hours creating stories, crayon pictures, paintings, dirt roads for our matchbox cars, Lego buildings and even worlds! We were happy in our creativity!

In creativity  there is no contrast, rather blending of past and present, present and future, destruction and construction, even darkness and light. Because darkness though it may appear to be complete,  we see the Light when we turn towards it.

We turn towards Light and Love. The act of  being creative is beautiful because the mind of the creator is beautiful. And beauty is a quality of Love.

Mind and Love creates beautiful thoughts, ideas, emotions, behaviors and physical manifestations! And, through the Law of Attraction we create our reality – we create our happiness!

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


2 thoughts on “The Power to Create – A Key to Happiness

  1. This is so true, when I create something in sewing, I also meditate so easily, I am relaxed and through the activity of creating something beautiful I see and understand myself so easily! The time is well spent instead of waisted! Thank You for reminding me of this!

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