Your Fate and the Laws of Karma and Rhythm


Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) and Law of Rhythm

Thought → Emotion → Temptation → Behavior →  

Karmic Effect becomes a cause for another cycle → Thought → …

As we educate ourselves to understand the Laws of the Universe we can make conscious choices with our best interest in mind. It’s simple really – we empower ourselves through responsible behaviors or actions.

The choices that determine our fate start in our thinking, which triggers a corresponding emotion. And, since our emotions are empowered by the soul they make a great impact on our behaviors. Our behaviors are the effects of our choices of thinking and emotions, while our behaviors cause further effects physically since we are earthly beings. The frequency of energy in this entire process is what comes back to impact us as karma.

If we are angry (low-frequency energy) that energy will return to cause us harm and others.  If we make empowering choices that are balanced with higher frequency energy – containing enthusiasm, wisdom, sincerity and most of all Universal Love – then that energy will return to benefit us and others. 

And, we are habitual creators, repeating our thinking processes and behaviors. We condition ourselves as individuals and as groups, such as in families, friends, communities, nations, politics and religions. We repeat history so to speak and thus cyclic patterns emerge as experienced in the Law of Rhythm.

Yet, the Laws of Cause and Effect and Rhythm are to our benefit and we can make progress through them though it may not appear that way at the time. Experience teaches us, and we can understand, then live in harmony with these laws. 

The key is to BE CONSCIOUS with LOVE motivating us, if we aim for no harm to ourselves or others. This is turn harmonizes us all. We flow in harmony with both the Laws of Cause and Effect and Rhythm. (With the help of the Great Law more entries in the future will concern these laws.)

Through conscious awareness we can evolve ourselves to remember the LOVE we are. 

We are the masters of our own fate. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB        

“We must change our attitude of mind if we want to produce something better – the change must come from within us. Then the Law of Retribution will become the Law of Reward.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings of Science of Being, Volume II, page 200.

6 thoughts on “Your Fate and the Laws of Karma and Rhythm

  1. As I understand it most of us consciously live in the Objective Prakritic (the present) level of the Terrestrial plane. As we come to Understand more about Life, Law and Love or Para Atma in the present plane that we function we become more conscious of higher planes, including the Ego Manas, Buddhi and even unto the Para-Ego or Para Atma. We are awakening to the Inner Ego or Buddhi Now! With Light and Love, Portia SLB

  2. All about Atma soul exactly what I am? Which we can find in our pranaa प्राणा catch up with IN mind is called Atma Gyana the आत्म विश्वास में full-on confident with me “आत्म ध्यान” आत्मज्ञान।

  3. Wow…just finished speaking on this and how all should be done through love. It’s a guarentee that it’s coming from a place possitivity. Love being the true essence of US…thank you for sharing.

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