Human Redefined


We can disregard the soul, but disregard the body and the body dies

 Mortal man, earthly death comes through the human mind

Humans not realized Man, the Laws of Life we cannot comprise

 Mortal to Immortal Man: deeper into Matter, Higher into Spirit, man redefined.

In Light and With Love, PortiaSLB


Comments welcomed – what’s your take?

2 thoughts on “Human Redefined

  1. So true Nicoleta! It is in our human life that we learn the Truth of our soul and Spirit! That is the path we as souls have taken. Through our senses we experience and through our experiences we learn (mental qualities) and evolve with the help of the Great Principle. Thank You dear!

  2. I am in awe of our spiritual dignity. The body responds to our mind’s “mechanism” or meanderings as we grow in learning…It seems here too we come to gather and then give from our taking. I rest in peace knowing the vastness and greatness throughout is as wide and deep within, so long as we become AWARE. It is here where we see, where we hear, and where we feel the truth…
    Thank you.

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