Simple practices to bring your Soul to the surface of your life

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Greetings Lightbearers!

As promised from the sister website, included here are some simple ways to become conscious of your soul and bring that awareness to the surface of your life. I use these practices daily and have found them to ground me in conscious awareness throughout the day and into night.

1.First thing upon awakening in the mornings become conscious of Being. Conscious of body, mind and attitude.

Your attitude and emotions are great powers of the soul, with the greatest of these being love and compassion because they encompass the very essence of all of yourself.

Your emotions are the catalysts that spark the Law of Attraction into action. If your thoughts and emotions are of low frequencies or high frequencies, that is what you attract. 

Most important is to be conscious of Being part of something greater than yourself; being part and one with the Source!

2. If you are agreeable with the weather, consider performing the Star Exercise outside. Being in nature with the sunshine, air and earth all contribute to our well-being. Standing and walking barefoot on Mother Earth grounds us; charges our body with electrons which helps heal and renew our cells, while reducing stress. Morning sunshine also charges our bodies with vital vitamin D and awakens our bodies to activity. About 10 minutes in the morning sun is so beneficial.

3.  I usually combine deep breathing and stretching within the quiet of the morning to release any subconscious hidden or lagging stress, including muscle stress and emotional stress. Deep breathing oxygenates your brain and body cells to help you function in a clearer state. It also brings in and charges the body and mind with Universal Life Energy  which helps you better preceive the highest part of yourself and connection with the Source.

4. A few minutes doing several floor stretches for the back in particular is helpful. I’ve found yoga stretches opens the lower chakras so the flow of energy from the kundalini (Life Center) can rise up freely. The root chakra is the Seat of the Soul and dormant soul energies can be freed to flow up to connect with the consciousness and superconsciousness. For more consider this link: It’s not only about sex, the Law of Gender, Part 7.

5. Relaxation and Silence is the base for meditation and all practices because if you are tense, physically or mentally, then the mind and body shut down. Which essentially means you are functioning from low frequencies, and most likely from the egotistic subconscious. The subconscious ego does not relinquish control easily because we have conditioned it to be that way, however, with persistent practice you can release and enter relaxation and Silence anywhere, anytime.

6. Enter into Meditation for 5 minutes to one hour. A simple meditation is to focus on the breath. Yet also consider this meditation to bring your Soul to the forefront of your consciousness:  Soul Meditation.

7. Slowly come out of meditation with an attitude of Gratitude.

8. Continue your day with an awareness of being in the moment fully. Everything is new, without assumption, habitual thoughts, or worries about the future.

You matter in this Universe; your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. Everything counts, meaning your choices matter in life and in your day. 

So choose to have compassion for yourself and help yourself relax and enjoy life! And when you do opportunities for your success and happiness open before You! 

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“Will power strikes a far harsher note than the harmonious one with which you are trying to get into communion. To use it is to contract yourself physically and mentally, closing the very door you desire to open. Universal Life Energy sounds the only note that corresponds with Universal Life Energy, represented in your own Soul, and It cannot be bullied or driven.”

Eugene Fersen, The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 274.

8 thoughts on “Simple practices to bring your Soul to the surface of your life

  1. Dear Glaucieli,
    Forgive me for not responding back to you sooner.
    Ive let too many things in my human world get in my way.
    I feel your sweet Joy and am so happy to be in contact
    With you also! I had the privilege of having a wonderful
    Teacher this Life time! I was told that Science of Being
    Is very simple, but not easy in this human world!
    But every effort in the right four square way will
    Get you further to know your Real Self!
    You will face opposition called polarity but you
    Have the key to press on in knowing your self and measuring
    All obstacles with that Four Square map!
    You have found the key to your Soul my Love!
    Keep pressing forward it will get better!
    Always Love,

  2. What a joy Melissa got your message! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences . Know that it is an honor and privilege to speak with you. As I said I am from Brazil and I am translating everything, I hope to be communicating well with you.

    Receive my affection and gratitude!
    With love and light, Glaucieli

  3. Greetings Glaucieli

    It is a joy to be in contact with you and I and others are with us in our journey to deeper understanding, experience and knowing. Any questions, comments, sharing are welcomed. And already someone else has contributed to your inquiry also! So though I do not know of anyone else in Brazil, there are other Lightbearers around the world in discovery also.

    In Light and with Light, PortiaSLB

  4. What a joy to receive your answer! You have no idea how happy I was. It is good to know that I can clear my doubts with you, because, as I said, I had to translate Eugene Fersen’s teachings on google and the translation into Portuguese may be that the interpretation is a little different.

    But my willingness and dedication to these precious teachings are simply exciting and, with the help of the Great Principle, I will be able to understand, interpret and, above all, feel the truths of these teachings in my heart. and I will do my best to understand and put more into practice each day.

    I am sure that these teachings by Eugene Fersen came to me with a greater purpose, I just feel. I also know that, through these teachings, I will put my life mission into action.

    And it is very comforting to know that I can count on you to help me on this path of light, love and altruism. Because here in Brazil I already researched everything on the internet and I can’t find anyone talking about Eugene, that is, I don’t know anyone here in Brazil to help me with my doubts and share my experiences in relation to Eugene Fersen’s teachings.
    So, can I count on the help of a friend? Do you know someone from Brazil who studies the teachings of Eugene Fersen?

    I hope to be communicating well with you, since the translator some words the interpretation is different from that of your language.

    Receive my affection and my gratitude!
    With love and light,

  5. Such good insight in the question! It helps us all to grow in knowing ourself through another’s Soul and Love. For me it’s taken experience to meditate and know when I’m using my will in the four square way or using it to make what I want happen now!
    I know when I use the will in a human (get my way)
    there is always fear and impatience! When I use it properly to listen to my Inner Voice Higher Self, there is always Joy and patience in knowing to it will be alright whatever happens. It takes time and trust of The Great Law to guide us and us to have faith within our Hearts it will be so! I felt much like you when I found Science of Being.
    I knew within all my being it was right! There are some who have to really get allot out of there heads of past dogmas, religions and fixed ideas before they can recognize Truth!
    So you are blessed not to have this problem to work out!
    Love Always, MelissaLB

  6. Greetings … Kindly excuse interruption of email. I’m working from my phone as I’m traveling and the keyboard is small! 😀

    ULE is self governing so there no need to use the will to get IT to do things. In giving healing treatments to self or anyone what is required is concentration to direct It into the receiver and then leave the rest the Universal Law.

    Or When making the Mental Contact you use your will to mentally be conscious of the flow of the energy yet leave the rest to Law. Gratitude lifts you higher as you have experienced. And Trust that Source Knows what is to be done with that Power in your mind, body and Soul.

    I am so grateful also when I feel ULE. And knowing It is flowing through me I have the attitude of “Thy will be done,” having Trust in the Great Principle that what will be done is according to God’s will (the Great Principle).

    Hope this can help. and I love hearing from you. Consider sharing your experiences and insights. They are welcomed.

    In Light and With Light PortiaSLB

  7. Greetings Glauciel
    So good to receive your experience and question. I’ve been wondering about who is in Brazil and it must have been you!
    And I am happy to help and with the help of The Great Principle we will be able to get some insights.

    Contacting Universal Life Energy (ULE) is using your will to open and allow you yourself to feel It or visualize It.
    Yet you also gleamed that using your willpower is counterproductive. This is referring to it is counterproductive to use the ego and desires or will to do what you want.

  8. Good evening! My name is Glaucieli and I’m from Brazil. About 5 months ago, thanks to God, I found Eugene Fersen’s beautiful and exciting work. As, unfortunately, the books cannot be translated into Portuguese, I myself bought the book 27 lessons from the Science of Being and translated it through Google. I have read the entire book and now I am studying it thoroughly lesson by lesson and every day I am more grateful to God the source and to Eugene for these lessons. However, as a few months ago and although the google translation is not so good, I am in doubt with some things. Would you be able to help me? One of the doubts is this: As the soul meditation you say to visualize the energy flowing, I truly feel joy when I do this visualization and I feel a vibration that is very gratifying. But now at the end of this text there is Eugene’s explanation that one cannot use willpower for universal energy. Then I was in doubt that if at the time I am visualizing and feeling the vital energy in this meditation I am not using willpower, will it be that at this time of visualization I am acting wrong I am using willpower? Now I don’t know if it’s the translation, or if I didn’t understand it at all. I hope I managed to communicate with you. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to learn from you!
    With love,

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