See No Evil


no evil 2

The Law of Polarity is what we humanly conceive of as opposites, light and dark, yes and no, yet that is coming from the perspective of the subconscious ego. The ego likes to think we cannot see Light without darkness. Polarity is a Universal Law of blending, synchronization and Harmonization. We can help harmonize our thinking by mentally negating it and saying to ourselves, “opposites is the way the subconscious thinks. I don’t accept that. It is a harmonious law.”

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

4 thoughts on “See No Evil

  1. Logically Now is all that we actually live in, and if we are unconscious of it, then it is gone already. It’s past as we think about the future. Yet, Now is where we live and have our being.

    From experience, when we make the Spiritual contact we raise our consciousness and know we are Eternal in that moment and One with I AM. We are Now and beyond the dimension of time and physical space as humanly known.

    So how do we awaken from the human dream? How do we make the Spiritual Contact? With our free will we determined our present condition and we can work to refine ourselves by first, being conscious. Conscious of our thinking, emotions and actions. Then, by being conscious of letting Sincerity and Love lead us in our thinking, emotions and behaviors. This refines us, especially the mind. We awaken to the beauty of Now. The teachings of Science of Being is given to help us be independent thinkers and conscious of our authentic powers. When we care enough to meditate and connect with our Soul we are sincere which opens to Love. We remember the Spirit that we are and Trust the Great Principle.

    Hope this helps. Any thoughts, insights or inspirations?

    With Light and Love, Portia SLB

  2. Yes, it’s true we fear the dark because we fear the unknown which is an analogy that we fear the Unknown and do not trust the Great Principle! All is Light and we are smack in the middle of it! Thank you for your insights. Love and Light, Portia SLB

  3. Love this! How easy we forget! How many say they fear the darkness? When it’s just an illusion!
    Thank You!

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