Too much drama in your life? The human mind will not help, but this will.

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When I was a little child I experienced a lot of chaos and a lot of heart ache that I carried with me for many, many years into adulthood. I came to feel that drama and heartache was a living standard. It wasn’t until later in my life that I became aware of the importance I placed on stories I told myself and that I identified with. 

The stories we tell ourselves that are the hardest to let go are those with the most drama. Which we use to create more stories about ourselves and that we identify with.

The more importance you place on drama and the story of it, the more the subconscious ego imprisons you in a fixed self-identity. The less you’re able to freely experience unbound possibilities in the universe and your own innate Light.

So how can we step outside of the human ego’s drama story telling? 

We should allow ourselves to grow into the moment. Observe in a detached, yet involved state without all the thinking the ego circles in. That still, small voice you find in Silence will help you observe the way your personal mind works without harsh judgments.

 You can attain a clarity of mind in silence that can guide you in your choice of actions. While at the same time you are able to observe the subconscious ego’s desire to circle in what it is familiar with. With conditioned habits and behaviors.

The more you pause and become silent the freer you will be able to move into the moment. The more you become aware of things you hadn’t been conscious of before. 

Amazing things can happen that some would overlook or miss completely. Butterflies can fly by even when you’re at sea! Dolphins jump and the waves reflect your heart’s deepest longings.

The more you become silent and observe, the more drama leaves you. Not the memory of an event, rather the emotional drama the ego tells stories about. You can gain some perspective and understanding the lesson that life presented.  

In a state of detached state you are free to observe life constantly changing, yet remains steadfast. And backed up by a realm Unchangeable. Unknown. 

Contacting Universal Life Energy is a backup Force which can help you attain emotional and mental clarity. This is especially helpful just before sleep when the ego tends to review the day and create stories about it.

Instead of creating stories, mentally realize, “I feel Universal Life Energy flowing through me now.” You are aligning with the Light that you are and the Great Unknown.

 Your Heart slowly awakens from it’s imprisoned walls and becomes free to openly experience unbound love and compassion, gratitude, caring and sincerity.

The bravest thing you can do is to focus on your own Inner Love. When your focus mind in that sacred chamber of your Heart you become a spiritual warrior and express unconditional Love in your life. 

And this creates more opportunities for your happiness and unfoldment. 

If you’ve already experienced this, have you also experienced synchronicities to enjoy and expand your gratitude? 

In the hope that when chaos does come into your life that you will remember to come to a state of silent observation and free yourself of the ego’s crippling drama and stories. And that you step out of the ego into the realm of Being and unlimited possibilities, PortiaSLB 

“Great signs are given to Humanity today as in the days of old, yet with eyes open they do not see, and with ears open they do not hear, because their hearts are closed through the pride of their minds.” 

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 304.

The Best!

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This moment is the best …. the only moment of our Life!

Love it and You open your heart and mind to the Universe – to the Unmanifest and inspiration, guidance, abundance, harmony, protection. This moment is God manifest! 

This form of the moment limits us….. when we resist it. When we resist what is. The ego wants things different than what they are because of its perceived self-superiority and knowing what’s better! So the subconscious ego complains, protests and fights against what is. 

The egotist mind perceives things as bad, good, right, wrong, dark, light. We work in perceptions because we must work in mind now…to learn… to remember …. to Be aware of The Unlimited in our human limits. 

Limits are perceptions of the human mind. The ego is conditioned to fight what it perceives as limits. Be friendly with the moment and Space opens to You. And that Space is Unlimited perception.

That is allow Life, rather than fight against life. Allow the Silent existence of Being Now. Pause and be still. Enter into Silence and be in the moment to align with the moment. This moment is unique and beautiful. And it is expansive as the Universe.

Your mental separation becomes the dream of human form. Be it form of thoughts, emotions or the physical. There is a merging, aligning with All that is and All that is Unmanifest also. And it is a freedom.

You and life becomes a Blessing rather than the little “me” that experiences life burdens.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB 


Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 143.

Are you bad? Fat? Special? 4 ways to construct a positive self-image without self-importance

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If you repeatedly think of yourself as having little self-worth, as a special person, as “the exception” or anything in-between, then the ego has become self-decimating. Fortunately mind is a very creative power and we can construct a positive self-image that will help us consciously grow into our True Being and soul.

Consider these 4 methods:


If you fight against the ego and a self-image you only feed it more energy. 

 When you find yourself thinking of being a terrible person, weak, jealous or superior, pause your thinking. Relax and become conscious of Being in your physical body in the present moment. Become silent, stopping all thinking

You are detaching from the subconscious ego and all its programming and beliefs, especially those of self-image. You are rising out of the subconscious into consciousness. Becoming conscious of your True Being and soul.

When you return to activity it will be easier to remain aware of your inner Being which has no self-judgment, rather calm awareness of Being. This will help you function more effectively in your human reality.


Being conscious of what you are feeling may be far easier that what you think. You may feel a tightness in the solar plexus or pain in the heart. Both are seats of the subconscious. Look to your feelings for insights, then go silent. Pause. Relax. Observe. Release and Be.

The subconscious functions and thrives on the thoughts, feelings, pain, trauma, memories and conditioning of the past, affecting our thinking and feelings in the present situation. But remember that we can instinctively feel the truth in our heart center because the heart is not only conscious and center of attraction, it is also our seat of Love. 


When you find you’re self-judging, immediately reject it. Persistently throw it in the mental garbage can. 

The ego also likes to compare itself to others to make you feel better about yourself. So next time you find that you’re comparing yourself, or if someone else judges you, immediately throw it away. It’s an act of Self-Love and for everyone else too!


 Emotionally lift yourself up with positive thoughts and words of Declarations of Truth like, “I am one with All Energy, Intelligence, Truth, Love, Spirit. I am indissolubly connected with the Great Principle.” Physically speaking words of power and love manifests it in the world now. This also feeds your subconscious with positive thoughts and energy shrinking the ego and building your future.

Also turn up the palm of your hands and consciously contact Universal Life Energy. 

“Human life is fashioned on the mental plane, and then put into the physical plane.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Teachings by Eugene Fersen, page 270. 

There is Silence

there is silence

the tall sounds of confining chatter

keeps attention on the troubled lower road of human constructed thinking

that’s well worn from so much use that it sounds and feels normal

words are just words until they begin to feel like something

and behind each word and thought is dark or light desire

while inbetween the chatter is resting silence

during silence there is calm acceptance

in acceptance comes surrender

from surrender comes peace

peace brings  joy and





brings abundance

in every aspect of our life and

for others around us without prejudice

and surrounds us in an aura of protection that

radiates from our heart, our center for magnetic power

of attraction and the strength of character that commands any

darkness to dissolve itself and leave, all the while receiving and returning

unconditional feelings of goodwill, caring, gentleness, and tenderness for all beings,

earthly and universal in nature because we Know unconditional Love inbetween all the

human chatter.


In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB


“Spiritual Power is obtained by those who honestly and unselfishly live a life of Activity, Intelligence, Truth and Love.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, location 3604 of 4029 Kindle e-book.


Photo: In the Baltic 2015


The mountain speaks

mountain speaks 4 refined

The mountain speaks
Of the strength in stillness,
Being in the world but not of the human world
Where life and death means only life
Where winter is the promise of spring
Where cloudy days are eventually blown away
There is the light of unlimited stars always.

The spirit speaks
Of the disturbance in the mental winds
Of imposing now-not-rare microwaves
Of strange chemical rain.

The spirit whispers,
‘Walk softly on Mother Earth
She pulls you closer to your soul purpose
Grounds you in the present moment
Solidifies you in the law.’

‘Feel the power,
the pulse of life beneath your feet
That sparks your heart to beat.’

‘Be quiet….and listen
to life, the breeze in the the trees, the stream, the moon and stars,
Change is the way of the sun.

In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

Does the mountain speak to you?

Photo: Peaks of Otter on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia, USA

“When we stand for the Truth we know that we are one with the Great Truth.”

Eugene Fersen, Science of Being, page 35.

Simple Methods to Be Happier, Part 1

No one is happy all the time. We chase happiness because, while we may have it for a time, it is fleeting. We set an ideal, reach it and when our happiness fades we set a new ideal. Or, we may have been in a state of contentment and then something happened at work or home and we become unsettled due to negative circumstances or ego traits, which can trigger a tailspin.

However, the majority of our happiness is determined by our choices – that is, our choices of thoughts and behaviors.

There are some simple ways you can develop more awareness of your innate inner happiness.


 1. Choose Love

 We may say all we want is to be happy, yet what we truly want is Love. We want to be conscious of being loving and being loved; of knowing Love.

It’s the feeling of Love that changes things for us. When you choose to think, feel and express love in all that you do, like being consciously friendly, caring and considerate, the more you become conscious of Universal Love and your innate happiness.

The feeling of genuine love is the soul manifesting Universal Love as substance. However, when you choose to pervert love and generate fear-based emotions, it is still substance, but physically manifests in your life negatively as illness and problems. The subconscious perverts and reverses the power of Love, therefore you see and experience everything upside down. You feel separate and apart from everyone and everything, especially the Great Principle and Universal Love.

As you come to feel and express love more in your relationships and life you become more aware of Universal Love, and this will lead to the conclusion there is only one choice and that is for Love and happiness.


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2. Cultivate gratitude

Start your day out optimistically by consciously stating 3 different things every morning that you are grateful for. Try this for 21 days at least! That’s the amount of days it takes for most of us to establish new brain patterns or habits with repeated daily practice.

You are creating substance, chemistry in the brain, to construct these new patterns with the power of Universal Love and Universal Mind. Therefore, if you consciously practice it every day for 21 days you will have created an optimistic attitude, or at least the start of one!

Gratitude (and optimism) has a vibration of love that attracts more reasons to be grateful and happy because it activates the Law of Attraction! It can also help you be more conscious of your Inner Love and more receptive to Universal Love. When you realize that you are part of Universal Love and emotionally feel it then you are physically, mentally and emotionally creating change in yourself and also helping others.

3. Practice Relaxation and Silence

 If you spend 5 to 10 minutes daily releasing the tenseness of the body and the constant monkey chatter in your thinking you can change the frequency of your brain energy.

The busy, busy vibrations of the human world can cause the brain to overload and your thinking can get habitually lost in circumstances or egotistic energies of negativity and fear. Those few minutes of Relaxation and Silence are a relief and you begin to feel free and peaceful. You are freeing yourself from the ego and it’s traits based in fear.

That feeling of freedom and peace are qualities of Love, and they can open you to new vistas in your attitude and behaviors that materialize in your life as happiness and love. Very simple to do and very effective!

We will continue with more ways to help you be happier next time, with the help of the Great All.

With Light and Love, Portia SLB


Until then consider enacting some of these ideas for more happiness and reflecting upon the following quote:

“Love has a dissolving power on everything negative and a power to bring together, hold together and cement together everything positive.”

Eugene Fersen, Pearls of Wisdom, Volume 1, p. 145.