Fiery Love, commitment to spiritual partnership and transmitting Universal Energy and Love to the World


We are in an environment in which relationships and our interactions are paramount. We want to experience fiery love. Fiery love with a partner. Fiery Love within. But we don’t always know it even when it is upon us. And, it is always upon us!

Spiritual partners and friends

Life is a great manifestation of fiery Love in our life. A love that is so great that we also are capable of conscious co-creation. Yet, we have become unconsciously  fearful and created a subconscious mental prison of fear.

Far too often we dwell in fear, impatience and ignorance without even knowing it, but a spiritual partner or friend will help us be aware our fears. Be grateful. It is the Law of Attraction at work. We are attracted to the ‘like’ quality of love in each other, even when it looks like life has handed us an unfair  situation.

My Friend’s help

I have experienced a spiritual friend challenging my fears many times! In my early years of study, my spiritual teacher spotted my ego believing myself to be a ‘nice person.’ She started asking me questions relentlessly to help me realize my attitude! Of course, it brought me to the moment. And, through questioning I realized that as a ‘nice ‘person’ I was in a conditioned state of fear of being unacceptable and disliked, rather than truly being conscious of myself, others or circumstances.

By challenging my unconscious fear of not being loved, I came to a higher level of understanding. It awakened compassion for myself and a deep appreciation, love and gratitude for others. And, a deep Love and gratitude for spiritual friends, especially when they challenge fear.

And from similar experiences I became conscious of the many, many spiritual companions in daily life. Though some are conscious of their influence, those more consciously distant are not, yet they are an important part in the process of awakening. Others are a reflection of ourselves and we are deeply connected.

Fighting to be one with Love and Harmony

We are ultimately responsible for our behaviors, our karma, our experiences and circumstances. A person that is striving to know their authentic power challenges any temptation to behave with timidity, bullying, complaint, revenge or protest. When we have an attitude of war or even a plea for compromise, it comes from fear and a feeling of powerlessness.

Here are some questions we may ask ourselves, ask a friend or a friend may ask us, to bring us to the moment and be conscious of what is really happening:

  1. Are you willing to be in the circumstance fully with the purpose to heal yourself? 
  2. What are you thinking? What are you feeling? 
  3.  Are you willing to recognize that the universe is giving you a compassionate opportunity to heal this part of your personality and ego that wants to hold you here?
  4. Are you going to distract yourself with other fears or feelings of powerlessness like worry, complaining, blaming someone else, or self-pity?
  5. Are you going to distract yourself by overeating, over drinking, over working, or over …?
  6. Does your conscience hurt? What is the purpose of the pain?
  7. Is your intent and motivation coming from a place of fear or love? 
  8. Are you willing to be in the moment, calm, relaxed? Are you aware of being one with Universal Life Energy?
  9. Are you willing to help yourself, have compassion for yourself, release fear, choose love?
  10. Can you find the tenderness of your spiritual heart, the peace, goodwill and joy? Do you feel it?  (When you do then it is your response, your attitude, your behavior!)

I ask myself questions like these whenever I feel some sluggish energy creeping into my awareness. 

 Commitment to Love

Each time you choose love over fear you will experience some mastery over yourself! And, you become conscious of being less and less dominated by fears, which is undeniably liberating! You will feel lifted, lighter and brighter. 

Your commitment to love, to your strength, wisdom and sincerity will create more love and more joy in your life! Remember to radiate that Love and Be a spiritual friend to others by asking them questions when they agree to it. 

When others do not agree to it you can still give your spiritual support and Love unconditionally. Love loves without harsh judgment and is inclusive. Consider sending Love and Light unconditionally to all humanity as in this exercise (link underlined):

Transmitting Divine Energy and Love to the World

As that Loving power circles the world everyone and everything is included.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

There is a wonderful book that offers more inspiration by Gary Zukav: Spiritual Partnership.
Here is an easy printout of the questions as a reminder: What’s is really happening?

“The best protection is a harmoniously functioning mind. Do not lose ourselves, or get panicky. Do the right thing at the right time. This protection can only be achieved if we establish in our minds a sense of harmony, peace and joy.”

Eugene Fersen, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, Volume I, page 47. 

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Complain, Complain, Complain – taking it personal


We can be complainers. It’s a pattern with most of us. We see someone’s faults and we complain about them when it affects us. Unbeknownst to us however, when we complain about others faults we are aligning with the same energy we are complaining about! Complaining about them weakens us.

rain3 animated

Why Complain

We complain about the weather, the traffic, the government, and awful people. We’ve taken it personal!

Complaining says that we’re frustrated and feel like we’re inadequate to deal with it. Feeling powerless, we want to blame our aggravation on conditions or others and feel like a victim. We propagate reasons to  procrastinate and avoid responsibility even if we could do something.

We’re miserable and miserable to be around.

The Effects

Complaining keeps us dwelling on the negative, reinforcing it – attracting the very thing we are complaining about! 

Most of us are unconscious of how much we complain because we can make such a habit of it. We may think we are just repeating what everyone else thinks or said, that we’re just venting, or maybe we feel like it is right to complain – like it’s an observation and we’re right!  

But, like any thought, emotion or behavior, complaining is a real creative manifestation. And, therefore we are creating negative energy in our own reality! Plus, we attract more negative energy to us through the Law of Attraction. We create a less rewarding life, a less satisfying and happy one. And, eventually even our health can be adversely effected. 

The emotional energy behind the complaint is also contagious! That low-frequency energy can spread first to those close to us like our family and friends trapping them too, making them feel frustrated and even powerless. They start to complain like we do. Or, our habitual complaining can push others away, affecting our relationships and our job. 

Breaking the Habit

Fortunately, we can break the complaining habit!

1. Be Conscious/Mindful

First of all, we have to be conscious of complaining, have a positive intent to recognize that we are tempted to complain, or that we have complained! Be ‘the watcher of the thinker’ and observe unattached, without harsh judgement and taking things personal. 

2. Take Responsibility

Being conscious in that moment is when we are becoming aware of our authentic power as a soul. We are consciously taking responsibility for ourselves. 

I ask myself a simple question that I have shared before to help me recognize my true motivation: Am I coming from a place of fear or love?

3. Let it Go

When we recognize the temptation to complain or even that we have complained, then we still have the opportunity to let that thought go – to mentally step back from it. The ego may also want us to feel guilty or even hate our self, but is an illusion, because it too is only a temporary temptation and not from our true Self. 

4. Choose a Positive Motivation/Emotion

In that moment of temptation to complain we can see it as an opportunity to choose an attitude coming from love instead of fear. Our attitude is emotional power and fearful ones of complaining hold us in that energy, making us feel even more unhappy and despondent.

Calm consideration lightens our load. Kindness does. Gentleness does. Appreciation does. Respect does. Seeing the good in others helps us! We free ourselves to search for solutions.

Sometimes we really don’t have any control over things, like the weather. Then we can change our focus to gratitude! Gratitude is an emotion that opens us to abundance and creates more reasons to be grateful!

 Reality Transformation

We are far more familiar with the ego than the tenderness of our heart and inner love. Yet, when we are conscious of ourselves, our inner love, we can also be conscious of the temptation to complain without being negativity influenced by it. And, we don’t take complaints personally, or let it hurt our ego because we are centered in love.

Consider being conscious of any temptation to complain and use the steps described above for the next 3 weeks and you will have established a new brain pattern that changes your reality!

We can change our mind, our attitude and our reality! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

Related practice is: Living a Conscious Heart

“If we complain of hardships, we may have them later.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 53.

Your comments and insights are welcomed and appreciated! Our Higher Self never hesitates!