What Not to Do, Part 3

We’re Conditioned!

Sure, we were taught not to be impatient or loose our temper, but we do it anyway and get caught in these very habitual behaviors. We can’t seem to help our self.


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Continuing from the previous two post’s list of what not to do:

We’re Conditioned to Believe

6 – We’ve conditioned our self to believe negative egotistic behaviors like fear, worry, resentment and greed are part of standard human behavior and are acceptable rather than consciously releasing them and regaining our freedom!

In fact, we can live in ‘what not to do’ for so long that we think it is ‘what to do’!

7 – We are conditioned to obey an ‘authority’ without first using our own discrimination process and listening to our Superconscious.

8 – We think it’s okay to tell little white lies to save our self from embarrassment or someone else’s involvement.

9 – We want to be liked, admired, and known as a nice person, and therefore, we mold our self to that image, trying to please others.

Spirit of Love

That gentle voice of intuition telling us that something is wrong, a what not to do moment, is our consciousness tapping into Superconsciousness which is part of our Soul and Universal Mind guiding us.

If we ignore the guidance of our Higher Self we still have backup means to help us know the right thing to do. We can reason with purposeful discrimination we learned through experience, conditioning and education, but we still have a choice to take it or leave it. It’s like the aphorism: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. 

Means of the Mind

Eventually, we must come to know for ourselves the way to harmony and happiness since we are responsible for ourselves. In a deeper understanding and wider view it is still following the guidance of our Higher Self because we are harmonizing our thinking and behavior. We come to release our grip on the ego and embrace our soul and true Being.

Ways of the World

We make our life the way it is. We must take responsibility for it and be courageous in the present moment and moments to come to help transform our self into a better condition.

We already know the right thing to do because we are part of Cosmic Mind, but we have temporarily forgotten that since we are experiencing a separatist, self-centered, egotistic mind. You loosen the grip of the subconscious ego every time you live in the present moment and enjoy now.

When we consciously work at it we eventually recognize what not to do and realize what to do.  Things like being conscious and accurate, making the best use of our time because it doesn’t come again, and being respectful and loving others unconditionally because they are just like us – beautiful Souls.

In Light and With Love, Portia SLB

Consider this quote to reflect upon:

“Subconsciousness is the shell which prevents the Living Spirit within from manifesting as powerfully as it should. When enough Rays of Truth pierce the subconsciousness, then subconsciousness will collapse like a balloon, and there will be no more subconsciousness.” 

                     Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 98.

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