You are the only one …

No one can

We reveal the beauty of our soul when we are sincere and open ourselves to the tenderness of our heart and love. When we see the good and beauty in others and think well of them, even when we see the negative too. When give of ourselves in service for our partners, our children, our parents, our friends and others. When we do acts of kindness. When we create works of encouragement and caring through our words, our actions and our constructions. When are truly grateful. When we are at peace. When we are present and are just being. 

We reveal the beauty of our soul unconsciously in every part of us, every minute cell of us. Yet, we normally are not conscious of that beauty, of love. We fear it, thinking it a weakness rather than strength. Yet…

The more you become conscious of your intent to be sincere, tender and loving, and practice that intent, the more you reveal your True Strength and Power. And, in that beauty comes your happiness and freedom.

No one else can do it for You.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Your human intelligence is that within you which must learn the lesson of love. You are saturated with Love, made up and sustained by It; Love is the Foundation on which you are based. But you must realize this, perceive it to be so, and by thought and action build up a superstructure of Love and Harmony on the very Foundation of Love which Nature gave you at birth.” 

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 394.

6 thoughts on “You are the only one …

  1. We must have Faith in that nothing put before us to do in this life is impossible! With the Eternal behind us, all things can be done! No matter who is against us. Those Great Teachers of the World wore a Crown of Thorns.

  2. Thank You dear for your insights and inspirations. Yes, True Love sustains us and protects us! It is the subconscious ego that is afraid of love and sees it as a weakness, when it is our strength and the beauty of our soul. Love, PortiaSLB

  3. So powerful! Thank You for reminding me of what we truly are – Lightbearers! Who know better the underlying of the subconscious level of the dark human emotions and work to know, see and feel the Higher Self of Light and Love, yet they are connected through our conscious awareness and knowing right from wrong. Love protects us always!

  4. Yes, I have also found that love is rejected by those whose paths are different, yet they still benefit as do we. In fact they may even attack us. And, there is a deep cause for this. As Givers, we are to also to remember that we are Receivers, as you say being replenished by the divine power of God. We may appear to be alone in the human field, yet we have the support not only of the Eternal, but also of all Givers, of All Lightbearers in the human realm and beyond. We are Receivers and we are united and one. Yes Love, let us feast together. Light and Love, PortiaSLB

  5. This is so true, but one must take into account that when all the services rendered out of pure love are either misinterpreted, criticized, or even pushed aside out of whatever limiting issues, the Giver is replenished by the divine power of God. Being human nonetheless, the Giver is “in the field” alone in this realm. I have given this subject matter a great deal of thought because I have “lived” the Giver’s life. Love is rejected by those whose paths are different. Love is then accepted merely for the conveniences provided. To have that ever flowing joyful love in this life, becomes a theory unless of course the souls unite to feast together.
    Well, here I go…I have a full day of service ahead 🙂

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