The Secret to achieving love and happiness in your life

star exercise as Intution

Human Redefined

We can disregard the soul, but disregard the body and the body dies

 Mortal man, earthly death comes through the human mind

Humans not realized Man, the Laws of Life we cannot comprise

 Mortal to Immortal Man: deeper into Matter, Higher into Spirit, man redefined.

In Light and With Love, PortiaSLB


We like to know secrets – the inside story. We want to know the secret to attracting the things we want, love in our life and our happiness. Secrets are a human, mental concept which gives us a big clue to the secret for achieving our fulfillment and happiness.

Our mental condition determines our state of being, especially our happiness. But our mind is usually in an inconsiderate state of constant chatter. We also experience emotions like in fear, hatred, anxiety, worry, hurry – which feeds more busy thinking. 

Yet it is also through our thinking that we can find our happiness and fulfillment. An easy way to be more aware of your thinking and quiet the mental chatter is to bring your mental focus to be in your body now and breathe. Feel your presence in your body – that is being conscious and mindful of your soul and a vaster realm of mind beyond human mental chatter. It’s an amazing awareness of Being. And, a big bonus is that you get a glimpse of unconditional Love.

These glimpses of love calms and harmonizes our thinking. And as we awaken to being motivated by kindness, consideration, goodwill and caring, then we become conscious of experiencing love. And, through experience we come to know that we are more and more in a mental condition of love. And in that condition we find, we realize, that we are happy and fulfilling our life purpose.

Being lead by Love is the secret to our human refinement and purpose of life here on earth – it’s not a secret at all



Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 47.


12 thoughts on “The Secret to achieving love and happiness in your life

  1. I really loved this article. If we realise and remain connected with self. We can become Love!
    Loves from me

  2. Yes, Love it is all true from what I know, including about my name. Human names are odd to me, yet I understand that they are also important to us. A rose is known more than by its name.
    As we realize that the mental chatter and all the egotistic and painful emotions that feed it – that the chatter is not our identity then we become conscious of more… More to come from both of us and All… with the help of the Great Law. 🙂 Light and Love, Portia

  3. Well, your response is profound and new to me though I have thought of these things for so very long. I suppose the mind, if twin to love, must ultimately be responsible for searching out the peace, as in the one that “passeth all understanding…”…At my lowest moments, I searched for the peace. The stillness of mind serves peace…and love too. The mind’s chatter then must be due to an invasion of sorts…I don’t know…
    I did look for Portia in Shakespeare as i remembered it a bit…and found a lovely quote from the Merchant of Venice you should like, as it is not odd :
    The quality of mercy is not strain’d.
    It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
    Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
    It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.
    It’s actually lovely.

  4. We are attracted to ‘like’ energy, ‘like’ minded, ‘like’ qualities of love. And that is how communities are formed, including spiritual minded communities. We can help each other, inspire each other, support each other. A problem shared is a problem divided and conquered because it gives us an opportunity to be loving and be loved.

    Remember Love that we all suffer. We’re all human. We live and die a human life. We not understand Life and death, but that is the divine path that we have chosen to help us remember and live Love. Others can help us know that we are capable of love and are loved, but they don’t complete or fulfill us. We are the only ones that can do that. Thus, we must work at releasing the mental reasons for our suffering ourselves.

    We think of mind and love as two completely different things, even polar to each other. One of my spiritual Teachers always taught that pain is the teacher. We learn so much by realizing what not to do and we turn to what to do! We turn to love.

    Love is Gentle, Wise, Sincere and Compassionate. Divine Mind or the true nature of Mind is Strong, Intelligent, Principled and Harmonious. Mind and Love are like twins don’t you think?

    That name Portia is curious to me too! Odd!

  5. I struggle with the chatter of memories of places and moments that filled me…I never took any for granted, I just miss that place of joyful wonder…
    To recreate that space of fulfillment is a challenge…Maybe that is why I surf this site…to “band aid” the holes that ache…
    I just never thought of the mind as being love…though it is the mind that names love…
    Thank you for your response Portia…
    I am curious about your name…Portia…

  6. Yes, dear I agree. We like to think there are secrets because we do trust Love or the Eternal. We also think that the truth hurts, which is a lie. It is the door to Love. The emotion of Truth is sincerity which is so powerful that it liberates Love that has been sealed away from our awareness, by our human mind or ego.

    Our mind is a gift! It is also our problem. Yet, through mind we grow and harmonize because we consciously learn the lesson of Love. Both Divine Mind and Divine Love are qualities of our soul and the Eternal.

    Your love and awareness inspires me, and I am sure many others. Thank You.
    With Light and Love, Portia

  7. The fourth paragraph is the light of the discussion, and I sure appreciate your perspective.
    Secrets are no secret. Deeds reflect the reality of the soul’s complete essence. If the mind is as love is, then it must be the more fragile of the two. Many are veiled by the power of love, and live in chatters that create havoc to their own bodies and circles. Love remains as the greatest source and power of the universe…in spiritual and physical form…
    I believe we fool ourselves when we even just carry other people’s lies. The mind develops awareness best by recognizing the power in the truth…a place where secrets are alien to its integrity…

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