The Seasons of Our Life


beautiful lake with fence

“The seasons of our life are different units of life, and each opportunity carries with itself the different seasons, they are indissolubly connected one with another. 
In the Summer there is opportunity to increase the creation; in the Fall there is opportunity to gather the creation, and in the Winter is the opportunity to spend properly that, which as be gathered. 
Now this is Life and how lovely and how interesting it is according to the Four Seasons.”    Eugene Fersen

I’ve been meditating a bit about life and death and am grateful that I have made it thus far in my life, age wise and experience wise, etc. I’m now more conscious of the seasons of my life having gained some perspective and insights. I am coming to the peace of feeling that death will be another step in life and a joyous time, with the help of the Great Principle.  

In the hope You find Love close at hand in every season of your life, Portia SLB


Your insights and comments are always welcome too!

4 thoughts on “The Seasons of Our Life

  1. Some how I missed this, and it is so True to me and how I see my own life! It took a while to understand that the so called bad that happened is what also gave me great strength! To survive!
    Thank You Love, for your inspirations,,,it helps me allot!

  2. We are born in gardens…we bloom slowly nonetheless…and beyond the sun’s warmth, our God knows our hearts…
    Parents plant the seed of us and even if we are to be abandoned, their leaves sprout in our growth…and there are those who cluster to bloom more profusely while others are plucked to be grounded afar…Families live together and apart…
    The ripples created by each one that falls carries the memories to shore…Each has a tale of joy and at least one of woe…
    We are who we become and then know we always were a living being surrounded by greater or lesser, more colorful, or paler, maybe with healing qualities, and/or with nourishing values…We search within to be without a total understanding of the Universe, but we still thrive…
    For me…God has been present…I had a knowing…an awe of a greatness I trust. The decades passed and I awake to read my life as I recall bits and all…
    I have surrendered to acceptance of all that is instead of all I dreamt, and I am at peace.
    My body has sheltered my heart while knowingly or unknowingly I made choices that taught me more than when I knew at the outcome…
    We are the same in many ways, yet so different in more ways. I long to be in the company of like-minded individuals to feel my offerings take wing…and no matter where or how, when I’m called to leave in soul awareness, I trust to be a part of God’s crystal clear truth…a solid me.

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