Mindful in Nature: Power of Listening, Part 3

The Trees Sing

The leaves stir, moved by a gentle breeze,

Listen! There’s a voice of silence in-between,

The trees sing, as the breeze weaves the stories.

We are inspired by beautiful sunsets and sunrises. We look up into the night sky at the moon, stars and Milk Way and are amazed at the beauty and wonder of it. We are getting a glimpse of the Infinite and it inspires us.

Communing with Nature

By being in nature, mindful and consciously aware we are communing with All that is, the Great All. We commune through vibration, Universal Life Energy, chi. Every cell, every fiber, every mental and emotional frequency of our being resonances with Universal Life Energy in nature and it harmonizes us. In nature we naturally synchronize with the earth energies, reestablishing balance between our auric field and earth energies. Our emotional and mental vibrations rises. We are feeding our soul. Healing ourselves. 

And as we  resonant, we can gain access to the wisdom in nature.  Nature has a silent voice. And, we can hear it when we are quiet inside, mindful, open and receptive. How much we can hear is a matter of our state of consciousness. 

Being quiet and mindful, we can get inspirations through our Higher Self. It may be a mental voice, colors, music, visions, or understanding. 

We are interconnected with all natural life in its many varied forms. We can feel the energy and the way it effects us. For example, different crystals have different vibrations and frequencies.

Hold different crystals in your hand or to your ‘third eye’ and feel the different frequencies, the way it makes you feel or how it opens a door to your awareness.

Meditate under a tree and you may gain access to the tree consciousness.

The stream babbles, has many experiences, and you can get an impression of them.

The spirit of the mountain speaks and has great wisdom that relates to us. Listen.

A natural life

We can learn much from nature. The mountains, seas, plants and animals are not burdened by beliefs, religions and superstitions that condition us and separate us. They live a more natural life and in harmony with earth. They benefit from the strength, wisdom and growth of each other. And, only until very near the end of their earthly cycle do they begin to decline in strength and beauty.

 Connecting with Nature

Nature is the very air we breathe. The warmth of sunshine on our face. The beating of our heart.

Everyday one of the first things I do in the morning, weather permitting, is to go outside and raise my hands, my head and mind to lookup within to the Universe and open myself to the Great Father and Mother Nature. I consciously contact Universal Life Energy and open myself to receive It, mindful and return it according to Universal Law.

We commune. I am grateful. Love is close at hand.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Your insights and inspirations are appreciated and can add to the meeting of minds!


Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 97.

Photos: beach in Curacao, jungle in Panama, Kow Yai mountain sunset in Thailand, the beauty of Alaska, orchids in Bangkok



5 thoughts on “Mindful in Nature: Power of Listening, Part 3

  1. Yes, heaven on earth is the message of Nature even in this present moment. The birds were singing beautifully this morning with that message too, Thank You for adding to that message! With Light and Love to You, Portia

  2. Many people are not capable of understanding what you are expressing here. I do. Keep on doing a good work here. It is SO needed. I thank you! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

  3. Nature’s voice is a constant reminder of our Creator at work through an everlasting love. Thank you for the post today because my personal struggle is to be strengthened by inner peace, to trust that I can survive the needed dutiful responsibilities of paying bills, and managing to help as many as possible live more comfortably, and realize love of all that surrounds us leads us to heaven on earth. To me, that is to succeed. However, fear is my enemy, and just now to be simply tuned to the sound of the birds singing, relieves the tension. I appreciate the reminder of weighing more on nature’s blessings to armor ourselves to live in peace on earth. Thank you my Friend Portia.

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