Dew on Grass


dew grass refined

Self-lies overtaking,

Sabotage in the making.

Externalizes pain with excuses

Looking for distractions

To avoid fear,

To avoid abuse sensation.

Harsh control of childhood-will,

Result – procrastination.

Cognitive behavior, little self-regulation 

Squandering Life participation.

Let your tears Love,

Inspire emotional transformation.


In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


One thought on “Dew on Grass

  1. this was a great read!

    We spend so much time avoiding fear. With a bit of self observation i notice i’m a little strange. I love doing scary things and putting myself in dangers way. But my fear of confusing or worrying someone I love is a fear that renders me immobile. So I can put myself out in the wild on my own in the middle of no where. But i can’t confront my mum about something that may worry her. Fear is a terribly strange thing :L

    thanks for the read 🙂

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