Dew on Grass


dew grass refined

Self-lies overtaking,

Sabotage in the making.

Externalizes pain with excuses

Looking for distractions

To avoid fear,

To avoid abuse sensation.

Harsh control of childhood-will,

Result – procrastination.

Cognitive behavior, little self-regulation 

Squandering Life participation.

Let your tears Love,

Inspire emotional transformation.


In the hope You find Love close at hand, Portia SLB


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One Response to Dew on Grass

  1. tentninja says:

    this was a great read!

    We spend so much time avoiding fear. With a bit of self observation i notice i’m a little strange. I love doing scary things and putting myself in dangers way. But my fear of confusing or worrying someone I love is a fear that renders me immobile. So I can put myself out in the wild on my own in the middle of no where. But i can’t confront my mum about something that may worry her. Fear is a terribly strange thing :L

    thanks for the read 🙂

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