A finite moment leads to the Infinite… a paradox


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By being in the moment and accepting the moment experience as it is in the present…..then we expand into the infinite Now. It seems a paradox.

Try an experiment. Focus on one thing, one moment at a time and consciously create happiness by thinking, intending, feeling those things you truly want.

For me it may be to be strong in health when I’m feeling weak. It may be feeling open and accepting when tempted to feel angry or impatient. I experience it and can release it, knowing it isn’t the Real Self and doesn’t benefit anyone. Then I can embrace uplifting feelings.

It may be feeling Loving towards all. To feel the warmth and tenderness in the heart that radiates to others and to the world. And this is being a conscious channel of Source. You expand from that emotion physically and mentally. Plus, you attract the same thing as you create in the moment with your thoughts, intentions and emotions.

The longer you hold your focus on uplifting emotions and realizations you expand into Infinite Consciousness. And by observing yourself in this state, you are creating a more stable awareness of your Inner Being.

Try the finite section experiment (taking things one at a time/bit by bit) and experience for yourself the freedom it brings … or perhaps you have already?

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“‘Like attract like’ is a Natural Law, functioning alike through the Physical, Mental and Emotional channels of the individual.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 343.


2 thoughts on “A finite moment leads to the Infinite… a paradox

  1. Love you always touch upon something I’m working on!That is doing my best to finish what I started without going in a hundred other directions before I finish the one thing I started! This may seem like a small thing but it’s important!

    Thanks to The Great Law, my Higher Self alerts me and I so far have caught my mistakes. So I’ve been staying alert and making myself concentrate and finish what I started! The coffee, the fur children etc…don’t get done any quicker by scattering my forces!
    It’s like two cars going to the same place and are in a hurry!

    One driver speeds and drives recklessly not obeying the Law! The other driver, drives intently but obeys the Law! They both get to their destination within seconds of each other, so it didn’t pay for the speeder. He just got there a few seconds faster than the safe Law abiding driver! The fast driver could have caused something terrible to happen!

    So it pays to keep our mind on finishing our task at hand! It makes us feel stronger knowing we finish what we started!

    There is so much more you’ve expressed here and I Love. Reading and understanding it within my own Mind and Heart!!!!
    Love Always,

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