We are Linked!


Sunrise Bridge

As we become more and more conscious, awake and aware of being in the moment, the more we become aware of the temptations we face. In that moment we are given the opportunity to choose love or fear.

When we choose love, we will feel it in the tenderness of our heart and express it in our behavior as consideration, goodwill and caring.  

Our behaviors dominated by feelings of love not only transforms us, but because of our link to everyone and everything else it helps transform those near us, and indeed the world! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


“As we human beings are also members of the Great Family of Nature, we are endowed with the same faculty as the rest of Creation to contact Universal Lie Energy directly through our body and to use it whenever we need.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 22. 

2 thoughts on “We are Linked!

  1. Same here about the getting older insight! I’m grateful I’ve come this far in this lifetime, in this spiritual journey that is ongoing. It inspires me to see beauty in humanity and our connection. I feel so many of us are awakening more and more to our Real Self, our soul and it touches my heart! Thank You. Light and Love, PortiaSLB

  2. This is so true! We think we don’t matter, but we do! We are one in every aspect of our life. It’s freeing to be one with optimism. Grasping for life in fear never ends well. That’s the one thing I really like about getting older. I’m much more understanding of my true nature and don’t need the drama and foolishness that comes with fear.
    Love Always,MSLB

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