Karmic Vision

karmic vision

There is a legend that when the European explorers first came to the Caribbean around 1491 the islanders could not see the sails of the ships as they were approaching. It wasn’t until the shamans pointed them out that they could conceive of them.

Karmic Vision

We tend to only to see what we believe we will see …. what we  have conditioned ourselves to experience …. what we allow! Have you traveled the same route routinely day after day and passed a billboard or building and never noticed it …. I have and not until I became quiet inside …. did I appreciate the outside … did I appreciate the trees, grasses, wildlife, and yes …. buildings and billboards!

We’re creatures of habit …. even our perceptions of the world around us can become habitual …. we may notice a  tree …. but miss the hawk sitting on a bare branch. We may may read words on the computer screen but overlook words that were repeated or mentally fill in words that missing. We can walk right past someone we know without noticing them. We can feel energies swirling around others, but not see thought-forms around them or their auras!

We can clear our Vision

We form karmic vision out of habit and the Law of Attraction. We tend to get stuck in illusionary thoughts and emotions attracting more of the same …. without being aware of the moment or even that we have a choice! Fortunately, someone else’s awareness can shake us awake and point to that thing we did not allow ourselves to see. But …. we must become quiet and peaceful within to have clear vision in the moment.  

We forget to be conscious, quiet, open to the vastness of a clear state of mind, free of the domination of subconscious ego thoughts and emotions that have become habits …. of what we expect and relate to …. of what we are comfortable with.

We don’t know what we are missing …. what’s right there within our reach of experiencing in the moment …. because we are too preoccupied. And I can say that most of us miss opportunities to experience wonders that are there on the edge of our awareness …. if  …. we are calm, conscious, alert and aware.

Even if someone else points to seeing something that we do not …. we still may not be able to see it! Is it logical that we must go within ourselves first to clear karmic, habitual vision?  And then … be consciously willing and open to seeing that which we had not been open to?

When we allow the moment as it is …. quiet, ….alert, aware and observing what is …. thoughts of the past or future are silent. There are no worries, expectations or any habitual monkey chatter …. we do not assume from habit …. rather we observe independently. And this is when we can come to know ourselves and trust the moment …. all the while knowing we live in uncertain, ever changing moments. Our vision becomes clearer, taking in what is …. appreciating Now. 

We become independent observers …. without blindly assuming what we are told to see or experience. Life becomes an adventure in the very mist of uncertainty …. and ….we can be soooo surprised by what comes within our field of vision! Within our field of awareness, experience, understanding and have compassion for it! 

And clear vision is a great asset since we are not limited by blinding karmic vision. And from clear vision horizons open before us unlimited opportunities to be of service in the world!

In the hope you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

“Independence or freedom is a great thing, but it must be properly understood. It can be based only on perfect Love. Then we will have the most ideal independence, and will recognize only our dependence on the Eternal.”

Eugen Fersen, Advanced Teachings In Science of Being, page 94.

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We are currently on Lesson 7 discussing being a Lightbearer to the children, dealing with a temperamental child/person and uses of Universal Life Energy in education and sports.

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Karmic Emotions – Power of Emotion to Change Your Life, Part 4

smashed daisies

Your emotions, attitudes and moods are seeds, physical energies, in your psycho-physical system that grow into your reality, determining the flavor, form and style. However, you can create in undesirable, karmic patterns over and over unconsciously! 

Our Inner Being is naturally enthusiastic, adventurous, happy and loving …. however the subconscious ego has dominated us for so long we have come to believe that such emotions as self-doubt, anxiety, insecurity and guilt are normal moods for us!

Overcoming karmic emotional patterns concern managing negative moods! 

Emotional karmic cycles

Believing our so called bad habits exist because of negative karma is like slamming the prison door closed with you on the inside! Fortunately, the Laws of Cause and Effect, Karma and Law of Rhythm are compassionate laws to help us come into our Soul. 

Negative emotional karma is when we cycle over and over in disadvantageous emotional patternsFor example, if you think of a past mistake you made with someone, you may relive the mistake in your memory over and over. Emotionally you may feel guilty and behave from guilt, and it can become a habitual emotional behavior …. even part of your personality

It’s an example of how our emotions in the present may be an effect of the past! …. And a magnetic to attract more of the same energies leading into the future! And even more interesting …. we can attempt to analyze our emotions and behaviors of the past by reliving them in our memory and end up circling in those energies, feeling worse!

Law of Attraction

Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) and Law of Rhythm cycles

Negative Karmic Cycle
Harsh Judgment → Fearful Emotion acts like a magnetic (such as guilt or anger) → Unconscious Temptation of Fearful Behavior → Subconscious Behavior (like lying or violence) → Illusion or Pain Effect becomes a cause for another cycle (like regret or physical injury) → Harsh  Judgment →  ….

Becoming a slave to karmic cycles of subconscious emotions like guilt, shame or self-doubt can lead us to regularly procrastinate, fly off the handle, impulsive eat, or watch daily doses of porn… and attract more of the same energies …. leading to more disruptive behaviors! 

Clearing Our Emotions

When we are tempted to fall into undesirable emotional habits it’s a sign post …. an opportunity to release them. It’s not what I would call our conscience at work because it is not a inhibiting sense. It is our conscious awareness cohering with our Spiritual Heart and …. all the encouraging energies of Enthusiasm, Intelligence, Accuracy and Love of our Soul.

I’ve learned to become very attentive to temptations because …. they trigger such strong emotions. That’s when I pause …. and go silent within. I consciously contact Universal Life Energy and let it flow into my body, mind and emotions, which uplifts me further …. and I am able to listen to my Inner Being and intuition.

That’s when …. discrimination kicks into my thinking and I’m moved …. to release the temptation. It’s so liberating and I feel so grateful and appreciative. I am also usually given some insight and inspiration …. on how to proceed. And it frees me to move into a behavior without …. the burden of anger, guilt, worry or other fearful emotions. 

Therefore, whenever you become conscious of an undesirable emotion consider it an opportunity …. to reinvent yourself bit by bit! 

Attracting uplifting energies!

Law of Attraction

Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) and Law of Rhythm cycles

Conscious Discrimination → Inner Emotional Awareness → Temptation of  Fearful Behavior→ Conscious of FourSquare Soul Powers → Gratitude → Release of Temptation → Appreciation of the Present Moment →
Discriminating Behavior …. Emotional Awareness ….

We can allow uplifting emotions for ourselves by aligning with those of our Inner Being! … And attract more of the same uplifting energies to carry into the future!

Daily visualization/meditation can bring us into the present moment and allow mind to cohere with heart.…. mind cohere to Love …. Joy, Trust, Appreciation and Gratitude. All uplifting emotional energies. Consider: Regaining Harmony & Living a Conscious Heart.

It is that Power of Love that leads us into transforming ourselves.    

In the hope you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

“We are endowed with the memory of things that are wrong so as to protect us in the future.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 76.

And consider joining us for a companion guide to the 27 Lessons in Science of Being. It is an amazing spiritual journey asset!


We are currently on Lesson 6 discussing a mental method for dealing with someone who is treating us harshly or unjust and uses of Universal Life Energy in business.


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An irresistible seduction 

sit be quiet

When you see things in others you don’t like and you judge them harshly it can feel totally justified. And, that self-righteous justification can become irresistible. So much so that we can imprison ourselves in negative karmic patterns of self-destructive choices. 

We Project onto others

What we don’t like about ourselves we tend to see it in others and don’t like it. We don’t want to see it in ourselves. So when we see it in others, we project dislike and fear out to them.

We judge them harshly in the ego’s self-righteousness. We blame others for our hurt, our worry, our confusion. And then we seek revenge. We despise other’s prejudices, their limited understanding, their hatred. And then we fight against them.

Challenge your fears

When you judge someone harshly, you think they are prejudice, crude, rotten, be conscious of asking yourself, “what is really happening?”  Become aware of the possibilities in the moment.

Challenge that judgement as something you may dislike about yourself. Recognize it as an opportunity to release fear and reach for harmony. Holding on to fear is self-defeating and creates painful consequences.

Fight to be one with harmony. Let yourself feel the tenderness of your heart and focus on that feeling. Breathe deeply and feel yourself in your body. Be in the moment without judgement, self-judgement or otherwise.

Choose Love. Make the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy and visualize the temptation of fear and harsh judgement as a weed that you pull out by the roots from the subconscious and burn it with pure Light and Love of Universal Life Energy. 

Finding Love

When we see beauty, kindness, caring and love in others, we begin to see it in ourselves. And, we eventually see the beauty of ourselves in others!

 In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“We have harmony with us. We are not products of disharmony. The present condition of the World, finds an echo within us. We  should be as idealistic as possible.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings of Science of Being, Volume I, page 109.

Complain, Complain, Complain – taking it personal


We can be complainers. It’s a pattern with most of us. We see someone’s faults and we complain about them when it affects us. Unbeknownst to us however, when we complain about others faults we are aligning with the same energy we are complaining about! Complaining about them weakens us.

rain3 animated

Why Complain

We complain about the weather, the traffic, the government, and awful people. We’ve taken it personal!

Complaining says that we’re frustrated and feel like we’re inadequate to deal with it. Feeling powerless, we want to blame our aggravation on conditions or others and feel like a victim. We propagate reasons to  procrastinate and avoid responsibility even if we could do something.

We’re miserable and miserable to be around.

The Effects

Complaining keeps us dwelling on the negative, reinforcing it – attracting the very thing we are complaining about! 

Most of us are unconscious of how much we complain because we can make such a habit of it. We may think we are just repeating what everyone else thinks or said, that we’re just venting, or maybe we feel like it is right to complain – like it’s an observation and we’re right!  

But, like any thought, emotion or behavior, complaining is a real creative manifestation. And, therefore we are creating negative energy in our own reality! Plus, we attract more negative energy to us through the Law of Attraction. We create a less rewarding life, a less satisfying and happy one. And, eventually even our health can be adversely effected. 

The emotional energy behind the complaint is also contagious! That low-frequency energy can spread first to those close to us like our family and friends trapping them too, making them feel frustrated and even powerless. They start to complain like we do. Or, our habitual complaining can push others away, affecting our relationships and our job. 

Breaking the Habit

Fortunately, we can break the complaining habit!

1. Be Conscious/Mindful

First of all, we have to be conscious of complaining, have a positive intent to recognize that we are tempted to complain, or that we have complained! Be ‘the watcher of the thinker’ and observe unattached, without harsh judgement and taking things personal. 

2. Take Responsibility

Being conscious in that moment is when we are becoming aware of our authentic power as a soul. We are consciously taking responsibility for ourselves. 

I ask myself a simple question that I have shared before to help me recognize my true motivation: Am I coming from a place of fear or love?

3. Let it Go

When we recognize the temptation to complain or even that we have complained, then we still have the opportunity to let that thought go – to mentally step back from it. The ego may also want us to feel guilty or even hate our self, but is an illusion, because it too is only a temporary temptation and not from our true Self. 

4. Choose a Positive Motivation/Emotion

In that moment of temptation to complain we can see it as an opportunity to choose an attitude coming from love instead of fear. Our attitude is emotional power and fearful ones of complaining hold us in that energy, making us feel even more unhappy and despondent.

Calm consideration lightens our load. Kindness does. Gentleness does. Appreciation does. Respect does. Seeing the good in others helps us! We free ourselves to search for solutions.

Sometimes we really don’t have any control over things, like the weather. Then we can change our focus to gratitude! Gratitude is an emotion that opens us to abundance and creates more reasons to be grateful!

 Reality Transformation

We are far more familiar with the ego than the tenderness of our heart and inner love. Yet, when we are conscious of ourselves, our inner love, we can also be conscious of the temptation to complain without being negativity influenced by it. And, we don’t take complaints personally, or let it hurt our ego because we are centered in love.

Consider being conscious of any temptation to complain and use the steps described above for the next 3 weeks and you will have established a new brain pattern that changes your reality!

We can change our mind, our attitude and our reality! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Related practice is: Living a Conscious Heart

“If we complain of hardships, we may have them later.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 53.

Your comments and insights are welcomed and appreciated! Our Higher Self never hesitates!


Your Fate and the Laws of Karma and Rhythm


Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) and Law of Rhythm

Thought → Emotion → Temptation → Behavior →  

Karmic Effect becomes a cause for another cycle → Thought → …

As we educate ourselves to understand the Laws of the Universe we can make conscious choices with our best interest in mind. It’s simple really – we empower ourselves through responsible behaviors or actions.

The choices that determine our fate start in our thinking, which triggers a corresponding emotion. And, since our emotions are empowered by the soul they make a great impact on our behaviors. Our behaviors are the effects of our choices of thinking and emotions, while our behaviors cause further effects physically since we are earthly beings. The frequency of energy in this entire process is what comes back to impact us as karma.

If we are angry (low-frequency energy) that energy will return to cause us harm and others.  If we make empowering choices that are balanced with higher frequency energy – containing enthusiasm, wisdom, sincerity and most of all Universal Love – then that energy will return to benefit us and others. 

And, we are habitual creators, repeating our thinking processes and behaviors. We condition ourselves as individuals and as groups, such as in families, friends, communities, nations, politics and religions. We repeat history so to speak and thus cyclic patterns emerge as experienced in the Law of Rhythm.

Yet, the Laws of Cause and Effect and Rhythm are to our benefit and we can make progress through them though it may not appear that way at the time. Experience teaches us, and we can understand, then live in harmony with these laws. 

The key is to BE CONSCIOUS with LOVE motivating us, if we aim for no harm to ourselves or others. This is turn harmonizes us all. We flow in harmony with both the Laws of Cause and Effect and Rhythm. (With the help of the Great Law more entries in the future will concern these laws.)

Through conscious awareness we can evolve ourselves to remember the LOVE we are. 

We are the masters of our own fate. 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB        

“We must change our attitude of mind if we want to produce something better – the change must come from within us. Then the Law of Retribution will become the Law of Reward.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings of Science of Being, Volume II, page 200.