You are Appreciated!

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Photo: Panama, PSLB

Thank You for your support in our spiritual journey together. I am grateful for the opportunity to share the Wisdom in Science of Being. 

There is now another site where I am sharing companion lessons for the 27 Lessons in Science of Being for those of you that are looking for structured unfoldment. You can use the link above to get to that sitesince it is not open to search engines.

Through these posts we have had many adventures over the past 6 years. And, I hope we can continue. If you are new to Science a Being or any of the related sites ….. Welcome! 

I hope you can find some informative and inspiring posts and I encourage you to share your thoughts. Every comment, every thought, every emotion has an effect. 

We are here to help each other to know ourselves and by truly knowing ourselves we come to know the essence of All.

You are appreciated!  Thank You! 

Most of all I am grateful for the Eternal that supports all of humanity. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

“When our Higher Self is overshadowing us, we never hesitate to do a thing, and we do it immediately.”

Eugene Fersen, Friend of Humanity, Spiritual Teacher and founder of Science of Being

About Science of Being

Science of Being is the science of your being and reveals the means and methods to manifest success in the physical world and contact the source of All Power. It is a harmonious blending of Wisdom and science that support and explain each other. And addresses the Big Questions like ‘Is there a God?’ and ‘How can I contact God?’ It is also practical in very realistic ways by helping you answer: ‘Why do I experience problems? How can I achieve happiness in my life now?’ ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is my purpose?’
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7 Responses to You are Appreciated!

  1. Thank You Love! And, so true!

  2. Pat N says:

    Thanks Portia!  The way this world is going, we need all the help we can find!  Love Patty

  3. MelissaLB says:

    That’s a great ?

    Up there above, about individual energy and the human ego, I think PortiaLB gave a good answer and can’t think of any better right now but I will work on it!

    Love Eugene Ferson’s intuition about the Higher Self and how it acts through us.

    My guidance and experience in knowing my own self is: When it is an impulsive feeling I’ve learned through trial and bad mistakes, it’s from the subconsciance! The Higher Self feels right. None of the going back and forth that the subconscious wrangles with; there is no see sawing with The Higher Self, it is positive and no problem to accomplish a task at hand; no procrastination!

    We constantly get the right answers and reminders from our higher selves! Our problem is to listen, become aware of how it feels to do the right thing at the right time!
    Always Love, MRLB

  4. Thank You! I am Grateful for You and your comments that also uplift me!
    We are here to help each other.
    Light and Love, Portia SLB

  5. MelissaLB says:

    I am Grateful for your expression of your Higher Self! I’m uplifted every time I read your inspiration of Science of Being! Thank You with all my heart!
    Love Always, MRLB

  6. Very interesting – I’ve been working on that very thing today! We are connected on all levels, but this is evident of mental and spiritual energy attraction.

    Let’s see if anyone else also has any explanations!

    Yet, the simple answer to me is we as an Individual soul, are an evloved and harmonious Spiritual Being. But, because of our mentally fall from Spiritual Awareness or Grace, in this human form we have forgotten our Real Self and come to believe it is who we really are! The human ego is the subconsciousness that has in it both positive and negative energies – but, we mostly believe low fregency energy, like we are lonely, we are sad, we are angry. We identify ourselves as that energy!
    Light and Love, Portia SLB

  7. Nicoleta Neagoy says:

    Thank you for the invitation…
    I appreciate communicating how my soul feels in this body…and am constantly hoping to emerge stronger, better, and smarter as they say…and ultimately be in total peace with all who surround me and the world at large…
    Can anyone out there explain individual energy and its relationship to ego ?…

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