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Nature Lovers’ Awe!

Photo: Arabian Desert PSLB 2019 Greetings Nature lovers! I’ve found that the beauty of the Arabian Desert can surprise you! Having never been in such a sea of living and moving dunes of sand rich with life before it can … Continue reading

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Light upon the path – Morning Glory

Blue Beauty, star in the morning rising Trumpeting Life’s fascinating formation song, Imitating a despairing premature death by evening Agreeably Light upon the path again after dawn. ×××× As I was walking along the lake this little Lightbearer caught my eye. It shines so … Continue reading

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Mindful in Nature: Power of Listening, Part 3

The Trees Sing The leaves stir, moved by a gentle breeze, Listen! There’s a voice of silence in-between, The trees sing, as the breeze weaves the stories. We are inspired by beautiful sunsets and sunrises. We look up into the … Continue reading

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