Nature Lovers’ Awe!

Photo: Arabian Desert PSLB 2019

Greetings Nature lovers!

I’ve found that the beauty of the Arabian Desert can surprise you! Having never been in such a sea of living and moving dunes of sand rich with life before it can be very much be an unexpected surprise!

Nature often surprises us and inspires us into a state of awe. And that is a priceless gift.

Our hearts and mind become vibrationally coherent with Beauty as we recognize, appreciate and relate. Our Inner Beauty is drawn to the surface of our conscious recognition and we Love.

And conscious gratitude lifts us higher and closer to spiritual coherence with Source!

And this can happen anywhere in my experience. You can be in awe when you’re looking at the star filled night sky or in someone’s eyes. There may be surprises right around the corner! 

In the hope you experience awe in Nature and Life no matter where You are, PortiaSLB

“There is always a little gain on the side of the Positive, due to the continual operation of that eternal Helpmate of ours. We call it HOPE, as it always carries us beyond our own human selves, remains with us, sustains and uplifts us, when everything else seems to have deserted us. It is like the last string of that great Lyre called human Life, which, when the rest are broken, still strikes into our hearts new courage to continue the struggle to win our fight. Being a Law and an eternal one, it is not only Hope that the Law of Evolution brings to us, but also the assurance that no matter what may happen, SUCCESS and TRIUMP are ours eventually.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 169.

4 thoughts on “Nature Lovers’ Awe!

  1. Yes I’m on the move in many beautiful places like in the Arabian Desert of Arab Emirates, Oman and Jordon. Around beautiful people. I’ve met so many and feel so fortunate. And I too agree and feel that big ball of sun is God manifested and it’s wonderful to feel the warmth and Love. And I feel so fortunate to see God in You too Love. Looking forward to more.

  2. Are you in someplace beautiful?  Yes indeed, nature is to be enjoyed to the full.  Last evening, driving home, the big orange ball of the sun was shining through the trees whose leaves had fallen.  It was unbelievably beautiful.  I equate nature with God, the smells, the feeling, the sight, all so wonderful.  Love to you.

  3. Absolutely Lovely! Your Inspiration of this Beauty
    Is how I felt seeing your pictures. So Precious these Perfect expressions of nature. Doing what they’re supposed to be doing on time and in sync with Nature!
    Yes it gives us Hope to carry on as we are supposed to in the grand scheme of our own being!
    Love Always, MelissaLB

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