Tempted to go down a dark, dark hole – Empowering yourself amidst turmoil

Hoping happiness for others plays a vital role in our own happiness. But we can find it difficult to stay positive amidst turmoil in our life and in the world. Fretting and wanting things to be different can keep us in perpetual worry, fret and fear. Yet we can empower ourselves with some simple practices.

Taking a different path

Constant thinking about what we don’t want takes us down a dark hole. 

When I’m in that hole I can’t see or think anything positive. So the best course of action I’ve found is to be silent. Relax and be quiet. Quiet the thinking or focus on breathing.  This breaks the connection to the habitual patterns of subconscious conditioning. But if you realize you are thinking, just observe it without following familiar trails, returning to your breathing and  the present moment. Be the detached observer. 

That’s when you can see a choice that was not there before.

No one or any condition can make us worried, sad or mad unless we agree to it. This realization has stopped me in my tracks! We can choose another path.

We may not have control over people or situations, but we may be able to remove ourselves from those energies that do not lift us. And we can control our own minds. Once you realize this then you can set yourself on a positive trajectory.

Something else happens

To the constant thinker being silent sounds counterproductive, yet being silent frees us to lift our consciousness.

This is when something else happens. Without the influence of the past or desires of the future, in other words without the influence of subconscious worry trails and programming that have been established through habit and unconscious programming, you can ignite the courage to liberate love and tenderness from your heart. This is so freeing in my experience.

When circumstances are not necessarily in sync

Tenderness may express and surface to your consciousness as calm gratitude. Mentally focusing on those things that you are grateful for activates the Law of Attraction, attracting more reasons for your happiness. The more gratitude that surfaces, the more likely you will experience harmony within. Love instead of fear within which has always been there.

Even when physical circumstances are not necessarily in sync with the calm and tenderness you experience within, you are empowering yourself and co-creating reality through the Law of Attraction. With love, consideration and caring as vital parts of your motivation, you are better able to co-create a happier reality. 

Any act of constructive creativity makes us a bit happier! And we can remove ourselves from stressful conditions if circumstances permit it. Turn off media. Be in nature. Do acts of kindness. And Live a Conscious Heart. 

The Light of Truth

Sure there may be times, in moments of doubt, that we feel like succumbing to feeling like crap again. Yet that contrast points to an opportunity! It’s an opportunity to recognize your Inner Strength and that the temptation to fall in a dark hole is a temporary illusion and let it go.

Grab hold of uplifting visions and contact Universal Life Energy. Be in the present moment, trusting that you are part of something greater than yourself. You are One with Source; have Faith and Trust in that.

Lightbearers even though we are consciously on our spiritual journey we may stumble amidst challenges. Consider: Creating strength & happiness when things go wrong

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“To go down fighting, with fire in the blood and victory in the heart, only to rise anew, is never a failure, even though your immediate object may have escaped your grasp. You step to supremacy over disaster and success alike, but as the disasters pry open your inner channels for tapping your Soul powers, failures will become less and less frequent.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 287. 

2 thoughts on “Tempted to go down a dark, dark hole – Empowering yourself amidst turmoil

  1. Bingo! I have experienced this recently and absolutely came out the winner.
    By using the tools you have written here! Gratitude, And being silent helped raise
    My mind out of the cold subconscious.
    Thank you so much!

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