Reflective Canvases for 2015

Thank You 

It has been an enlightening year for me and I hope it has for You too. 

 I am grateful for all of the help and inspirations I have received from many sources, including You, and for the support of the One Source.

With the help of the Great Law we will continue on our spiritual journey, in pursuit of revealing a bit more Light of our Soul everyday. 

I appreciate all the comments that You have made this year and hope You make more in the upcoming posts! It helps us all. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand this very moment and every moment,
Portia SLB    and    The Lightbearer Center

Reflective Canvases for 2015

newborn 1, patrisyu

Life is license for transformation!

Soul and Mind, Clare Bloomfield

Being self-conscious of unconditional Love and compassion is allowing an Enlightened Mind.

Newborns are very sincere. They are expressing their Soul.
Newborns are very sincere. They are expressing their Soul.,  David Castillo Dominici
“Truth never destroys anything. It is fundamentally a creative Power.
Today is Truth. Tomorrow is a belief in something. ”

aura of love, David Castillo Dominici

We spend most of our life unconscious of the best part of our self …


“We have that longing and yearning within us to go back to the Father, to the Absolute, and whenever we find a channel through which we can achieve that return to Him, a channel opened by Love, we are only too glad to use it, because it is the inmost desire of our heart, it is the love of our Soul.” 

Ascend egotistic status quo

release all thought

obtuse  space  time


                                                   effervescent illumination

allow Inward Soul                                     

                                   to be in control


Nature's Sunflowers

We live in constructed civilization, yet we are still surrounded by nature’s bounty …

A Dream

A Dream

Stone on my heart, heavy

A State of Mind

Even a novice photographer can capture the scenic beauty and power of Alaska on an iPad. And, there is more to it than meets the eye!

Alaska Reflection

Glacier Melt

The different states of water can be used to symbolize the different states of mind.

Foggy Alaska

We are capable of being Wise and Loving beyond measure, yet …

Cherry blossom cloud

In the Japanese tradition and art the cherry tree is symbolic of …

always been

Heart and Mind   reaches   for  ALL   that   Is

savage dog

Arrows Fly→→→

humanity and suffering

So Good at Heart, but Why Do We Suffer?

Recognizing the Driving Force and Root of Suffering

Negating Seeds of Suffering

Empowering Ourselves

Simple Mindful Methods to Alleviate What Pains Us

Freedom from Subconscious Enslavement

Drifting Desires

New desires drift in, some repeating.

Buttercup Gold

The kid inside
welcomes the bright
golden gift of love
and pure joy.

Reflections on Thai River

The calmer and more serene we are mentally and emotionally the better we are able to realize …

Enjoy the Moment

Gentle rose
Your beauty frees . . .

Shiny Bee

White flowers, bees wings, buzz does day glorify.


You are beautiful, kind smile, wise eyes that see the depth of here,

seashells with butt

All experiences, even ‘bad and ugly’ experiences have value.

Purple and White are Our Colors not our Heart

As beautiful as the pansies are the question remains, ‘What’s love got to do with it?


Dark, dark hole

It’s a dark, dark hole;
The center of our life
At one time


Joy's Flower

The important fact is…


dew grass refined

Harsh control of childhood-will,

Result – …



 Discrimination is considered a bad thing. But, is that true?


Karmic Effect becomes a cause for another cycle → Thought → …

Pink flower with dew refined 2

Source deep inside, drowns the heart, surfaces to windows of discerning


no evil 2

The ego likes to think we cannot see Light without darkness.


cafe 4

drinking sweet chai tea and waiting for You
I think of the lyrics and what they mean


Enjoy the Moment

Living a Conscious Heart

radiant heart 6

Consider consciously participating in the liberation of yourself with this powerful exercise.


clouds and horizon refined

Brave heart, inspiration, life’s quest for the soul does entreat.


helps the rest of us

St Petersburg, Russia mosaic

And in our heart we regret them and hope that harmony returns.


cat tail on lake refined

Nature’s sweet music not for ears, heralds Spirits of Light that interweave

silent cry 2

Silent cry, …

Between souls

what 6

We’ve all been there. Some people just have a knack for pissing us off!


do we purposefully create conflict in our life?

I am One

The origin from which we come

The Hots

It doesn’t really want to know why it’s that way.

Sunrise Bridge

Our behaviors dominated by feelings of love not only transforms us, but because of  …


Jungle Trail2

Their cry deepens then overwhelms

Power to create


Terrorists use religious and self-righteous claims as a means to unconsciously …

Don't blame me!

the butterfly wings beats definitely cause a real effect. The same is true of …

Fractal Nature of our World

beautiful lake with fence

“The seasons of our life are different units of life, and each …


If you are unconscious of emotional contagion …

emotions jump

Have you ever gotten drawn in to an emotional argument because you were the nearest one around? 

A walk in the park, Helsinki

We can live our life sleep walking not knowing how powerful a force we are in the world.

To Love 2


bee and butterfly

Where is our happiness?


rain3 animated

It’s a pattern with most of us. We see someone’s faults…


December Rose in repose

busy bees smooth

Okay, you may not like this entry, or at least the ego may not. It can sting.


Until the New Year’s entry consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Sincerity, which is a form of Truth, is a rare thing on Earth. It is Truth passing through the Door of Love.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 145.



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