This simple mind trick can make you do the opposite of what was intended!

discriminate, hyena reality

When you hear, “Don’t look!”  It’s like when Perseus was warned about Medusa’s snakes for hair that could turn a man to stone. It’s almost impossible not to look! Or when you hear someone say, “Don’t be afraid.” It’s like your heart drops and you’ve heard, “Be afraid, be very afraid!” It’s a subconscious mind trick.

The subconscious ego will take us emotionally and mentally on rides to places to support its own programming. It’s self-righteous and dislikes being bossed around because of fear. And it’s programmed to keep us mentally busy, chatty and inattentive in our thinking so we are constantly being entertained. We follow its trails of thoughts.

The subconscious is entertained by the primary word of the thought rather than the word not or n’t. The word not or n’t seems to disappear from our attention and we follow a familiar trail of thoughts from the primary word.

And we are all good with that until we start to consciously wake up.

When we start to wake up we realize it’s  a challenge to become conscious and in the present moment. All of our past history, stories, beliefs and habits are like alluring trails that lead us to the familiar.

Yet there is a simple awakening practice. And this works when talking to yourself or when speaking with others.

Consciously choose the appropriate words as directives to the subconscious.

If the goal is to remember, rather than saying, “don’t forget,” say, “remember.”

When speaking to yourself, mentally swallow remember in order to program the subconscious to remember. This is using the Law of Gender, because you plant an idea in the subconscious to grow and return to the consciousness. 

I’ve used this method so many times when I feel it is critical to remember something, like where I parked the car in a parking garage.

Be conscious of the words you choose. And remember the way the subconscious works. Consider saying, “Look away,” rather than, “Don’t look!” And, “Be brave,” or “Be courageous,” rather than, “Don’t be afraid.” 

Your Superconscious speaks to you through intuition and leads your power of discrimination when you allow it. So listen to your intuition. You know what to do and what not to do and are conscious and in the moment. 

Inevitably there are times it seems appropriate to use not. Like, “This does not mean…” Just follow that thought with what it does mean.

In the hope you find enlightenment close at hand, PortiaSLB

Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“The subconsciousness always imposes on consciousness. It always wants us to do something. The Superconsciousness always wants to be asked. When we ask we should always believe that we will receive. The Eternal must answer when asked.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume I, p. 313.

2015 New Year and Numerology

To You and Your Family!

2015 !

The ever-present now is the greatest influence in our life because in essence it is the timeless conscious nature of I am. Though we are governed by eternal Universal Laws, as earthlings we have conditioned ourselves to be swayed by human dictates, including the human calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar, this is the year 2015. It has a particular frequency which can give an indication of the character and potential of this year’s cyclical pattern.

 2+0+1+5 = 8

 After the introspective energy of the past number 7 year, this year’s number 8 energy can come on strong in the worldly powers that be – materialistically!

This year has a frequency of eight which is further movement into the latter part of a 9 year cycle. We planted the seeds of ideas, worked on them and let them grow, and are ready to reap the harvest of the past several years. At last, it is a year for advancement and abundance in business, finances and authority!

It is wise to be cautious, since 8 is a dualistic and rhythmic number. The Law of Karma, or Cause and Effect, is a strong process in 8’s rhythmic nature. Though it can be a very successful year financially, it could also mean hiccups or even reversals if we are not focused on a higher purpose in our material pursuits. It could also mean further realization of the loss of personal privacy due to misuse of technological advancements.

True material wealth and prosperity is achieved with the perspective of power, abundance and money as divine energies that are meant for humanity’s freedom and happiness, including Yours. And this could be the year for it! Any frustrations or confrontations are a reminder that troubles are of our own making!

On the global scale there may be calls for fighting and war this year, yet there are also forces for peace and compromise, or at least restraint, because there is some realization that prosperity and peace is best achieved through goodwill and cooperation with others. Though there is still anger and desire for violence, this is a time to come face to face with the idea that any abuse or misuse we see in others is also within our self!

It’s a time to heal old wounds within families and lay old grievances aside. For those who listen to their intuition and appreciate their inner abundance and power in the present moment, success will follow. This energy will radiate out and affect all humanity.

The spiritual perspective of eight’s dual nature is that it represents Spirit and Matter, The Unmanifest and Manifest. They are the same divine qualities in different forms. The two circles of 8 represent our capacity to fully return to the realization of being Divine and One with the Eternal on the spiritual plane and the earthly plane. Or, the two squares on top of each other are as in the FourSquare qualities of Man: strength, intelligence, honesty, sincere consideration and love. This means that man’s authority, leadership and administration on earth is achieved by expressing our Divine qualities.

Relying more on our intuition can help us build a foundation for peace based on faith and trust in the Eternal. This year gives us a real opportunity to listen to higher guidance and realize compassion and consideration for others. We can achieve much this year if we band together with peace in our hearts, rather than being dominated by civilization’s subconscious tyranny in politics, religion and social pride.

In this number 8 energy we are to live our earthly life with spiritual ideals!

2015 Count Your Blessings

May you find Light, Love and Peace this year and all the years to come!

 From The Lightbearer Center

and Portia SLB

Numerology is about more than numbers; it’s an ancient science of vibration, frequencies and cycles.

Here’s a Happiness Video to start out on the positive side this year. It made me laugh and feel optimistic in the present and for the future. Hope it does for you too!

Video of Shawn Achor, author of Before Happiness

What Not to Do, Part 1


Ways of the World

There are plenty of websites and blogs that have lists of what not to do, such as ‘what not to do on your online dating profile’ and ‘what not to do in an interview’. Often times they can be very humorous while being true.

Yet, there are some very practical things to consider when it comes to what not to do when you want to improve your life and enlighten your spiritual journey.

discriminate, hyena reality

The subconscious doesn’t like to be told what not to do. That word ‘not’ or ‘n’t’ seems to disappear from our attention when used in a sentence, so consider reading the first sentence in this paragraph again! That’s the first important thing to remember about what not to do.

When you say to someone, especially a child, “don’t be afraid,” it’s like saying to the ego “be afraid, be very afraid!” Or, “don’t cry,” it’s like you are saying, “I understand why you are crying.” When you say, “don’t tell me what to do!” The subconscious of the person you’re speaking to tends to hear “tell me what to do,” and it’s almost irresistible for them not to tell you what to do!

When you say to yourself, “don’t forget,” the subconscious records the predominate word – forget. If you want to remember, say to yourself, “remember,” and mentally swallow it – you are programing the subconscious.

Be mindful and consciously choose the appropriate word as a directive to the subconscious since it is very good at recording thoughts and growing them, but not very good at recognizing the word ‘not’.

A very practical what not to do is try to change someone else. You can’t.

Everyone is incredibly strong. And, if you do try to change someone else you end up changing yourself! You ignore the health of your own sanity as self-righteousness and every subconscious trait that supports that line of thinking eats up the Light of your mind and emotions!

Everyone has a right to their thinking, even if it is harmful for them! Sad, but true. We can try to help them, but we can not change them. One of the best ways to help them is to work on changing our self for the better because it rubs off on those around us.

Our great asset is our Higher Self, our Superconscious that speaks to us through intuition and inspiration which helps us know what not to do and what to do. And, we have the power of discrimination.

Knowledge is a means and power to help us advance and better our life, and along with soul sourced discrimination it can help us do that in universal balance.

With Light and Love, Portia SLB

We’ll share more things not to do that complicate your life in the next 2 upcoming posts with the help of the Great Law.

Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“The subconsciousness always imposes on consciousness. It always wants us to do something. The Superconsciousness always wants to be asked. When we ask we should always believe that we will receive. The Eternal must answer when asked.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume I, p. 313.