To Know


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In order for us to truly understand and know ourselves, we open ourselves, our thinking consciousness to the tenderness of our heart and Love. We heal ourselves because we become whole again – Mind and Love – recombine. Masculine Mind and Feminine Love energies freely flow together.

The heart knows, yet the brain forgot we are so beautiful and are at Home in unconditional Love. That frequency of Home is so close to us, yet to far away in our thinking because we have forgotten who we are and where we belong as souls.

In this creation of our earthly time we quest to Know who we are because some part of us knows we come from a realm of Harmony. We are of the realm of Harmony. We quest to feel the Truth and return to Harmony.

From our human mind we create opportunities for us to evolve step by step, even as we continue to forget what we quest for and suffer the consequences of our mental separation and behaviors.

IN the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB

“The more we improve our conscious self, under the direction of our Higher Self, the more we will invade and conquer our subconsciousness.  Some day both subconsciousness and Superconsciousness will disappear and only perfect consciousness will be left. This will be the divine or cosmic consciousness. We should just try to develop our consciousness. Become conscious of Truth. To develop consciousness is only to become aware. Be aware of all mistakes and misstatements, but do not condemn them in another. The Great Law will do that. Listen to others, then analyse what they say, before believing.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 676

Butterfly Wisdom – Especially Now


TV juju

Image, Naypong

You can see we need anger management in how we entertain and tell a vision.

We dress in white collar and suits, but daily show that we are sons of anarchy;
the voice
of mad men, dancing with the stars.

We live in a house of cards, under the dome of a community full of breaking bad and shameless, criminal minds.

It’s a grimm, arrested development and scandal in our worldly homeland because we feel justified to seek revenge with necessary roughness.

We are the walking dead, masters of sex and pretty little liars that believe we only have one life to live since that is part of being human.

Once upon a time we felt like life was elementary and we should have supernatural, happy endings, all the days of our lives even when we made bad decisions.

It’s tomorrow people!

Big brothernew girl, the young and restless, you are all a person of interest since you are a survivor and true blood, masterpiece.

There’s a modern family forming on earth in which we understand we are all part of something greater than our self, especially now!

The CSI (crime scene investigation) is fading to black and the last ship is sailing because we are on the fringe of Law and Order.

May you find Love close at hand, Portia SLB

[Note: The italic words are the names of recent popular programs seen on American TV.]

What do you think? Thank you.

What Not to Do, Part 2

It Seems Justified!

As children we were expressly taught by our guardians what not to do for our own good. However, as adults most of us have fallen into some very detrimental behaviors that we learned unconsciously through observation and conditioning. Having unconsciously fallen into these patterns, we have to work at breaking their control over us by first becoming conscious of them.

First, be conscious!
First, be conscious!
(, David Castillo Dominici)

We’ve Seen Others Do It….
And now we do it too!

1 – Like in the last post – we see people try to change someone else – that is definitely a what not to do because it can’t be done anyway.

Each of us are a powerhouse underneath this part of us we call personality, mind and body. We have to agree to change within our self first. The better route for everyone is to work on our own improvement and assist others that seek it.

2, 3, 4 – We definitely should not spend our time and effort thinking about what is beyond our immediate control, such as wasting time with regret over past mistakes or missed opportunities, or even worrying about the unknown future.

Let it go, otherwise you can get stuck in regret, guilt, and worry until it gets so bad it can make you mentally and physically sick. Instead, practice gratitude in the present and enjoy it as much as you can.

5+ – We repeatedly engage in negative things such as expressing impatience, being in a hurry, procrastinating and lazing around. Some more harmful ones are: lying, falling in a depression, losing our temper, negatively criticizing our self and others, and, fear of making a mistake.

These are all very habitual and self-centered, subconscious behaviors. When you are in it at the time they seem justified because of egotistic self-righteousness. Self-righteousness is one of the worst what not to do’s we experience!

image, Stuart Miles

Definitely What To Do!

We experience pain because the harmful energy of mindlessness we generate comes back and hits us like a ton of bricks. That is the power of Universal Mind and Love physically manifesting, but perverted by fearful thinking and powered by fearful emotions.

It takes courage to face the truth of egotistic behavior, yet you have all the power you need to rise above it. Consider being mindful, consciously aware of your thinking and motivation in order to release those harmful traits and emotions.

With a feeling of love rather than fear motivating you, you can live harmoniously in the Law of Cause and Effect with wondrous consequences!

In Light and With Love, Portia SLB


We will conclude this series with more What Not to Do in our next post, including ways to whole heartedly embrace what to do! Until next time consider this quote to reflect upon:

“To be Spiritual means to do the right thing, without thinking of being Spiritual. As our understanding grows, our sense of right grows also.”

Eugene Fersen, Aphorisms of The Lightbearer, page 1.