To love is natural

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To Love is natural for us and we can feel it arise when we are silent within. As an observer we can become aware of Love rising from our heart and become engulfed in It. It is the Love of our Soul and natural Self.

But the ego can hold our attention in fearful thoughts and emotions. And these emotions are based in the the past. Sometimes ancient past. Like when startled we have a fearful knee jerk reaction, going into a defensive position.

As we relax and slowly release the knee jerk we can observe the way our body reacted from preprogrammed conditioning! The ego will want to get involved in analyzing, labeling, judging and discussion, while the Inner Being quietly observes. And then for me from observation comes amazement or appreciation! And that amazement turns to uplifting Love.

When we observe in a detached state, with no judgments, superstitions or beliefs, Mind is a path to Love. It’s our Superconscious Mind, our Inner Being that’s naturally United with Love and Source.

Quiet observation is a self discipline practice where we opt to align with our Inner Being, with Source rather than ego. It’s a space of no thinking, no labeling or judgement, rather an awareness in silence.

We are powerful Beings and have free will to choose our path. And choosing to align with that space in between thoughts is aligning with our Inner Being. It is choosing happiness. And happiness awakens us to our power to flow in the energies of Life.

We attract more uplifting energies, more happy situations, people and realities! We enjoy life and it is such an adventure!

And we find love close at hand.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

This simple mind trick can make you do the opposite of what was intended!

discriminate, hyena reality

When you hear, “Don’t look!”  It’s like when Perseus was warned about Medusa’s snakes for hair that could turn a man to stone. It’s almost impossible not to look! Or when you hear someone say, “Don’t be afraid.” It’s like your heart drops and you’ve heard, “Be afraid, be very afraid!” It’s a subconscious mind trick.

The subconscious ego will take us emotionally and mentally on rides to places to support its own programming. It’s self-righteous and dislikes being bossed around because of fear. And it’s programmed to keep us mentally busy, chatty and inattentive in our thinking so we are constantly being entertained. We follow its trails of thoughts.

The subconscious is entertained by the primary word of the thought rather than the word not or n’t. The word not or n’t seems to disappear from our attention and we follow a familiar trail of thoughts from the primary word.

And we are all good with that until we start to consciously wake up.

When we start to wake up we realize it’s  a challenge to become conscious and in the present moment. All of our past history, stories, beliefs and habits are like alluring trails that lead us to the familiar.

Yet there is a simple awakening practice. And this works when talking to yourself or when speaking with others.

Consciously choose the appropriate words as directives to the subconscious.

If the goal is to remember, rather than saying, “don’t forget,” say, “remember.”

When speaking to yourself, mentally swallow remember in order to program the subconscious to remember. This is using the Law of Gender, because you plant an idea in the subconscious to grow and return to the consciousness. 

I’ve used this method so many times when I feel it is critical to remember something, like where I parked the car in a parking garage.

Be conscious of the words you choose. And remember the way the subconscious works. Consider saying, “Look away,” rather than, “Don’t look!” And, “Be brave,” or “Be courageous,” rather than, “Don’t be afraid.” 

Your Superconscious speaks to you through intuition and leads your power of discrimination when you allow it. So listen to your intuition. You know what to do and what not to do and are conscious and in the moment. 

Inevitably there are times it seems appropriate to use not. Like, “This does not mean…” Just follow that thought with what it does mean.

In the hope you find enlightenment close at hand, PortiaSLB

Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“The subconsciousness always imposes on consciousness. It always wants us to do something. The Superconsciousness always wants to be asked. When we ask we should always believe that we will receive. The Eternal must answer when asked.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume I, p. 313.

Simple practices to bring your Soul to the surface of your life

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Greetings Lightbearers!

As promised from the sister website, included here are some simple ways to become conscious of your soul and bring that awareness to the surface of your life. I use these practices daily and have found them to ground me in conscious awareness throughout the day and into night.

1.First thing upon awakening in the mornings become conscious of Being. Conscious of body, mind and attitude.

Your attitude and emotions are great powers of the soul, with the greatest of these being love and compassion because they encompass the very essence of all of yourself.

Your emotions are the catalysts that spark the Law of Attraction into action. If your thoughts and emotions are of low frequencies or high frequencies, that is what you attract. 

Most important is to be conscious of Being part of something greater than yourself; being part and one with the Source!

2. If you are agreeable with the weather, consider performing the Star Exercise outside. Being in nature with the sunshine, air and earth all contribute to our well-being. Standing and walking barefoot on Mother Earth grounds us; charges our body with electrons which helps heal and renew our cells, while reducing stress. Morning sunshine also charges our bodies with vital vitamin D and awakens our bodies to activity. About 10 minutes in the morning sun is so beneficial.

3.  I usually combine deep breathing and stretching within the quiet of the morning to release any subconscious hidden or lagging stress, including muscle stress and emotional stress. Deep breathing oxygenates your brain and body cells to help you function in a clearer state. It also brings in and charges the body and mind with Universal Life Energy  which helps you better preceive the highest part of yourself and connection with the Source.

4. A few minutes doing several floor stretches for the back in particular is helpful. I’ve found yoga stretches opens the lower chakras so the flow of energy from the kundalini (Life Center) can rise up freely. The root chakra is the Seat of the Soul and dormant soul energies can be freed to flow up to connect with the consciousness and superconsciousness. For more consider this link: It’s not only about sex, the Law of Gender, Part 7.

5. Relaxation and Silence is the base for meditation and all practices because if you are tense, physically or mentally, then the mind and body shut down. Which essentially means you are functioning from low frequencies, and most likely from the egotistic subconscious. The subconscious ego does not relinquish control easily because we have conditioned it to be that way, however, with persistent practice you can release and enter relaxation and Silence anywhere, anytime.

6. Enter into Meditation for 5 minutes to one hour. A simple meditation is to focus on the breath. Yet also consider this meditation to bring your Soul to the forefront of your consciousness:  Soul Meditation.

7. Slowly come out of meditation with an attitude of Gratitude.

8. Continue your day with an awareness of being in the moment fully. Everything is new, without assumption, habitual thoughts, or worries about the future.

You matter in this Universe; your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. Everything counts, meaning your choices matter in life and in your day. 

So choose to have compassion for yourself and help yourself relax and enjoy life! And when you do opportunities for your success and happiness open before You! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Will power strikes a far harsher note than the harmonious one with which you are trying to get into communion. To use it is to contract yourself physically and mentally, closing the very door you desire to open. Universal Life Energy sounds the only note that corresponds with Universal Life Energy, represented in your own Soul, and It cannot be bullied or driven.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 274.

What Not to Do, Part 3

We’re Conditioned!

Sure, we were taught not to be impatient or loose our temper, but we do it anyway and get caught in these very habitual behaviors. We can’t seem to help our self.

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Continuing from the previous two post’s list of what not to do:

We’re Conditioned to Believe

6 – We’ve conditioned our self to believe negative egotistic behaviors like fear, worry, resentment and greed are part of standard human behavior and are acceptable rather than consciously releasing them and regaining our freedom!

In fact, we can live in ‘what not to do’ for so long that we think it is ‘what to do’!

7 – We are conditioned to obey an ‘authority’ without first using our own discrimination process and listening to our Superconscious.

8 – We think it’s okay to tell little white lies to save our self from embarrassment or someone else’s involvement.

9 – We want to be liked, admired, and known as a nice person, and therefore, we mold our self to that image, trying to please others.

Spirit of Love

That gentle voice of intuition telling us that something is wrong, a what not to do moment, is our consciousness tapping into Superconsciousness which is part of our Soul and Universal Mind guiding us.

If we ignore the guidance of our Higher Self we still have backup means to help us know the right thing to do. We can reason with purposeful discrimination we learned through experience, conditioning and education, but we still have a choice to take it or leave it. It’s like the aphorism: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. 

Means of the Mind

Eventually, we must come to know for ourselves the way to harmony and happiness since we are responsible for ourselves. In a deeper understanding and wider view it is still following the guidance of our Higher Self because we are harmonizing our thinking and behavior. We come to release our grip on the ego and embrace our soul and true Being.

Ways of the World

We make our life the way it is. We must take responsibility for it and be courageous in the present moment and moments to come to help transform our self into a better condition.

We already know the right thing to do because we are part of Cosmic Mind, but we have temporarily forgotten that since we are experiencing a separatist, self-centered, egotistic mind. You loosen the grip of the subconscious ego every time you live in the present moment and enjoy now.

When we consciously work at it we eventually recognize what not to do and realize what to do.  Things like being conscious and accurate, making the best use of our time because it doesn’t come again, and being respectful and loving others unconditionally because they are just like us – beautiful Souls.

In Light and With Love, Portia SLB

Consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Subconsciousness is the shell which prevents the Living Spirit within from manifesting as powerfully as it should. When enough Rays of Truth pierce the subconsciousness, then subconsciousness will collapse like a balloon, and there will be no more subconsciousness.” 

                     Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 98.

What Not to Do, Part 1


Ways of the World

There are plenty of websites and blogs that have lists of what not to do, such as ‘what not to do on your online dating profile’ and ‘what not to do in an interview’. Often times they can be very humorous while being true.

Yet, there are some very practical things to consider when it comes to what not to do when you want to improve your life and enlighten your spiritual journey.

discriminate, hyena reality

The subconscious doesn’t like to be told what not to do. That word ‘not’ or ‘n’t’ seems to disappear from our attention when used in a sentence, so consider reading the first sentence in this paragraph again! That’s the first important thing to remember about what not to do.

When you say to someone, especially a child, “don’t be afraid,” it’s like saying to the ego “be afraid, be very afraid!” Or, “don’t cry,” it’s like you are saying, “I understand why you are crying.” When you say, “don’t tell me what to do!” The subconscious of the person you’re speaking to tends to hear “tell me what to do,” and it’s almost irresistible for them not to tell you what to do!

When you say to yourself, “don’t forget,” the subconscious records the predominate word – forget. If you want to remember, say to yourself, “remember,” and mentally swallow it – you are programing the subconscious.

Be mindful and consciously choose the appropriate word as a directive to the subconscious since it is very good at recording thoughts and growing them, but not very good at recognizing the word ‘not’.

A very practical what not to do is try to change someone else. You can’t.

Everyone is incredibly strong. And, if you do try to change someone else you end up changing yourself! You ignore the health of your own sanity as self-righteousness and every subconscious trait that supports that line of thinking eats up the Light of your mind and emotions!

Everyone has a right to their thinking, even if it is harmful for them! Sad, but true. We can try to help them, but we can not change them. One of the best ways to help them is to work on changing our self for the better because it rubs off on those around us.

Our great asset is our Higher Self, our Superconscious that speaks to us through intuition and inspiration which helps us know what not to do and what to do. And, we have the power of discrimination.

Knowledge is a means and power to help us advance and better our life, and along with soul sourced discrimination it can help us do that in universal balance.

With Light and Love, Portia SLB

We’ll share more things not to do that complicate your life in the next 2 upcoming posts with the help of the Great Law.

Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“The subconsciousness always imposes on consciousness. It always wants us to do something. The Superconsciousness always wants to be asked. When we ask we should always believe that we will receive. The Eternal must answer when asked.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume I, p. 313.