They Test our Patience!

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We’ve all been there. Some people just have a knack for pissing us off! There will be occasions at work, at home, or while we are standing somewhere, when someone triggers an uneasy feeling in us. It can get our dander up!

Until we consciously address fearful emotions they will continue to plague us making us anxious or hard. They become habitual, part of our personality and disposition.

And, we can lose a sense of our True Self.

So What Can We Do?
It’s a matter of mental regulation – recognizing that every unpleasant emotion is a spiritual opportunity and synchronicity, where nothing happens by chance. It’s an opportunity we have set up for ourselves to release the burdens of the subconscious ego and align with our True Self and Love.

Most of us are unaware that the real source of our uneasiness is from fear that is rooted in the subconscious. It can grow there unnoticed only to resurface sooner or later as contentious emotions like anger, apprehension, worry, and hatred causing us bigger problems, even physical illness.

How to Start
When you start to feel some uneasiness, be fully conscious in the moment. Pause your thinking, take a deep breath, relax and quiet the mental chatter; be still. Consider making the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy (Cosmic Energy, chi, prana, Life Force) to help you relax and refocus.

Be the ‘watcher of the thinker’ from a higher consciousness. Impersonally observe your body language, facial expressions, thoughts and attitude, drawing them into you and feeling them fully without harsh judgment.

Be courageous and very sincere in your examination. Sincerity opens our heart and mind to the inspiration of our Higher Self.

Keep in mind that people who challenge us emotionally are also on a spiritual journey, seeking ways to release the burden of the subconscious. Think of them as facilitators of spiritual synchronicity.

A Deeper Understanding
The reasoning, conscious mind can go only so far in understanding. That’s when we reach for inspiration from our Higher Self by asking questions of ourselves. Questions like:

  • Why am I feeling impatient?
  • Why is it so important to me that I am attached to it?
  • Am I coming from a place of fear or love in my heart?

If we recognize we are tempted by fear, we can let it pass us by, release it and choose another path – Love.

We will still move in our thinking and emotions, therefore, we can further abet release of the temptation by: 

  1. Opening ourselves to a positive emotion like gratitude. A positive emotion negates a negative one.
  2. Manifesting a positive emotion physically in our behavior with a smile, a kind word or stillness.
  3. Changing our body language which can help us move into a positive emotion. Moving can disperse hormonal chemicals like adrenaline. It can take up to 90 seconds ——— to disperse negative energy.
  4. Make a sincere effort to see the Divine. When we see the Divine in another we are also invoking the power to see the Divine within ourselves!

A thought of Love and connection to Harmony destroys negative thoughts within us and we will feel a relief. This frees us from fixed ideas about attack, retaliation, correction and other fearful defenses. 

When we choose Love we are transforming our thought process in our everyday life from fear to Love, thereby, breaking addictive, fearful patterns. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Consider this quote for reflection:

“The guidance of our Higher Self is the best way we can define our Destiny.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, page 47.

3 thoughts on “They Test our Patience!

  1. This made me think immediately of things and people who have pissed me off lately! Lol
    How silly! Is it worth all this drama of emotions? Heck no! My immediate inspiration was an answer Of how to harmonize this situation, and to remember that they have a right to be just the way they are! And my mistake was trying to dominate there problem, which I had no right to!
    This is a great learning tool you’ve shared! I will be working on this to go deeper in understanding!
    Thank you Always for helping me to grow in all aspects of my life! Love Love It!

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