It’s not only about sex; The Law of Gender you’ve probably never been conscious of, Part 1



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The Law of Gender can spark an emotional, sexual fire between us! But, incredibly most of us are unconscious of it also being instrumental in sparking mental fires within us …… making our ambitions and unconscious fears our reality. 

The deep purpose of genders

We each express both genders in our characters ….. male qualities of energy, intelligence and assertiveness ….. and female expressions of patience, gentleness and love. Of course, not all of us are balanced, but that’s why we have relationships. They’re essential to learn the lessons of complementary qualities.

We may appear that we are very attracted to the so called opposite sex ……. yet we are more attracted to the like mental/emotional gender! According the to Law of Attraction, like attracts like, and when we are attracted in relationships this is also true. We are attracted to like qualities, even though some of those qualities are latent within us. 

Genders of the human mind

Also known as the law of gestation, our male and female mental genders process and gestate thoughts and emotions, only to manifest in our life and reality over time.

We process stimuli and thoughts in the consciousness, male mental gender ….. and it enters the subconscious, female mental gender, gestates and grows. Eventually it returns to our consciousness, manifesting in our reality. More about this in a following entry, since this entry is for general information about the law. 

The male gender being consciousness or self-consciousness with which you process stimuli.  You learn, you reason, use logic and common sense. Self-consciousness is, “I think, therefore I am.” 

The mental female gender is the subconsciousness, below our conscious awareness. Thoughts and emotions enter the subconsciousness, multiply unnoticed only to return after gestation to the consciousness, grown and usually distorted.  Subconscious is, “Me and myself,” unconscious of the bigger picture.

The male gives, the female receives 

The female, subconsciousness gender is very fertile. It accepts and grows both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ thoughts and ideas without discrimination. This is how our ambitions, desires, supertitions and beliefs are conditioned in our personalities! 

As children our immature minds makes us very vulnerable to conditioning ….. the immature mind is naive. For example, if we are abused or told when we are a child we aren’t worth anything then that idea can grow in our subconscious as we grow into adults, crippling our self-image and how we relate to the world.

But,  if  we are raised in a supportive environment where mistakes are used as a teaching tool, then our self-confidence and poise can grow, enabling us to form constructive attitudes in life.

The boomerang effect 

Thoughts and ideas not only grow in the subconscious (female), they also attract like energies from the human mental collective. A concentrated thought in the subconscious also goes out into the world subconscious atmosphere, to circle and attract more of the same energies, only to boomerang and return to sender, increased. 

Fearful ideas of separation like “us versus them” can start as disrespect, but grow into hatred, and further gestate into mental protest, abuse or physical violence. Domestic violence starts with a fearful, hateful thought. So do political protests and wars. 

The Harmony of the Law of Gender

Every cell in your body is effected by your thoughts and emotions. A powerful emotion can be like an atomic explosion that ripples through you, changing the way you view the world and the way you create your reality.

The present moment is our greatest opportunity, because as we consciously only allow positive, uplifting emotions and thoughts, then we are building and attracting more of the same energies in our reality!

When you feel deep love you are a changed person. Love lifts your consciousness and you are attracting more harmonious energies. As love gestates in the subconsciousness it eventually returns to your consciousness and reality. You can become conscious of being loving ….. of being grateful for so many opportunities to express and feel love! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“No thought, no feeling, no action, good or evil, is ever lost. Soon or late it will come back.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 259.

An upcoming entry will give you tools to guard the entry to your subconscious. 

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Originally published 5/2016, revised and republished 11/2018, revised 12/2020

Your Destiny – 7 indications you are on the right path

Walking your destiny

#1 Things fall into place

Being conscious of being part of something greater than yourself, things fall into place. You listen to your intuitions and inspirations, knowing your Higher Self guides you.  

You feel expansion into more freedom, rather than clinging to a presumed safe, old self-image and habits. 

#2 You do whatever you do with passion

You find success in what you love to do. Not necessarily in society’s sense, but in the sense that you feel at peace and in harmony with body, mind and spirit. 

You are confident and fearless, feeling like you belong where you are. Rather than being a seeker, You already are the silent watcher within, integrating your inner world with your outer world. You have become conscious of the Divine Road you walk. 

#3 You learn from mistakes

If you make a mistake you get up and continue with an optimistic attitude. You are grateful for the wisdom to recognize a mistake and consider it an opportunity to reach up to that part of yourself that has chosen to learn from it.

You trust your connection to the Source, and if you face more challenges then you have insight to know that there is more to learn and experience. Or that you harbor doubt. You are Grateful for the compassion of the Source and unconditional Love.

 #4 You release traits that derail you

Passion brings to the surface all that you are: the good, the bad, the ugly and beautiful. You are conscious of how you create your reality with your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. 

Seeing the opportunity to release negative energy and potential causes, you do not deny feelings like anger or impatience. It would be something hanging over you from the past. The silent witness within goes beyond those identities and you are no longer fixed into them.

#5 You are in the moment 

Being in the moment, you silently listen and are aware.  You surrender in the moment; are free and true to yourSelf, sincere.  

You are not racing against the clock, nor wasting time procrastinating because there is always enough time according to your wants and needs.

#6 You co-create opportunities 

While paying attention to clues, you know that you must work, rely on yourself, body, mind and soul, to co-create with the Eternal a reality that is fulfilling and harmonious

You are conscious of the human mind being ruled by fate – the Law of Cause and Effect, Karma and you step forward with your best enthusiasm, intelligence, sincerity and love in what you do.  

At the same time, you know that in essence your destiny, through the workings of both the Law of Karma and the Law of Harmony, is the same – to evolve, to refine into finer and finer qualities into spiritual Harmony.

#7 You are committed to Love

You express love in your creative endeavors, which not only benefits you but also others.  And you are conscious of the unconditional Love and support of the Great Principle.

Being grateful for Love in your own life, you express your gratitude with goodwill and compassion for the world. You hope the best for others without expecting them to be the way you think they should be. In other words, you are nonjudgmental and love unconditionally.    

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Destiny never acts destructively. It is the Will of the Eternal. Fate does not violate this Law. It only interferes with men on Earth. No matter what wrong comes into our life, it is fate and not Destiny.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teaching in Science of Being, Voulume II, pp. 48-9.

Photos: PSLB  (Top photo – Key West, Florida August 2017)

4 essentials for creating harmony in your life

You enjoy a little disharmony. You get attention when you cry, when you are miserable, and the strategy of the subconscious ego is to get attention. The ego unconsciously makes you feel like you have to perform to get any attention. Any kind of love. You grumble, complain, shout, protest, declare war, have aches and pains. Drama pays! The subconscious ego desires happiness, but it is also neurotic, causing disharmony. 

This is an amazing thing to realize!

Disharmony in our life exists because of the Law of Harmony! When the subconscious ego hits against Harmony it creates an egotistical concept of disharmony and we suffer. 

My own experience is that we unconsciously cling to disharmony. Trauma from our childhood can still hurt our inner child even as an adult. We may not be conscious of that hurt, of how trauma effects our ego, but it will appear in painful emotions, negative attitudes and in unbalanced bodies. The Law of Harmony brings disharmony and pain to the surface of our consciousness. 

Your authentic self quests for Harmony

When things really get bad, a sincere person goes silent and asks why: Why do I suffer this pain and hurt? It is a turning point. You are beginning to become conscious, and quest to find the cause of disharmony and how to avoid it. This is how you find harmony. 

Balance these Four Square essentials for harmony

  1. Use your energy wisely. Relax. Tension and mental stress cause problems. Stop fighting, stop performing  and begin relaxing in the moment. Peace is your natural state and your soul qualities surface. And, consider contacting Universal Life Energy, the Force of the Universe and Great Principle to help you.
  2. Use your intelligence wisely. Try to understand yourself, the way your mind and ego works, the reason for disharmony. This will help you understand and relate to others. Practice silence, meditation, mindfulness to help you align with your Higher Self, your supersonciousness. Slowly, slowly as your silent quest for answers deepens so does your understanding. You may gain some insight and realize you create disharmony, but you also realize there is always an opportunity to align with harmony instead.  
  3. Use truth wisely. Work to be truthful. Do the right thing at the right time. Avoid disharmony. We hurt ourselves when we declare war. We are hitting against harmony; aligning with disharmony rather than harmony.  
  4. And, above all, use love wisely. Start simply. Express Love simply. Be decent. Take into consideration both yourself and others. We are all connected. Have goodwill towards others and hope the best for them. And, be consciously grateful for the little things and the big things in your life. This will help you build on your love.

The key to Harmony is Love

Lack of gratitude has a terrible impact on our life. It is an indication that mind has turned away from Love. Our thinking has gone cold. 

Yet, through Mind we return to Harmony. Mind is the leader here on earth, so when you are conscious of love in your thoughts, when you choose love, then the rest of you follows. Your attitudes, emotions and behaviors also express love. You are cooperating with harmony. You are being in harmony, aligning with Harmony.

Harmony is essential in all things 

Deep inside we all quest for Harmony and Love. And Harmony is always here to help you.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“We are not victims of disharmony, because disharmony would have taken good care of us. Devils are always pictured as taking good care of their fellow devils. Like protects like. What brought misery into the World? Not evil, but the Law of Harmony. Harmony is manifested in a world of disharmony. It is the worst enemy of those who are disharmonious.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume I, pages 93- 94.


 GIF animation by George Redhawk

Beautiful creatures

sit be quiet 

People are beautiful.

Sometimes I just sit and people watch. When we people watch we are looking at ourselves. 

People are beautiful, but we can also be so frighteningly ugly because we strive for external power in the world.

That unconscious desire and fear makes us do terrible things and causes us to suffer. Yet, if you look deep beyond the fear and emptiness, there is the beauty of the soul that is striving to express internal creative power of cohesion with everyone else and the universe.

How can that be true?

Even in the trouble we cause, the negative behaviors, the painful karma we create, we are in the process of unfolding our soul and our beauty. We may think – how can that be true in all that pain, suffering and ugliness?

We’ve created the subconscious ego that believes it rules the world. And, so we choose modes of learning in which we use negative energy, harmful energy, and thus create negative karma.

The Great Principle is eternally compassionate

We’ve fallen and think we can’t get up. We’ve lost conscious awareness of our soul. 

Yet, we are educating ourselves, and becoming more conscious of the Universal Laws. When we make a mistake it hurts and we think – perhaps we shouldn’t do that again! When I stumble and hurt, emotionally or physically, I always ask myself ‘why.’

Mentally we have separated ourselves from the Infinite and Source. That is a big mistake, yet not an eternal one. But, because of the Universal Laws, including the Law of Gender, time becomes a factor in our minds when we consider our spiritual journey back to full realization of who we are and unity with the Great All. 

Mentally we’ve turned away from Love and Beauty. When we think of other people as beautiful we are relating to the Eternal, the Source of Beauty. When we love, including human love for a partner, child or pet, we are expressing an awakening to unconditional Love and Love of the Eternal. 

We are harmonizing, healing ourselves.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Material beauty is the expression in Matter of a Spiritual Power.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 153.


See No Evil


no evil 2

The Law of Polarity is what we humanly conceive of as opposites, light and dark, yes and no, yet that is coming from the perspective of the subconscious ego. The ego likes to think we cannot see Light without darkness. Polarity is a Universal Law of blending, synchronization and Harmonization. We can help harmonize our thinking by mentally negating it and saying to ourselves, “opposites is the way the subconscious thinks. I don’t accept that. It is a harmonious law.”

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

What They’re Not Telling, Part 3

Soul Statement of Truth and Law

 Newborns can’t talk, but they display an amazing presence of Sincerity, Truth and Law. As adults we can be insincere, superficial, and deceitful. Have we forgotten what we knew as newborns? Infants have a lot to teach us Soul to Soul if we read their analogy.

Newborns are very sincere. They are expressing their Soul.
Newborns are very sincere, expressing their Soul Quality of Truth.,  David Castillo Dominici


Newborns bring Truth to the surface of their being; they are very sincere and honest. Plus, research is showing that babies as young as three months old know right from wrong as seen in the 60 Minutes clip below. The clip also offers that we incarnate carrying prestigious we’ve accumulated in the subconscious ego, yet there is hope through understanding of justice and love to rise above them. 


Newborns do cry and are impatient, but when they cry they are sincerely expressing physical issues. 


In a way we cry too, complain and are impatient when we experience problems. We are inclined to worry, doubt and fear our ability to harmonize them. We are reluctant to go to dark places within our self and see our mistakes, to feel them fully, then work to release them and start new positive causes. That takes courage.


Trust and Faith
Newborns are very courageous. They incarnated to earth physically helpless, demonstrating great trust and faith in the Eternal. As their caretakers, we carry a great hope for our newborns to grow, become adults and achieve all that they can. We encourage and bolster their growth. It is an analogy that says we also have within us trust and faith, but we doubt the Source. 

The Truth and Law of Our Soul
We are inherently sincere and courageous, but we get lost in the dream of the ego. We doubt our connection and the support of the Eternal. We prop up false images of our self trying to be what we perceive others expect us to be. In other words, we are inclined to be insincere and pretentious.

And, when it is a ‘little white lie’ we think it’s okay and even polite! Like when we say things to people we don’t really mean, but say them anyway trying to please them. 

We can be kind without lying. We can choose to look others in the eye and speak sincerely;  we can choose to say what we mean and mean what we say, keeping our promises. We can choose to be honest and law-abiding.

Through our choices we determine the path of our life; we create the vast majority of the conditions around us and within us.

Allowing Truth
You know how it feels when you sincerely express the truth; how liberating and freeing it is. That’s because you are releasing yourself from the chains of the subconscious ego. The Great Law encourages and assists our growth through all the Universal Laws that we live in. Truth frees us of egotistic traits and opens us to the tenderness, kindness and Love of our heart and soul, and thereby we create expansive, abundant, and happier conditions

In the hope you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

To read more about the Soul and Eternal quality of: Truth and Law.

To learn more ways to align with the Truth of who you are consider this 3 part study:  Releasing False Beliefs about Yourself

Next week we will continue this series with what newborns reveal about Soul Love, with the help of the Great Law. Until then consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Truth never destroys anything. It is fundamentally a creative Power. Today is Truth. Tomorrow is a belief in something. ”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, page 137.

Infants have morals as seen on 60 Minutes!