Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year to You and Your Family!


This year 2016 and every year, I hope for You Strength, Wisdom, and Love
that brings Peace, Joy and Fulfillment! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The Tone and Colors for the Coming Year

The ever-present now is the timeless conscious nature of I Am, but as humans we have also conditioned ourselves to be swayed by human dictates, including the human calendar.

According to the Gregorian calendar this is the year 2016, and it has a particular vibrational frequency which can give an indication of the character and potential of this year’s cyclical pattern.

2+0+1+6 = 9

Nine represents the end of a nine year cycle and a turning point. Next year will be a #1 year and the start of a new cycle according to numerology. This year signifies some fulfillment or attainment of the cyclic pattern we’ve been in.  It’s a year of reckoning for all that has passed.

The number 9 also represents Man on the evolutionary vibrational spiral. All Matter is the Manifestation of God, the Unmanifest, with Man being a Divine Soul in the Logos. So with this year being represented by #9 it will be focused on human group and world concepts. 


It may be a difficult turning point for us if we are unwilling to face our responsibility for the harshness and suffering in the world. Groups and governments have been trying to exert more power over the people, but the people have resisted, resulting in widespread emotional unrest. And, this will most likely continue this year.

But, some of the harshness can start to dissolve if we are willing to face our accumulated repository of intolerance. We’ve been stuck here for a very long time. We dream of tolerance and compassion in the world, but cling to self-righteousness and fear. So we must learn to detach, forgive and promote the brotherhood of mankind. We do have the opportunity to free our altruistic nature, to raise our consciousness and inspire the world to heal. 

This year’s #9 energy can help us recognize the Unity of Life
and Universal Brotherhood of Man.

With the winds of change in the air, it can mean more uncertainty. There may be a variety of events this year, with inexplicable and exciting opportunities in our life stream. This indicates we will have to be more innovative and improvise in uncertain times.

With all the unrest and a troubled global economy the drive for more meaning in our life will gather speed. We will generally devote more time to humanitarian causes and spirituality. 

Number nine, being a number of fulfillment, attracts success and money. But there are always yin and yang influences, and things can change very quickly.

Overall, towards the end of this year we can find some relief from all the emotional ups and downs, if we consciously endeavor for equanimity and finish up odds and ends. Gratitude for what we do have and allowing ourselves to enjoy life can help us turn things around. 

We have choices to make that can regenerate ourselves into
a refined, higher consciousness! 

It is time to plan ahead, to learn lessons and gain wisdom through our conscious experiences during our earthly sojourn.  And, if we willingly end this 9 year cycle with some understanding and tolerance for each other and Mother Earth, we can enter the next 9 year cycle with confidence in our ability for positive creativity.

May you find Light, Love and Peace this year and all the years to come!

 From PortiaSLB

and The Lightbearer Center

Here is something to inspire You to continue on your Spiritual Journey and quest for your soul! It does me!

GREAT SPIRIT  music video by Nahko

So Powerful!   Enjoy!

Nahko Bear Takes Singing From Your Core To A Whole New Level ~

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2016!

  1. Thank You Marina – I appreciate your thoughtfulness and sharing it. With the help of the Great Principle we will raise our consciousness a bit more help all humanity too. Light and Love, PortiaSLB

  2. Estoy de acuerdo por completo en todo lo expuesto. Gracias por la información.
    [I agree completely on the foregoing. Thanks for the information.]

  3. Thank you for all that you share with us…I am mindful of your message and feel its urgency to be centered in our best possible purpose. We serve what we can…I have and will continue…

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